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WellBeing Issue 178

WellBeing is the World’s leading journal of natural health and living.  A refreshingly intelligent reading experience, WellBeing offers inspiration for a way of life that is authentic and soulful.  Reportage reviews the latest developments (or revived ancient practices) in natural living, and in-depth articles both challenge and inspire pragmatic action in the real-world balance of work, life, family and community.  WellBeing reaches an increasingly sophisticated audience of citizens of the global village.  Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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Humans, as an expression of life, are dependent on one thing: air. This air that passes between you and through your lungs is the same force that breathes life into elements of nature such as trees and plants. But sometimes this air gets stale, trapped or blocked in the body. Natural healing modalities such as acupuncture, yin yoga and pranayama work to reset your energetic system in order to free your mind and alleviate this tension. But sometimes your regular means of resetting doesn’t have the same effect any more. Humans, animals and nature are all creatures of habit that adapt to their environments and need variety, while objects that are more fixed, such as technology, require a simple charge to reset. Perhaps one of life’s greatest opportunities is uncovering…

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You’re in an aeroplane and sitting by the window. As the plane ascends, you watch the world below grow smaller and smaller until, finally, you emerge through a blanket of sky. Woolly, white clouds shimmer in the sunlight. The horizon extends further than your eyes can see, blending the colours peach, pink, yellow and green into its deep blue. As the plane begins to level out, you feel the rumble of the engine underneath you and the sun warming your shoulder. Your destination? It doesn’t matter. Right now, you’re an explorer of space and time. Although the word “explore” evokes feelings and memories of travelling abroad, you don’t need to take a long-haul flight to taste the world; you might explore a new neighbourhood, cuisine, yoga pose or walking track.…

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from the editor-in-chief

Sometimes conversations with your children are gentle butterflies encouraging you on a journey of self-discovery. Other times they are a slap in the face with a wet fish. This was a “wet fish” conversation if ever I’d had one. Elder daughter and I were talking about what “sustainable living” means. As it happens, the previous day we’d been talking about the concept of the “selfish gene”. This was a potent conversational stew we had brewed. Putting these two concepts together, she asked, “If we are saving the planet for future generations how is that different to being a selfish gene? We are still just saving the planet for humanity, for ourselves, for our children.” I challenge you to try to answer that question with precision during the course of a drive…

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from the editor

We’ve just transitioned out of what I believe to be the most hopeful time of the year. Replacing this is the holiday season, which is a period of joy, love and connection. This morning I walked down to the beach and was drawn to a particular rock, which I meditated on as the sun silently rose across the rolling waves of the ocean. I felt a deep sense of joy, love and connection as I basked in the delight of the morning sun among a sea of surfers, joggers and fellow Zen-seekers. A colleague shared some wise words of Rumi’s a few hours later in the office, which touched a place deep in my heart: “Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.” The renowned Sufi mystic isn’t suggesting how long…

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Did something resonate with you in this issue of WellBeing? Tell us! Write to WellBeing, Locked Bag 154, North Ryde, NSW 1670, email wbletters@umco.com.au, comment on our Facebook page or Instagram account: @WellBeing_Magazine. We reserve the right to edit all letters. Wellbeing rituals I always get so excited when my issue of WellBeing comes in the mail! While sipping on herbal tea, I read the articles and admire the beautiful images. It’s my version of downtime; my little ritual where I can tune out and relax. The article in issue #176 about managing expectations was a real standout for me. It came at a difficult time in my relationship and helped me to realise my need for more self-awareness as unconscious thoughts were leading to disappointment. I just wanted to say a big…

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how do you celebrate your beautiful body?

Celebrating my body is a work in progress. For me, celebrating my body is by looking in the mirror and saying out loud what I am grateful for about my body. I celebrate its functionality instead of continually critiquing it in comparison to society’s “norms”. Celebrating my body will be getting to a point where I am not fighting it and instead accepting with love what it wants to do and how it wants to look. Lucy Barrett I celebrate my beautiful body through self-love and self-care and by motivating and inspiring other beautiful women to do the same. Our bodies are so good to us; it’s important to love them right back. I show love to my body by moving it daily with yoga and Pilates, nourishing it with nutritious food…