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TV Times 21-Nov-2020

Published by TI Media Limited TV Times delivers unique and exclusive access to the UK's favourite TV personalities and shows. The magazine goes behind the scenes to bring you great features, exclusive photos, soap news and story updates. Includes a guide to the week's top films and seven days of easy-to-read TV listings plus two pages of TV highlights per day. ENGLAND edition.

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this week in tv times

DRAMA His Dark Materials SUNDAY / BBC1 Criticising others’ parenting is best avoided but, sorry, I have to say, Mrs Coulter is a rubbish mum! Scared silly, daughter Lyra has fled to another world, so we asked Ruth Wilson, who plays Mrs C, and co-star Ariyon Bakare (Lord Boreal) to explain themselves… See page 10 COOKERY The Great British Bake Off TUESDAY / C4 FINAL Our writer Caren has rustled up some wonderful treats for our three-page final special. My favourites are her interview with co-host Matt Lucas and the bakers’ secret ingredients, but there’s plenty else to try! Help yourself on page 6 MUSICAL Christmas on the Square FROM SUNDAY 22 NOVEMBER / NETFLIX NEW Full of sparkle and good cheer, Christmas is an opportunity for us all to go a bit Dolly Parton. The queen of country outdoes herself…

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‘the scripts are fantastic!’

The cast and crew of Corrie are a tenacious bunch, used to overcoming all manner of obstacles to deliver regular episodes of Britain’s favourite soap. But when producer Iain MacLeod started to think about the show’s milestone 60th anniversary episodes, shortly after arriving in the hot seat in 2018, he could have had no idea of the juggernaut headed his way that would threaten to knock him off course. COVID-19 has changed the face of soaps as we knew them. Social distancing rules mean that snogs, scraps and epic stunts are off the menu. But as they hurtle towards their diamond jubilee, the word from Weatherfield is clear – a pandemic hasn't put them off their stride! ‘We had planned, before coronavirus, to do something production-intensive that would involve elaborate design builds,’ Iain…

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laughter &tiers!

THE GREAT BRITISH BAKE OFF FINAL TUESDAY / C4 / 8PM / EP 10 of 10 / COOKERY The latest run of The Great British Bake Off has been one of the most memorable in the show’s decade-long history. While our favourite baking show has always been an absolute delight, this year, it has also provided a much-needed dose of warmth and wit in difficult times. Now, after 10 weeks of caged tarts, celebrity cake busts and a pesky heatwave that made baking in the famous tent even more challenging, it’s crunch time as the three remaining bakers give it their all in the grand final in a bid to impress eagle-eyed judges Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood, and be crowned the 2020 champion. Here, in an exclusive interview, Prue, 80, chats to TV…

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our bake off journeys

Dave, 30, armoured guard Tell us about your baking highs and lows… My biscuit Showstopper won me Star Baker and I loved the kawaii cake – it was fun making my dog in cake form [inset]! But with the Technicals, I doubted my timings. I’d panic and take the bakes out too early. What has life in the tent taught you? Any mistakes – brownies! – are an opportunity to improve. I’ve also realised that I knew more than I thought. Did you enjoy being in the Bake Off bubble? We became close friends. Without our families there, it was important to develop relationships. Which famous face would you like to bake for? Paul Hollywood but I’ve done that! I’d love to bake [Blink-182 singer] Tom DeLonge something nice to make up for my eyesore cake bust of…

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‘they’re a power couple!’

“THERE’S CHEMISTRY BUT THEY DON’T TRUST EACH OTHER”RUTH WILSON HIS DARK MATERIALS SUNDAY / BBC1 / 8.10PM / EP 3 of 7 / DRAMA Every drama needs a good villain but BBC1’s Sunday-night fantasy epic His Dark Materials boasts two such scene-stealers in scheming Mrs Coulter and sinister Lord Boreal. Series two is based on the second book in Philip Pullman’s bestselling trilogy of novels and, in this week’s third episode, we see Mrs Coulter (played by Ruth Wilson) continue her relentless search for daughter Lyra (Dafne Keen). Meanwhile, Mrs Coulter’s equally ruthless cohort Lord Boreal (Ariyon Bakare) has already made contact with Lyra, in his guise as collector Sir Charles Latrom, as he is eager to locate the mysterious subtle knife. Here, Ruth, 38, and Ariyon, 49, tell us why they’re glad to play…

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6 secrets from the set… the crown

THE CROWN OUT NOW / NETFLIX / EPS 1-10 of 10 / DRAMA “I KNOW MEMBERS OF THE ROYAL FAMILY HAVE WATCHED IT”MAJOR DAVID RANKIN-HUNT 1 Attention to detail Major David Rankin-Hunt, who spent 33 years working in the royal household at St James’s Palace, has been The Crown’s royal protocol adviser since season one, offering expert tips on everything from table etiquette to military salutes. ‘The producers are usually very happy to make changes as they want to get things right,’ says Major David, a former soldier who began his military career in the Scots Guards. ‘Just the other day, I noticed an equerry was wearing a pair of French Army aiguillettes from the first series, and in a previous series, there was a scene where the Queen stood up at the dining table and…