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Whisky Magazine Apr 2018

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changing times

We live in strange, worrying, but incredibly exciting times at the moment. The winds of change are starting to blow strongly in a really good way. The gathering pace of calls for reform and equality are sweeping many industries and the whisky world is not immune, and neither should it be. Just take notice of several voices on the social media channels and you will realise that healthy debate is happening and a much needed change in perception is garnering momentum, supporters and force. I still find it staggering that the opinion “what do you know you are a woman?”, should still be tolerated in our world. Irrespective of background, religion or race, this is not acceptable. I remember doing an interview in Russia and the journalist left me floored when he asked…

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rarest collection of whiskies

The second Worshipful Company of Distillers’ Charity Auction takes place at Mercers’ Hall, Ironmonger Lane, London in the heart of the City on Tuesday 10 April 2018. Hosted by international auctioneer Christie’s, the auction will include some of the rarest and most collectable whiskies in the world. The evening opens with a drinks and canapés reception attended by The Lord Mayor of London, followed by the auction at 7pm. More than 70 lots will be under the hammer with estimates ranging from £250 to £25,000. They include unique bottlings, memorable experiences, lots from almost every whisky producing nation and a selection of other spirts including Armagnac and Cognac. The Worshipful Company of Distillers Founded in 1638 the Worshipful Company of Distillers is one of the 110 Livery Companies of the City of London,…

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Whisky Live London 23 – 24 March 2018 The world’s premier whisky tasting show returns to the stunning surroundings of The Honourable Artillery Company on Friday 23 and Saturday 24 of March 2018. This historic 18th Century mansion, set in a six-acre garden yet just a stone’s throw from Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, provides a truly memorable backdrop to a great whisky experience. With a brand-new whisky themed menu for 2018, masterclasses, cheese pairings, the VIP Lounge and exclusive private VIP pourings, Whisky Live London 2018 welcomes visitors from across the globe. Producers from four corners of the globe gather to showcase their rare, unique and hard to find whiskies, as well as some of the more mainstream brands you would expect to find in specialist whisky retailers. With producers from Spain,…

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the orphan whiskey flask

Let’s move the dresser cabinet TV thingy,” my wife tells me at the start of the weekend. She referred to a giant piece of furniture taking up our bedroom for the past decade. It was time to move it. She wants new furniture. I embarked on the cleaning process in which I pulled out books, pieces of paper, pens, axe (yes, I have an axe in my cabinet thingy; a Carrie Nation axe, to be exact), coins, old passports and a bunch of other stuff. This thingy collecting dust was where I dropped my wallet and everything in between apparently. As I was digging in the back, pulling a few wires, flip cell phone cords, I saw a reflection. It was in the corner, so I had to reach back, sticking my whole…

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back in the day

Ted Britton walked out of my life a couple of years ago. Britton’s news shop had been an Ottawa fixture for decades until profitability slowly eroded in the face of declining magazine and cigarette sales. Rumours has it that gentrified rents struck the killing blow, but perhaps that is just because the shop sits vacant, a community gathering spot turned eyesore. Nearly twenty years ago I picked up a magazine in Britton’s that I’d not seen before. Turned out it was the inaugural issue of this one. The whisky web was still in its infancy then. One of the few non-commercial websites with any real following was Johannes van den Heuval’s Malt Madness. Charlie MacLean was the editor and among the writers, a guy called Dave Broom who later became my kind, generous and…

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the illusion of water

Whisky can have some questionable, forgotten, even misleading historical truths. When scrutinised under a modern lens with new information, insight and analysis can reveal a different, interesting and sometimes surprising explanations on the past and its legacy in the present. Haven’t we all been enchanted by promotional whisky literature romantically informing us about their brand’s connection to place and its special water source. ‘All year round spring water bubbles in the glen.’ ‘Pure and soft.’ The longer copy paints word pictures of the bucolic rugged Scottish countryside and clear streams of iron-free water in Bourbon country. It gives the distillery and its whisky a terrestrial connection to place. It can also be the most elusive and enigmatic element in whisky. So how important is water and what role does it play in our whisky? There…