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TV Times 03-Oct-2020

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Published by TI Media Limited TV Times delivers unique and exclusive access to the UK's favourite TV personalities and shows. The magazine goes behind the scenes to bring you great features, exclusive photos, soap news and story updates. Includes a guide to the week's top films and seven days of easy-to-read TV listings plus two pages of TV highlights per day. ENGLAND edition.

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tv times my week

TRAVELOGUE Michael Palin: Travels of a Lifetime SUNDAY / BBC2 NEW From the comfort of my armchair, I’ve travelled the world with Sir Michael Palin. In an exclusive interview, he chats about this four-parter, which sees him reflect on his epic adventures. See page 6 FACTUAL Prince William: A Planet for Us All MONDAY / ITV NEW Prince William says his mission to give nature a voice has felt even more personal since he became a dad. Now, the Duke of Cambridge is taking his quest global, and this ‘intimate’ documentary follows him over two years, from Africa and Asia to London and Liverpool, as he meets pioneering conservation heroes. Producer Martin Williams tells us about working with the future king… See page 4 FACTUAL Alison Hammond: Back to School TUESDAY / ITV NEW To mark Black History Month, This Morning…

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‘we can make a difference’

“FATHERHOOD HAS GIVEN ME A NEW SENSE OF PURPOSE”PRINCE WILLIAM PRINCE WILLIAM: A PLANET FOR US ALL NEW MONDAY / ITV / 9PM / FACTUAL A passion for conservation has long run through royal blood. While his grandfather Prince Philip and father Prince Charles have campaigned for decades to protect the environment, now, inspired by his three children, Prince William is leading his own fight to safeguard the natural world. In ITV’s new documentary, Prince William: A Planet For Us All, the Duke of Cambridge reveals how becoming a dad has led him to speak out against everything from climate change to wildlife extinction. Filmed over two years, the one-off special follows Prince William as he travels around the world to meet the young people and communities who are at the forefront of the…

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‘we definitely were winging it!’

“I GENUINELY THOUGHT, ‘THIS IS IT, I’VE PROBABLY DIED’” MICHAEL PALIN: TRAVELS OF A LIFETIME NEW SUN / BBC2 / 8PM / EP 1 of 4 / TRAVELOGUE Back in the late 1980s, Sir Michael Palin changed the face of TV travelogues. Amid a sea of travel shows designed to sell holidays and showcase places close to home, the Monty Python star took up an epic challenge to follow in the footsteps of fictional adventurer Phileas Fogg for BBC1’s Around the World in 80 Days. His warm, slightly chaotic style was an instant hit with viewers, and since then he has embarked on many more once-in-a-lifetime trips. Now, with the help of personal diaries and archive footage, he’ll be reflecting on his four most successful expeditions – Around the World in 80 Days, Pole to Pole,…

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sir michael’s episode guide

EPISODE ONE AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS: 1989 The original seven-part series was inspired by Jules Verne’s classic 1873 novel of the same name and saw Michael circumnavigate the globe, starting with boarding the Orient Express in London. ‘This was really the birth of my career as a traveller. It was all about trying to work out how best to do the programmes. Do I play a character? Am I Phileas Fogg? In the end, I just ended up being me. A camera would be there all the time, and, if things went wrong, it was often more entertaining than if things went well!’ EPISODE TWO POLE TO POLE: 1992 In this eight-parter, Sir Michael went from the North Pole to the South Pole via Scandinavia, the Soviet Union, parts of Europe and through…

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7 secrets from the set… ghosts

GHOSTS MON / BBC1 / 8.30PM (TIMES VARY) / EP 3 of 6 / COMEDY 1 The house has a famous owner The show is filmed at West Horsley Place in Surrey, a 15th-century manor house that was left to former University Challenge host Bamber Gascoigne by his greataunt in 2014. Around six weeks before filming begins, the art department ages up parts of the building and even adds cobwebs to turn it into dilapidated, haunted Button House. For the current series, they re-created various historical eras in the house for flashback sequences to the resident ghosts’ pasts. ‘We needed somewhere that has stood from Tudor times and this place seemed tailormade,’ says actor Mathew Baynton, 39, who plays 19thcentury ghost Thomas and also created and writes the series with his Horrible Histories co-stars. ‘Transforming…

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‘this wall winds me up!’

“I GET SO INVOLVED – IT’S REAL PEOPLE’S EMOTIONS AND REAL DRAMA” THE WALL NEW SATURDAY / BBC1 / 9.15PM / ENTERTAINMENT With a wildly unpredictable format featuring a nail-biting mix of strategy, general knowledge and luck plus a super-charismatic host in EastEnders star Danny Dyer, it’s little wonder that The Wall proved a hit for BBC1 when it launched last year. A game of risk and reward, each episode begins with a team of two contestants answering questions as balls fly down a four-storey-high wall into slots at the bottom, worth varying amounts of money. Get a question right, the ball turns green and the money is added to their prize pot. But get it wrong, the ball turns red, and money is deducted. As the rounds continue, the money up for grabs increases. Here,…