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Whisky Magazine Dec 2019/Jan 2020

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changes, changes, changes

Well who would have thought it, Whisky Magazine gets to 21 years old and like the cult BBC Radio programme Just a Minute, we have managed it pretty much without any major hesitation, deviation and repetition. No mean feat in my books. Cast your mind back to 1998; what were you up to that year when the genus for this magazine was being discussed and shaped. It seems like a lifetime ago to be honest, well part of a lifetime. For me, I was fresh out of university and had moved from Glasgow up to Inverness and begun working in a hotel to make ends meet. The big life changing event that set me off on my career to where I am now was still lurking, waiting in the wings for…

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whisky live

Sponsored by Glencairn Crystal Whisky Live Thailand January 31st & February 1st 2020 Whisky Live Thailand will showcase more than 200 whiskies from around the world, from The Macallan to Teeling to Amrut to Kavalan. The event will be hosting a whisky cocktail competition with 12 bars taking stalls to present their favourite whisky mixes. Each day will have an array of masterclasses and other VIP perks including food pairings and exclusive bottlings to purchase. The Saturday evening has an exclusive VIP dinner event with The Macallan sponsoring and providing all the whisky for the pairings. The event will be held at the Renaissance Hotel on Sukhumvit Road, a luxurious five star location with rooms available at a discount. Whisky Live London Friday 27 & Saturday 28 March 2020 The world’s premier whisky tasting show returns to…

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beguiling beauty

On a recent flight home to New York from Idaho, I read a magnificent Esquire profile of Jason Momoa, that tall, cool glass of water who reduced countless grown women into puddles of swooning fangirls as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. With a smile as soft as his body is hard, he’d commit some Grand Guignol-level act of brutality and completely modern women were forced, over the course of eight seasons, to confront their primal instincts, the kind that I imagine energised crowds at the gladiator events in ancient Rome. The article talked about his upcoming Apple TV+ series See, a dystopian sci-fi little number: a disease killed off humanity centuries before and only now is the population growing, but everyone is blind. Of wearing a blindfold for a few…

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the corn ultimatum

I’ve been growing tomatoes my whole life. In Kentucky if you sow a few tomato plants on the Derby weekend, you can expect to start getting tomatoes by Independence Day and you’ll harvest a bushell by early October. In the last few years, however, my tomatoes have grown just fine and even produced a few green fruits here and there, but they never seem to ripen. After a little research I discovered that tomatoes won’t ripen if the sustained temperatures are more than 85 degrees. I’ve started to wonder whether climate change was coming for my prized plants. As I have been researching corn from every angle, I made a startling discovery: people started telling me about their difficulties planting in the spring, worrying they weren’t going to get a good…

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laying claim

Let’s look at a provocative proposition: could Bourbon whisky have been made in England before Kentucky? There is the tantalising proposition that England was producing proto-Bourbons during the 17th century. Distillation of proto-Bourbon recipes is documented among the 13 American colonies, before settlers traversed the Appalachian Mountains to settle in Kentucky and Tennessee. Pennsylvania’s first spirits writers recommended distilling corn-dominant recipes, mashing two-thirds corn and the rest a balance of rye and malt. They also suggested burning the cask interior to sweeten the wood. Grain distillation in North America reaches back to 1620 when America’s first locally-made ceramic still and an imported glass alembic bubbled with mashes in Jamestown Virginia. The seasonal cycle of converting excess corn and rye into ardent spirits on copper pot stills, even log stills became an…

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making the grade

In its third year, now having become its own category, the Icons of Whisky Ireland mark that time of the year when Whisky Magazine celebrates and honours the whiskey resurgence of this nation. This has been driven by those people and places nominated in the shortlist for these awards. Those taking the coveted top spots have been chosen for showing particular dedication and drive, taking not just their companies, but the industry to another level as well. Additional to these winners and highly commended people and places, we are honoured to confer a Hall of Fame award on Tullamore D.E.W.’s own global ambassador, John Quinn for his expertise and passion. We are honouring the following: DISTILLER of the Year Irish Distillers Highly Commended Great Northern Distillery CRAFT PRODUCER of the Year Dingle Distillery Highly Commended Clonakilty Distillery BRAND INNOVATOR of…