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Trout & Salmon Autumn Special 2019

Trout & Salmon magazine has been the voice of fly fishing since 1955. Every issue, the world’s most respected writers and experts in salmon, trout and sea-trout fishing contribute inspirational articles, along with beautiful photography from the world’s finest game-fishing destinations. Learn from expert fishermen who describe the latest tactics and flies that are bringing success. Read our guides on the UK's best game fisheries. See what's being caught with our authoritative record documenting the state of Britain and Ireland’s wild game fisheries. And decide on your latest kit purchase with the best comparison tests in fly fishing.

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easy targets

FOLLOWING THE LOCAL INQUIRY into the proposed bylaw banning the killing of salmon in Wales, the Welsh Minister for Environment, Energy and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths has decided to side with Natural Resources Wales. Mandatory catch-and-release will be introduced from January 1, 2020. Given that Welsh anglers already return 86 per cent of the salmon they catch, this draconian measure will do absolutely nothing to restore salmon stocks. Instead, the decision is widely seen as an attack on anglers, the scapegoats for the Government and NRW’s inability to deal with the overriding issues facing declining fish stocks. The easy option. NRW had previously stated that it intended to work with anglers to restore stocks, but it has in one fell swoop managed to alienate the people on the ground who care most…

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trout & salmon

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wish you were here?

SHIN FALLS, RIVER SHIN The Shin is a classic Highland river in many respects — fast flowing and peat coloured — but because the flow is controlled by a large hydro scheme it always has water. For 99 per cent of the fishing you are using a short floating line and it is fairly common to see the salmon come up and take your fly — quite a nervy business for most people. Famous for the size of its fish the Shin yields a fish or two of 30lb every year and in the spring 20-pounders are not uncommon. Sunray Shadows and riffle hitches work well alongside conventional flies for most of the season. Booking Fishing Lower Shin Fishings produces 220-250 salmon each season. There are three three-rod beats with one shared gillie.…

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nice one, mum!

IF ANYTHING IS likely to wake a sleepy toddler, it’s a tussle with a big Norwegian salmon. This extraordinary picture shows television presenter, guide and instructor April Vokey with her sleepy daughter Adelaide on the River Gaula in July. Adelaide often joins her pioneering mother in the river, who has previously addressed obvious safety concerns, offering advice on baby carriers, shallow wading, casting styles, equipment and landing fish. Of the magical moment, April said, “All I wanted on this trip was to catch a Gaula fish with my family, so we had a powwow and decided to put in the full 6pm to midnight session over a campfire BBQ with a very giggly little girl. “At 11:51pm, right as our beat was about to end and Adelaide’s eyes were about to shut, this…

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are diamonds forever?

Imagine fishing with a diamond-studded fly worth £120. The idea came to Surrey jeweller Ben Poulsom at his workbench when he was dreaming of trout. He said, “There was scrap gold, less than 1g, just lying there, and two diamonds that I couldn’t use for my jewellery. There was a hook, too, as I’d been tying flies the night before. I thought it would be fun.” The result was the 18-carat Diamond Eye Gold Nymph. A few days later he made a tentative cast on the River Wey in Surrey. The fly was tied on 5lb tippet beneath a piece of wool taken from a wire fence. Remarkably, he caught three trout. “I thought the first fish was probably luck. The second went mad for the fly. The third took before the nymph was…

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things to do this autumn

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