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TV&Satellite Week 21-Sep-2019

Published by TI Media Limited TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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vote payton!

NEW COMEDY DRAMA The Politician From Friday 27 September, eight episodes as a box set, Netflix A high-school pupil in California is determined to play his part in history and become President of the US one day – and in Netflix’s outrageous and politically incorrect new comedy drama, viewers will see Payton Hobart (Ben Platt) do just about anything to achieve his dreams… As the eight-part series begins, Payton is avidly studying former occupants of the White House, from Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan to Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, for insights into what it takes to get to the Oval Office. When he realises that an essential first step to presidential success is winning his school election to become student body president, he assembles a wacky campaign team of advisors, a pollster and confidantes…

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who’s who

Infinity Jackson Zoey Deutch Payton is very keen for his fellow pupil and cancer patient to actively endorse his campaign. Alice Julia Schlaepfer Payton’s girlfriend is also his lead advisor and supports him, no matter what. Astrid Lucy Boynton A calculating rival who’s determined to stop Payton from winning the election. James Theo Germaine James helps plan Payton’s campaign with chief strategist McAfee (Laura Dreyfuss). River David Corenswet Payton’s close friend is a straight-A student who gives him advice and help. Dede Standish Judith Light A veteran New York politician who’s about to be thrust into the limelight when she gets the offer of a lifetime.…

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what’s next for ryan murphy?

With a string of hit shows to his name, including Glee and American Horror Story, US writer and producer Ryan Murphy took on a new challenge last year when he signed a five-year contract with Netflix worth a reported $300million. The Politician is the first series to be released on the streaming giant as part of that deal, while the 53-year-old has a host of other projects in the works, including Hollywood, a look back at the golden age of Tinseltown starring Darren Criss, a series about 1970s US designer Halston starring Ewan McGregor, and Ratched, in which Sarah Paulson plays a younger version of the fearsome nurse from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Away from Netflix, there’ll also be a second season for hit drama Pose and a third of…

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day of reckoning

LAST ONE DRAMA Peaky Blinders Sunday, BBC1 HD, 9pm Bullets fly and blood is spilled as the fifth series of Peaky Blinders ends this week with a brilliant finale packed with revenge, deception and plenty of surprises. After hatching a plot to assassinate Sir Oswald Mosley as he speaks at a rally in Birmingham, Tommy Shelby sets out to secure his family’s future and change the face of British politics. But as the hit BBC1 drama signs off for another year, we have six burning questions that need answering… Has Tommy underestimated Sir Oswald Mosley? Tommy and Mosley have been circling each other for months now, but who really has the upper hand in this game of cat and mouse? The leader of the Peaky Blinders thought he had the politician over a barrel after persuading him…

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warrior cop

NEW CRIME DRAMA My Life Is Murder Tuesday, Alibi HD, 9pm After years of sword fighting and hand-to-hand combat in Xena: Warrior Princess, Lucy Lawless knows exactly how it feels to play a tough cookie. This week, the New Zealand-born actress takes on another formidable character in new drama My Life Is Murder when she plays Alexa Crowe, a fearless former detective who’s tempted back to investigate Melbourne’s most baffling crimes. BAKING BAD ‘We meet Alexa 18 months after her husband, who was also a cop, died in the line of duty,’ explains Lawless. ‘She’s taken retirement and started making bread, which is a metaphor for new life and regrowth. But she’s not really enjoying it. She’s bored.’ Alexa’s old boss DI Kieran Hussey (Bernard Curry) manages to lure her into taking on the case of a…

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homeward bound

NEW COMEDY Frayed Thursday, Sky One HD, 10pm Growing up in the Australian city of Newcastle, a couple of hours outside Sydney, left a strong impression on Sarah Kendall. Now the stand-up comedian and writer has drawn on her hometown experiences for her self-penned comedy Frayed. The six-part series is set in 1988 and sees Kendall play wealthy Australian housewife Simone Burbeck, whose luxurious life in London implodes when her husband dies of heart failure in dodgy circumstances. Horrified to learn that he was deep in debt and her home needs to be sold, Simone and her children Lenny (Frazer Hadfield) and Tess (Maggie Ireland-Jones) are left with no option but to move back to Australia to live in Newcastle with her hostile mum Jean (Kerry Armstrong) and tetchy brother Jim (Ben Mingay). PAST IMPERFECT? ‘My…