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WellBeing Issue 181

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WellBeing is the World’s leading journal of natural health and living.  A refreshingly intelligent reading experience, WellBeing offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful.  Reportage reviews the latest developments (or revived ancient practices) in natural living, and in-depth articles both challenge and inspire pragmatic action in the real-world balance of work, life, family and community.  WellBeing reaches an increasingly sophisticated audience of citizens of the global village.  Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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You’re holding a warm cup of tea in your hands. The hot steam drifts out and dissolves into space. You look towards the orange glow, listening as the fire crackles and roars. You become mesmerised by the flames as they dance across the pine wood. A crochet blanket folds over your lap and you feel your body begin to defrost. You let out a deep exhale, feeling safe and warm in this haven of your own making. Winter has well and truly arrived and it’s time to get snug. What comforts do you reach for? What makes you feel calm and content when it gets chilly outside? Is it homecooked meals eaten by candlelight? Perhaps it’s hands in pockets, or hands in hands. Whatever it may be, it’s time to…

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from the editor-in-chief

It was dusk. My wife and daughter were driving home from a dance class and then it happened. As they tootled homeward, driving past a river mouth that opened onto a quiet sea, with a sky splashed with sunset’s pink above it, they spied something in that sky. It was a cloud. No doubt you have had moments when you’ve looked at a cloud and turned to a companion saying, “Can you see that cloud? Doesn’t it look exactly like a unicorn!” only to have them reply, “I can’t see a unicorn. I see a book. Where’s a unicorn?” Clouds have the capacity to be chameleons depending on the observer … most of the time. Every now and then, though, a cloud decides to do a proper job of it and take…

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What was the last thing you gave yourself? Gifted to someone else? Before your mind drifts to the bike you gave your son for his birthday, let’s stay in the moment. Right now, you’re giving yourself stillness and the wisdom of WellBeing. For us, giving rarely means the gifting of something tangible. Yes, physical items can make a great gift, but only if they come with practicality and purpose. The planet doesn’t need any more waste especially when giving comes in so many other forms. You can gift your time by cooking a home-cooked meal for a friend who might have recently become a new mum. You can gift compassion by sharing an afternoon with your gran, whose mind is slowly slipping, listening as though it’s the first time you’ve…

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from the editor

What an honour it is to address you for the first time, wonderful reader, as the editor of WellBeing. You might not know it, but you’ve been reading my words on these pages for five years on my journey from WellBeing’s first intern, to editorial assistant, to deputy editor and now, to editor. It feels surreal to write that word: editor. Saying it out loud feels even stranger. To add my name to WellBeing’s all-star lineup of editors is a true privilege; so many remarkable women have come before me and I feel honoured to be handed the blazing torch. My first three years at WellBeing were spent under the warm wings of editor Danielle Kirk, who I’m sure you love and miss just as much as I do. It was…

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your say

Did something resonate with you in this issue of WellBeing? Tell us! Write to WellBeing, Locked Bag 154, North Ryde, NSW 1670, email wbletters@umco.com.au, comment on our Facebook page or Instagram account: @WellBeing _Magazine. We reserve the right to edit all letters. Just feel it After reading Boarding Pass in WellBeing #178, I felt renewed inspiration to learn to surf. I have tried several times in the past but always give up. I also tried stand-up paddle boarding before I had my first child but have struggled to get back into it. A week after I read your article my husband surprised me with a new surfboard. I have spent the last three days on the board, even standing up on the first day! I’m still trying to co-ordinate all the instructions…

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how do you nurture yourself in winter?

• Warm ugg boots, hot chocolate and the latest issue of WellBeing by the fire. Bliss! Fiona Hurle • In winter, nothing compares to curling up with my journal and a good cup of tea. No matter how good or bad I feel, a cup of tea (I like green) makes me feel warm inside. Journaling is my other winter nourishment—there’s just something so cathartic about writing! I love it. Karina Abrahams • For me, winter is all about moisturising, so I make sure my skin is nourished. I cook casseroles in the slow cooker which are delicious and so good for me. I also enjoy red wine, coffee and chocolate, too. Casey Chambers • In winter, I create a mini “self-love sanctuary” in my home. I take a long, hot bath filled with magnesium salts…