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Whisky Magazine April 2019

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collector’s items, or clutter

You may or may not know this but our writers often write for other publications outside of whisky, often for illustrious national and international newspapers and magazines, both online and print. The joy of being a writer in this modern age is that there are, if you can cover a broad range of topics, lots of outlets to get creative for. I have often thought, having come up through the ranks of newspaper journalism, that until you specialise down, you are a jack of all trades but a master of none. However there is one thing that runs through this, the desire and ability to tell a story. To take information from a source and create something interesting and engaging for the reader. One story that caught my eye recently was a discussion…

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an industry first

The ancient craft of creating oak casks has been part of Scotch whisky for centuries, but the industry can now celebrate a (long-overdue) new first with the recruitment of two female coopering apprentices. First-year coopering apprentices – Angela Cochrane and Kirsty Olychick – have been recruited by leading Scotch distiller Diageo, at its Cambus Cooperage in Clackmannanshire – and are now breaking down the gender barriers and blazing a pioneering trail in the once male dominated trade. The news marked the start of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, with Diageo celebrating having women employed in every part of its business in Scotland, from senior management roles, to distillery managers, master blenders, electrical and mechanical engineers, and in the traditional crafts of coppersmith and coopering. Last year Diageo celebrated another diversity break-through in a traditional…

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whisky live

Whisky Live Melbourne Friday 10 & Saturday 11 May Whisky Live is Melbourne’s whisky and spirits sampling event of the year. Come along to enjoy a great line up of whiskies, plus vodkas, gins, rums and cognac, all under one roof. Whisky Live and Fine Spirits showcases a large selection of high-quality whiskies and spirits, all open for sampling. The event presents whiskies and spirits by brand, with an expert there to inform and educate you and let you taste. A quality spirits glass is supplied to keep, plus a tasting guide listing everything on tasting, is supplied at the event and available digitally one week before to preview. You can pre-plan the order you would like to taste. So, if you like good quality whisky, gin, rum or vodka, Whisky Live and Fine…

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boom or bust

The Distilled Spirits Council of the United States held its annual economic briefing in mid-February and it’s official: whisky is hot. Again. Or rather, still. Bourbon and rye are up almost six per cent to 24.5 million cases, which translates into $3.6 billion in revenue. Single malt Scotch volumes are up 7.6 per cent to 2.3 million cases, a 9.4 per cent revenue increase to $843 million. Irish whiskey, up 10.2 per cent to 4.7 million cases, is soaring for the ninth straight year. The whisky boom has been a headline for many years now. It’s been chalked up to the retro television series Mad Men. It’s been chalked up to education. It’s been chalked up to people seeking out products with genuine stories and heritage. But I ask the following…

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for the love of corn

When was the last time you went on a distillery tour and met a miller? These are the folks who grind the grains for optimal mashing, but often this is done off-site or with so little fanfare, you might not even realise this is a crucial part of the distillery team. “In the simplest terms, the miller’s primary role is to fracture various grains to a consistent particle size range, suitable for fermenting and subsequent distilling,” says miller and proprietor, James Brown of Barton Springs Mill in Texas. “But our responsibilities go beyond that. For example in our work with Treaty Oak Distillery, we are working directly with the farmers to secure acreage, source seed stock, check quality and consistency, and handle logistics for transport from the farm to the mill,…

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japanese whisky rules

Visiting Tokyo in 1923, Charles Workman, a Gilbert & Sullivan opera singer drank two glasses of Japanese whisky. Within two days he was dead from alcohol poisoning. It was the same year Japan’s first malt whisky distillery started construction – Shinjiro Torii’s Yamazaki Distillery between Kyoto and Osaka. Japan has a fascinating, sometimes perplexing role in the modern whisky industry. Japan’s affair with whisky began in February 1854, when USNS Commander Perry arrived with gunboats to trade with Japan. In the cargo was a 100 gallons of American whiskey and a 42-gallon barrel destined as a gift for the Emperor. Fifteen years after the Japanese first tasted whisky they filed a US Federal court case against a Cincinnati wholesaler for supplying them fake whisky, which they alleged was a blend of rectified…