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TV Times 22-Aug-2020

Published by TI Media Limited TV Times delivers unique and exclusive access to the UK's favourite TV personalities and shows. The magazine goes behind the scenes to bring you great features, exclusive photos, soap news and story updates. Includes a guide to the week's top films and seven days of easy-to-read TV listings plus two pages of TV highlights per day. ENGLAND edition.

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tv times my week

SOAP Emmerdale Family Trees THURSDAY / ITV There’s never a dull moment with the Dingles in Emmerdale, so I’m thrilled that we chatted to Lucy Pargeter (Chas) about her on-screen family’s stars and stories. See page 6. Meanwhile, on page 4, our cover stars Eden Taylor-Draper and Lisa Riley reveal the drama to come for their characters Belle and Mandy. FACTUAL George Clarke’s National Trust Unlocked SUNDAY / C4 NEW While most of us were stuck inside during lockdown, devoted staff at National Trust properties around the UK worked diligently to look after our heritage. This new six-part series follows George Clarke as he meets some of those men and women (socially distanced, of course!) and sees the work they do. See page 16 COMEDY Harry Hill’s World of TV SUNDAY / BBC2 NEW Comedian Harry Hill holding forth about telly always…

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the trouble with the dingles…

EMMERDALE MON, WED & FRI / ITV / 7PM / SOAP True love is hard to find, especially in the village of Emmerdale. Young Belle Dingle has finally got her man – married vet Jamie Tate – but she’s crippled by his guilty secret, that it was he who almost killed her sister-in-law Moira in a hit-and-run. Will she really put her fella before her family? Mandy, meanwhile, has been rocked by the return of ex-partner Paul Ashdale, who walked out on her and his son Vinny years ago. Paul wants her back, but when he tricks Mandy into joining him for dinner this week, she decides enough is enough… Here, stars Eden Taylor-Draper, 22, and Lisa Riley, 44, tell TV Times about what’s to come. EMMERDALE is previewed on pages 24-25 Eden Taylor-Draper on Belle Jamie…

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my dingle delights

EMMERDALE FAMILY TREES: THE DINGLES – YOUNG GUNS THURSDAY / ITV / 7PM / EP 2 of 4 / SOAP COMEDY GOLD The Dingles steal the Tates’ safe (2003) ‘A story that sticks out, because of how much fun we had filming it, was when the Dingle men dressed up as Santa and nicked a safe from Tate Haulage. ‘We had such a laugh blowing the safe up and trying to get words into the dialogue that weren’t in the script. We were all in the back of a van in the middle of nowhere and I had a fur coat on – Chas was the diversion, pretending to be a hooker if anyone came past. It was very Dingle! ‘I loved the days when there was always someone scamming or poaching or something ridiculous going…

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‘jacob should marry connie!’

CASUALTY LAST ONE SATURDAY / BBC1 / 7.45PM / DRAMA Charles Venn and Amanda Mealing have a close working relationship and it’s just as well, because their on-screen Casualty alter egos, Jacob Masters and Connie Beauchamp, clearly can’t keep their hands off each other! Until very recently, the medics had been estranged following a nasty break-up in 2016. This week, however, the ED’s power couple reunite… after a fiery row, of course! It’s Jacob’s first day in his new role as clinical nurse manager, and he’s not taking any prisoners. When hospital boss Max McGerry (Holby City’s Jo Martin) calls a meeting with the heads of department, Jacob uses the opportunity to stick up for his nursing team. Connie’s blindsided by Jacob’s behaviour and, afterwards, she gives him a dressing down. As sparks fly, professional…

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my favourite jacob moments…

Hostage horror! Connie and Jacob were held at gunpoint when terrorists took over the ED in September 2015. Armed police shot Jacob by mistake, nearly killing him! ‘This was a powerful episode,’ recalls Charles. ‘After Jacob was shot, we saw his courtship with Connie intensify. They found they were both raised in south London and it added another tier to their relationship.’ Secret lovers Connie realised she didn’t want to live without Jacob when he almost died saving a drowning man while on their way to a conference in July 2016. ‘I loved when Jacob and Connie rekindled their romantic relationship, despite the protestations of her daughter Grace!’ laughs Charles. ‘They started seeing each other secretly after going to a conference and their hotel rooms were next to each other.’ Anniversary heroics When Casualty marked…

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‘your life could be destroyed…’

“THIS IS NOT AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL, BUT A LOT OF MY OWN FEELINGS ARE THERE” I HATE SUZIE NEW THURSDAY / SKY ATLANTIC / 9PM & 9.45PM / EPS 1-2 of 8 / DRAMA Billie Piper certainly knows a thing or two about show business. Bursting on to the scene in 1998 as a fresh-faced 15-year-old with her super-catchy pop hit Because We Want To, Billie lived the teen dream before turning her attentions to acting, with characters such as plucky assistant Rose Tyler in BBC1’s Doctor Who, confident Belle in ITV2’s Secret Diary of a Call Girl and Lily Frankenstein in Sky Atlantic’s Penny Dreadful all keeping her firmly in the media spotlight. So you could say her latest role in Sky Atlantic’s I Hate Suzie – which she co-created with Secret Diary of a Call…