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Volkswagen Camper and Commercial No. 151

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Founded back in 2000 VW Camper and Commercial is the original VW Bus magazine out there. Written by approachable, passionate bus owners, it has an established reputation for quality writing, drawing on a wide knowledge base, and for bringing together some of the best and most inspiring buses from around the world.

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United Kingdom
Jazz Publishing
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Email editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Editor, VW Camper & Commercial, Jazz Publishing The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ www.volkswagencamper.co.uk As I write this in late March, the world has changed totally and we are all in limbo. By the time you read this in May I am hoping things are taking a turn for the better and I wish you and yours all the best in the difficult days ahead. The key thing is we all have to pull together and help each other, something the VW community is already amazing at doing. Obviously with no shows or photoshoots happening, the magazine will have to juggle round its normal format and mix over the next few issues – rest assured we already have plans in place and have some amazing articles coming over…

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double the fun

Commonly referred to as a Doka, (abbreviated from Doppelkabine, i.e. Double Cab), the crew cab model was especially popular with work gangs, building contractors, municipal authorities and the fire service as it offered a unique combination of load carrying in an open cargo area and personnel carrier that could transport up to six people. Often described by VW copywriters as a cross between a Kombi and a Pick Up, the cargo bed had an area of had an area 30sq ft with easy access for long or awkward loads. VW’s version improved on some of the earlier Binz features with a conventionally opening rear passenger door, a special longer roof pressing, standard size side windows for the rear cab and of course none of those cut and shut welds! Due…

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news and products

Your Magazine Needs You! With no show coverage over the next few months we have already planned out some very cool special features to run instead such as patina buses and visiting the Stiftung museum. But if you want something to do if you are staying safe at home, why not take the time to write that travel story or road trip up and send in to us? Or how about taking or sending some pics of your bus on your drive and some words about it to make a mini feature? (Please do not go out in the bus though). Or tell us about what you have been doing on your bus to keep busy? Please feel free to email us at editor@volkswagencamper.co.uk with your ideas, suggestions, or pictures. Stuck at Home?…

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it had to happen!

For years VW have hinted at and teased us about producing an updated Transporter that harks back to its iconic looks, and there have been lots of concept designs along the way, leading to the ID Buzz due to go on sale in 2021. This new e-Bulli however takes a totally different route, basically using an existing Split bus and retaining the old school driving experience and feel in the cab but fitted with VW’s new electric drive trains. What’s more, you can actually buy one from VW or have one converted! The demonstration model here is based on a fully restored 1966 Samba with a redesigned chassis featuring multi-link front and rear axles with adjustable shock absorbers and coilover struts, plus a new rack-and-pinion steering system and internally ventilated disc…

7 min.
diary of a dormobile

For those of us old enough to recall the year 1976 probably our one and only memory will be that the summer was both unusually long and hot. However, when it comes to the featured Dormobile D4/6, now owned by Nigel and Vicky Cooper, there’s enough paperwork to account for a whole Amazonian rain forest … like a lever arch file crammed with goodies dating back to the progression from various Camper options, to taking delivery of the Dormobile on 1 August 1976 and then, of course, receipts and correspondence relating to life with a D4/6 over a considerable number of years. There’s the brochure that may have convinced Mr Wilfred Homer to purchase… but becoming acquainted with him as you delve further, you doubt that he would be taken…

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bus doctor

Steve Leatham answers some of your questions… Email info@volkswagencamper.co.uk Address Bus Doctor, VW Camper & Commercial, The Old School Higher Kinnerton Chester CH4 9AJ Steve Leatham has been working on and restoring VW buses since 1997, tackling just about every job over the years. He has been resident Bus Doctor for the mag since 2003. Lowered or Stock? Dear Bus Doc, I have a T2 with a cut and turn drop on the standard beam and the rear has rotated arms, it rides terrible and bottoms out easily. I am being recommended double beam adjusters, drop spindles, new discs and callipers to suit as well as rear adjustable spring plates. What route do you suggest? (Rest of the bus is stock.) George Hoskins Unless you tub the arches and notch the chassis there is no way you…