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TV&Satellite Week 28-Sep-2019

Published by TI Media Limited TV & Satellite Week is a weekly magazine, perfect for TV fans looking to get the most out of multichannel viewing. It includes comprehensive listings and a film guide, coverage of the best US dramas, a rundown of the week's highlights and a guide to live sports action on TV. England and Wales edition.

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dressed to impress

No expense was spared in making Catherine the Great – and that includes the lavish costumes worn by Dame Helen Mirren and the rest of the cast. Mirren’s gowns – around 60 in total – were made from fabrics woven in Italy and India and then hand-embroidered in Lithuania. Costume designer Maja Meschede visited Saint Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum to take inspiration from its many paintings of Catherine and her court. ‘I used a palette of Russian golds and blues. I wanted Dame Helen Mirren to resemble an iconic Russian painting,’ says Meschede. ‘Catherine enjoyed looking womanly, so we embroidered flowers and very delicate lace on to some of her dresses.’ Mirren’s favourite was a gold gown with a bodice stitched with pearls. ‘As a homage to Dame Helen, we embroidered her initials in…

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power & passion

NEW DRAMA Catherine the Great Thursday, Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm Over the course of her long and successful career, Dame Helen Mirren has given her take on various royal figures – including Queen Charlotte in The Madness of King George, her Emmy-winning performance in TV series Elizabeth I, and her Oscar-winning portrayal of Elizabeth II in The Queen. Now, the actress adds another compelling and unforgettable royal ruler to her glittering CV as she heads the cast of Sky Atlantic’s sumptuous new drama Catherine the Great. Written by Nigel Williams, who penned Mirren’s 2005 series Elizabeth I, the four-part drama was filmed in Russia, Lithuania and Latvia and follows the formidable 18th-century Empress of Russia during her momentous later years as she transforms the nation into one of Europe’s greatest powers. ‘The sexual world of the…

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who’s who?

Catherine the Great Dame Helen Mirren The astute, steely monarch wields supreme power in Russia following her husband’s assassination. Grigory Potemkin Jason Clarke The military leader helps bring glory to Russia and is also Catherine’s lover. Countess Praskovya Bruce Gina McKee Catherine’s lady-in-waiting is a lifelong friend and confidante. Grigory Orlov Richard Roxburgh Catherine’s former lover orchestrated the coup that brought her to power, with the help of his brother Alexei (Kevin McNally). Alexander Vasilchikov Sam Palladio After her relationship with Orlov comes to an end, Catherine takes the young nobleman as her lover. Nikita Panin Rory Kinnear A talented diplomat, Catherine’s shrewd political advisor is also governor to her son Paul (Joseph Quinn).…

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love and war

NEW DRAMA World on Fire Sunday, BBC1 HD, 9pm From Germany’s invasion of Poland to the Battle of Britain, BBC1’s wartime drama World on Fire provides a powerful new perspective on the conflict as it starts to tear Europe apart. Written by BAFTA-winning scribe Peter Bowker, the landmark seven-part series is set during the first year of the Allies’ struggle to defeat Hitler. The multi-stranded saga tells tales of love, loss and friendship as it follows ordinary people caught up in a war that threatens everything they hold dear. This week’s first episode opens in 1939 as Warsaw falls to the Nazis, with events seen through the eyes of Harry Chase (Jonah Hauer-King), an English translator stationed at the city’s British embassy. CHANGING WORLD News of the invasion soon reaches Harry’s sweetheart, talented singer Lois (Julia Brown),…

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rob goes viral

NEW COMEDY Rob Beckett’s Savage Socials Sunday, E4 HD, 10pm Are the best memes, GIFs and posts on social media passing you by? Fear not, because in E4’s topical comedy, Savage Socials, Rob Beckett will be sifting through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more to locate – and often lampoon – the week’s finest, funniest and downright daftest content. Here, Beckett, 33, gives us the lowdown on his new show… How would you describe Savage Socials? It’s me wading through all the rubbish on social media and finding the best and worst of it. We take the mickey out of social media as a whole. It’s going to be fun. What kind of posts will you showcase? We will be celebrating celebs and also winding them up. It’s also going to be really reactive. We’ll use something like Jacob…

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video nasties

NEW DRAMA The Hunting Mon-Thu, Channel 5 HD, 10pm The disturbing story of four troubled teenagers caught up in a scandal involving sexually explicit photos being shared online is told in this timely – and graphic – Australian drama that highlights the perils of relationships in the age of social media. The Hunting, shown across four nights on Channel 5 this week, begins with twisted Adelaide school student Andy and his love interest, Zoe, experimenting with online sex over a webcam. The following day, concerned teacher Ray Allum (played by The Riot Club star Sam Reid) catches Andy’s friend Nassim with a nude photo of his new girlfriend Dip on his phone and orders him to delete it before he faces expulsion. BROKEN TRUST But it’s too late. Desperate to impress his friend, Nassim has already shared…