What Hi-Fi? January 2021

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music streamers

THE BEST WAY TO SHARE YOUR TUNES AROUND THE HOUSE View offers whf.cm/BBMusicStreamers £100 to £500 Audiolab 6000N Play £449 Best music streamer under £500, Awards 2020 A great, affordable way to implement streaming into your system without compromising sonic quality. The best budget solution we’ve seen… Outputs Line-in, coaxial, optical, subwoofer Bluesound Node 2i £499 Best music streamer under £500, Awards 2018 Even better than before, this large-scaled, well timed Bluesound has sensational streaming skills and features for the money. Outputs Line-in, coaxial, optical, subwoofer £500 to £1000 Cambridge CXN V2 £799 Best music streamer £500-£1000, Awards 2020 All the success of the classy CXN streamer, with added Google Chromecast. Great design, features set and performance. Inputs Coaxial, optical, USB x2 Chord 2go £995 July 2020 The Chord 2go is a brilliant way to add streaming capability to the company’s Award-winning Hugo 2 DAC (and only the…

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View offers whf.cm/BBInternetRadios View offers whf.cm/BBDABRadios Up to £200 Pure Evoke H2 £89 Best radio under £100, Awards 2020 Pure’s latest radio is similar to its previous incarnation, but more refined. The H2 improves on the D2’s already sophisticated sound. Battery Optional Size (hwd) 18 x 12 x 12cm Inputs 3.5mm “There’s no doubt the Pure Evoke H2 is an upgrade over the D2” Roberts Stream 94i £189 Best radio over £100, Awards 2020 Sets the bar even higher than its predecessor, adding Bluetooth without compromising its sound and offering plenty of features. Battery Optional Size (hwd) 26 x 17 x 13cm Inputs 3.5mm, USB, BT, wi-fi “The Stream 94i is the complete package, making it the best radio at this price” £200 and above Roberts Revival iStream 3 £200 Reviewed online, 2018 A lengthy features list – DAB/FM/internet radio, Bluetooth, Spotify, Tidal – under that…

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stereo speakers

View offers whf.cm/BBHifiSpeakers Standmounts up to £200 Dali Spektor 1 £159 March 2018 A small speaker that inherits all the Spektor 2’s good traits, pumping out an energetic and entertaining sound for an affordable price. Size (hwd) 24 x 14 x 20cm Bi-wire No Finishes 2 “If you’re looking really small budget speakers, buy these” Dali Spektor 2 £199 Best standmount speaker under £200, Awards 2020 The 2s combine Dali’s traditional strengths with a generous dose of entertainment that even Mission and Q Acoustics struggle to match. Size (hwd) 17 x 28 x 28cm Bi-wire No Finishes 2 “The way these speakers handle dynamics is impressive” Standmounters from £200 to £500 Elac Debut B5.2 £250 Best standmount speaker £200-£400, Awards 2020 ELAC’s latest budget standmounter is talented enough to worry the established competition. Size (hwd) 34 x 18 x 23cm Bi-wire No Finishes 1 “These new Debuts…

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positioning your speakers

Read more at… www.whathifi.com/features It’s no good spending hundreds of pounds on your new speakers if you then don’t allow them to perform properly. Take care with positioning to get them to sing. Wall or in the open? Where’s the best place to position a speaker? Some speakers might sound better against a wall, while others prefer to be out in the open. Whatever your specific requirements, your speaker choice should primarily take into account how much space you have to house them. Use a stand Speaker stands keep the speaker cabinet rigid. This allows for more of the drivers’movement to be translated into sound and not wasted through vibrations. If your stands are on a carpet, make sure you have spikes to ensure stability. Tweeter height The higher-frequency sounds from a tweeter are more directional, and…

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View offers whf.cm/BBHifiSystems Up to £500 Pro-Ject Juke Box E £369 Best turntable system, Awards 2019 An impressive all-in-one system with a level of functionality that’s difficult to replicate in individual separates for a similar price. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Inputs Line-in, BT Outputs Line-out Denon D-M41DAB £329 Best microsystem, Awards 2020 Denon hasn’t rested on its laurels. It’s managed to better the M40, delivering improved sound and functionality. The best just got better. Inputs CD, line-in, optical x2, BT, DAB/FM Outputs Subwoofer £500 to £1000 KEF LSX £999 Best all-in-one system under £1000, Awards 2020 KEF has shrunk its excellent LS50 Wirelesses to create a wonderfully insightful and flexible pair of speakers with a neat, colourful design. Inputs 3.5mm, optical, BT, AirPlay 2, wi-fi Outputs Subwoofer Marantz PM7000N £999 Best system under £1000, Awards 2020 A practical, well-furnished just-add-speakers streaming system that impresses with its entertaining performance Inputs…

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View offers whf.cm/BBTurntables £150 to £300 Pro-Ject Primary E £159 Best turntable under £200, Awards 2020 Pro-Ject has revised a budget deck to nail the under £150 market – and has succeeded on every front. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Size (hwd) 11 x 42 x 33cm £150 to £300 Audio Technica AT-LP3 £199 Best turntable under £200, Awards 2017 A fully automatic turntable that doesn’t scrimp on performance, this is the ideal entry-level deck for those looking to dip their ‘vinyl toes’ in. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Size (hwd) 13 x 44 x 35cm Sony PS-LX310BT £200 August 2019 A no-nonsense, fully automatic turntable with built-in phono stage and Bluetooth, offering a surprisingly musical sound. Speed 33⅓, 45rpm Size (hwd) 11 x 43 x 37cm Rega Planar 1 £249 Best turntable £200-£500, Awards 2020 This revamped entry-level deck from Rega doesn’t sound anything like an entry-level deck. Pleasingly solid,…