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TV Times 12-Sep-2020

Published by TI Media Limited TV Times delivers unique and exclusive access to the UK's favourite TV personalities and shows. The magazine goes behind the scenes to bring you great features, exclusive photos, soap news and story updates. Includes a guide to the week's top films and seven days of easy-to-read TV listings plus two pages of TV highlights per day. ENGLAND edition.

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tv times my week

FACTUAL Flying for Britain with David Jason TUESDAY / ITV NEW I’m expecting this to be a moving and interesting watch. To mark the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Sir David Jason meets the RAF team who fly and maintain the country’s historic aircraft. Sir David tells us about taking to the skies himself… See page 4 DRAMA Des MONDAY-WEDNESDAY / ITV NEW My fellow Scot David Tennant is one of our most talented actors. Now, he is taking on his most challenging role yet – playing serial killer Dennis Nilsen, whose horrific crimes shocked the nation in the early 1980s. We meet David during filming to find out how he tackled the daunting task… See page 6 DRAMA The Singapore Grip SUNDAY / ITV NEW I love a good Sunday-night period drama and have high hopes for this…

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chocks away!

FLYING FOR BRITAIN WITH DAVID JASON NEW TUESDAY / ITV / 8PM / FACTUAL This year marks the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, which saw brave British airmen and their allies from other countries, including Poland, New Zealand and Canada, in combat with the German Luftwaffe from July until October 1940. It’s widely accepted that their heroics and sacrifices saved the country from Nazi invasion during World War Two, with Prime Minister Winston Churchill immortalising their efforts in his famous wartime speech: ‘Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.’ To commemorate the anniversary, in July, as lockdown restrictions began to ease, actor, national treasure and qualified helicopter pilot Sir David Jason was invited to meet the team at RAF Coningsby, Lincolnshire, who…

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making of a murderer

DES NEW MON-WED / ITV / 9PM / EPS 1-3 of 3 / DRAMA David Tennant is always a friendly and chatty interviewee, and the Broadchurch star is as warm and welcoming as ever when TV Times arrives at a north London studio in January. We’re here to watch him filming ITV drama Des, in which he plays real-life serial killer Dennis Nilsen. But with his 1980s-style hair and glasses, there’s no denying David’s disconcerting resemblance to his notorious character. The three-part series follows the arrest and trial of Scottish-born Nilsen, known as ‘Des’, after his horrific crimes were uncovered in February 1983 when human remains were found in the drain at his Muswell Hill home. “THERE’S A GULF BETWEEN HIS APPARENT NORMALITY AND WHAT HE DID” It was there that the 37-year-old calmly confessed to…

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the biographer

What can you tell us about Brian? His book, Killing for Company, is a seminal crime work. He was fascinated and appalled by Nilsen and why he committed these awful crimes. So during the investigation, he met Nilsen, who told him his life story. We see that DCI Peter Jay knows Brian is getting all this gold dust, so a great triangle develops. They both eventually realise that Nilsen is controlling and manipulating them. ‘He’s a good storyteller’ Did you meet Brian? Yes, and we also shot in his house. It was nice to get to know his environment and he gave us useful details. He’s a really colourful character, not at all bookish, and a good storyteller. What do you remember of the case from the time? I remember the growing horror over the number…

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the detective

‘It was terrifying and eerie’ Sadly, Peter Jay passed away in 2018. What kind of research were you able to do? I had lunch with his widow, Linda, and his son, Simon, and I felt I got to know Peter better. I also read Peter’s unpublished memoirs, which were a great source of information. What sort of impact did the case have on him? He was diligent and hardworking and it was all about getting closure for the families. However, he had to treat Nilsen with kid gloves. It was such a difficult case to work on with the eyes of the media on him and his team. He’d never encountered anything on this scale or encountered evil like that. Two years after the case, he left the police force. He was bruised. A replica…

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fall of an empire…

THE SINGAPORE GRIP NEW SUNDAY / ITV / 9PM / EP 1 of 6 / DRAMA Kuala Lumpur is doubling for 1940s Singapore in ITV’s new six-part series The Singapore Grip and it’s blisteringly hot. But the extreme heat is punctuated by sudden bursts of torrential rain that can turn a road to a river in an instant. So, armed with both SPF 50 and a sturdy umbrella, we sit down to chat to the show’s stars David Morrissey and Jane Horrocks. They play British couple Walter and Sylvia Blackett, who are living a life of wealth and privilege in Singapore, oblivious to the imminent Japanese invasion, which would cause the fall of the British Empire in East Asia. Walter owns thriving rubber company Blackett and Webb with Mr Webb (played by Charles Dance).…