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Whisky Magazine May/Jun 2019

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questions and titles

It feels like that moment where you have had all summer to complete your school assignments, only to leave it all to the last minute before going back to uni. The United Kingdom has had what feels like an age to debate and finalise plans for leaving the European Union, but now it feels like the nation’s leaders have only been looking at matters when absolutely necessary. The sort of, “I know I have homework, I know what it is and when it is due. I can do it later…” At the time of writing, the UK has been given an extension until the end of October to sort out a deal over Brexit. It does appear that the leaders in Europe either have become fed up with the near constant crisis…

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claive is staying

The most extensive and famous private Scotch Whisky collection in the world will remain a jewel in the crown of Edinburgh’s tourism landscape, after a new 10-year loan deal was agreed for its public display. The Diageo Claive Vidiz Collection has been the focal point of the Scotch Whisky Experience on the Royal Mile since it first went on display in 2009, attracting more than 1.5 million visitors over the past decade. Now the drinks giant has agreed to extend the loan of the prized collection for another 10 years, ensuring it will remain a key part of the Scotch whisky tourism landscape until 2029. The Scotch Whisky Experience recently closed the collection while it carried out a full upgrade of the display cabinets to ensure the bottles, many of which are extremely…

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whisky live

Whisky Live Cape Town Thursday 2 to Saturday 4 May South Africa’s first celebration kicks off in Cape Town from 2 – 4 May 2019 at The Lookout, V&A Waterfront. A host of local and international whisky aficionados are waiting to talk you through the complexities and nuances of a range of whiskies wide enough to offer something for everyone. Learn which flavour profiles to look out for to get the most from your first taste of newly-launched whiskies. Discover layers of complexity in your old favourites. Network with likeminded whisky lovers, dressed to impress. Enjoy the vibe! High-end lifestyle products will be accessible from 5pm at all events, while the Tasting Hall opens at 6pm until 10pm. Whisky Live New York Wednesday 22 May Whisky Live New York moves to the stunning Altman Building on…

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a world beyond whisky

At the end of March, I flew to London to join my Whisky Magazine colleagues at the Whisky Magazine Awards dinner and Whisky Live London. As loyal readers of this magazine know from the last issue, which announced the winners in many categories, from taste to people, attention and passions among whisky drinkers have moved far beyond Scotch, Bourbon and Irish whiskies, which pretty much dominated the industry for most of history. There were awards for Best Australian, Best German, Best Swedish and Best New Zealand. To further indicate drinkers’ interests beyond the warehouses of Scotland and the US, this year’s Whisky Live marked the debut of Gin Live, a tandem event at the same venue. Upon entering the tent where gin-makers showcased their vibrant botanical tipples, my mind did…

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more corn please

No matter the size of the Bourbon distillery, they all have one thing in common: corn. Legally Bourbon has to be made from at least 51 per cent corn, but it can be made from 100 per cent corn and still be called Bourbon as long as it meets the other standards of identity. The reason Bourbon is made predominantly from corn is because that is what grew well in Kentucky during the days of the settlers. These days corn is still one of Kentucky’s largest crops – 1.34 million acres of it were planted in 2018 alone. On a distillery tour you may see truckloads of corn coming in and unloading, but rarely do you get to meet one of the farmers who grows the corn for the Bourbon…

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bourbon’s dark force

The ingredient rarely mentioned is charcoal. By law, white oak barrels must have their interior staves carbonised under intense naked flames from around 15 seconds to a minute. The duration of the burn determines their char grade and depth of the charcoal. The vulcanisation of the oak creates a carbon membrane inside the barrel that plays a crucial role in developing Bourbon’s flavour and colour. So important is the charcoal treatment, the ‘charred white oak container’ was legislated under US law in July 1936. Before US Prohibition the charcoal rectification process was ubiquitous to North America, both for American and Canadian whisky producers. After Prohibition, only one distillery in Tennessee returned to the tradition of charcoal filtration; others joined later. The world’s most popular American whiskey calls this process ‘leaching’ or…