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VolksWorld December 2019

VolksWorld is Britain's best-selling magazine dedicated to the whole air-cooled VW scene and a must-buy for all fans of the legendary vehicles, particularly the iconic Beetle. VolksWorld takes pride in going to extraordinary lengths to bring its readers the most outstanding and fascinating features packed full of the very best photography and information that cannot be found anywhere else.

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welcome to the mag

Has Volkswagen acknowledged the fact that enthusiasts won’t want to give up driving their existing classics when the inevitable switch to electric cars takes place? Very possibly, given that they’ve officially partnered up with German conversion company eClassics which will allow the electrification of a variety of historic vehicles, including the Beetle and Bus. The conversion exclusively uses new parts from the Volkswagen Group, including the electric drive, single speed gearbox and battery system from the VW e-up! The near-production version of what they are calling the e-Beetle made its world debut at the International Motor Show (IAA), Frankfurt in September. “we simply link the soundtrack to the rheostat on the electric motor and play it back through a Bluetooth speaker with the volume knob set to 11” Said Thomas Schmall, member of…

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come to the show!

SHOW CARS REQUIRED We pride ourselves on having the best show cars from around the globe at Sandown Park each year and we have already had some amazing vehicles apply! For over 30 years the cars on display have included some of the very best and most prestigious on the planet – and you could steal the show in 2020. We need to hear from you now if you are planning to have a car or Bus ready to be unveiled at The VolksWorld Show 2020. It could even be a potential Top 20 Winner, but either way we want to hear from you. If you are interested in displaying your car or Bus, please email a couple of pictures and brief details to paul.knight@kelsey.co.uk KIDS ZONE we sure something everyone, which is…

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show winner under the hammer

All too often the very best cars get sold by word of mouth before you even hear that they are on the market. However, the exception is when they've been in a collection or sold as part of an estate and get entered into an auction. We are not sure of the exact circumstances in this instance, but either way this Diamond Blue '67 1500 which scooped top honours in the pre-1968 class at Stonor in 2018 is set to go under the hammer on November 23 at the Historics (www. historics.co.uk) sale at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, Surrey. According to the catalogue description, it's been with the same dedicated owner for the last 33 years and despite some restoration work is mostly original. And because the odometer is showing a meagre…

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your shout! up to the test?

I always find your editorials interesting and the November issue covering the recent MoT exemption and regular maintenance of 40 years or more cars grabbed my attention. As an 80-year old owner of a 1970 Beetle, I was delighted when the MoT exemption was announced because with a Beetle as old as mine the inspection always meant being told the car was old and required welding and rust prevention. In fact, MoT failure was a constant worry. However, having driven cars since my early 20s, and being an engineer, I always told the test centre that the most important thing was to make the car roadworthy. So, regardless of the MoT exemption, my Beetle has always had regular annual maintenance. I totally rely on my garage (Langley Autocraft, Kings Langley)…

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latest stuff

MAGNETIC ATTRACTION From: www.aircooledaccessories.com Price: £50 Now here's a handy accessory for all you Beetle owners. It's a magnetic dash cup and phone holder that attaches, courtesy of four powerful magnets on the back, onto your glovebox lid without the need for any drilling. It holds two drinks and a mobile phone with a slot in the base for a lead so your phone can be charged while driving. It's manufactured in steel and supplied in black but of course would look great if it was colour matched to your dash. Cleverly, it will fit on glove box lids with or without the chrome strip; in fact they will fit on any flat metal surface. This is an official Aircooled Accessories product (not an official VW licensed product). EARZ DOES IT From: www.justkampers.com Price: from £20.25 Earz…

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still cruisin’ it

Boxing clever In the past I’ve mentioned the fact that my best buddy, Jolly Jim, and I both own Type 3 Notchbacks that are pretty much at opposite ends of the ‘style’ scale. Jim’s Notch is essentially a racetrack refugee – a ‘street car’ in the very loosest of terms... While Jim insists that his Notch qualifies as a street car because it still runs a Type 3 chassis, I can’t help but feel that the Type 1 frame head swap (with 6in narrowed beam) and the tubular rear end (with rose-jointed ladder bar suspension, 3in narrowed axles and a spool etc) kinda' negates that argument. And, when you add in the fibreglass panels, huge rear wing and a 2332cc motor with 48IDA carbs and an FK89 camshaft, that doesn’t leave much…