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Whisky Magazine Feb/Mar 2020

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a brand new start

Well here we are, hurtling not just into a new year but also into an entirely new decade, and what a start it has been, with the heartbreaking scenes from Australia, unending political tensions and more warning that we are continually crossing the line in our stewardship of our planet. When you think about it we are all attached to this rock that is spinning through space and for my mind, for what it’s worth, I always find it odd that our leaders, having our bests interests at heart apparently, don’t listen to each other; let alone to an impassioned speech by an inspiring teenager. In the Western calendar, the turn of the year is a moment to start again, reflect on the year that has been and make changes, usually for…

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whiskey live

Sponsored by Glencairn Crystal Whisky Live London Friday 27 to Saturday 28 March 2020 The world’s premier whisky tasting show returns to the stunning surroundings of The Honourable Artillery Company on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March 2020. This historic 18th century mansion, set in a six-acre garden just a stone’s throw from Moorgate and Liverpool Street stations, provides a truly memorable backdrop to a great whisky experience. Producers from all four corners of the globe gather to showcase their rare, unique and hard-to-find whiskies, as well as some of the more mainstream brands you would expect to find in specialist whisky retailers. This international whisky experience is not be missed. Gin Live London will also be happening at the same time. Sample some of the best gins with ambassadors and producers from around the…

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turning the plastic tide

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s resolutions. No doubt the period of excessive indulgence that is the December mince pie and cheese marathon is motivation enough to adopt a healthier and more altruistic lifestyle, even if, let’s be honest, it does only last a few weeks. But why wait to join a gym/give up smoking/reduce said cheese intake, when change can be made year-round? It’s coincidence then, or perhaps a symptom of the consumption-driven festive period, that my latest quest for personal development falls around New Year. In fact I committed to this particular change several weeks before, while stuck in gridlock traffic as I scoured Brighton and Hove for a recycling bin. In the weeks leading up to Christmas I’d received a number of whisky bottles from retailers and…

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all about the process

I write this column in the days before the new year, as 2020 approaches at an exponentially quick clip, as time does when you both look forward to and dread something simultaneously. Anyone who hasn’t fallen off a turnip truck in the past month can understand my anxiety, what with The New York Times text message alerts jolting me with a shock of reality several times a day. But anyone who’s human – regardless of incidents with vegetable-toting lorries – can relate to my ready anticipation. The new year is, after all, a time of self-examination and of that most chilling concept, change. But no change is immediate. Change is a process. And that brings me to the heart of this column. So much that we encounter daily, even the simplest things…

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more than just terroir

Terroir is making its way to the whiskey conversation. The concept of terroir was borrowed from the wine world and encompasses the natural environment in which wine grapes are grown and how those natural features affect the final product. While terroir certainly has an effect on both wine and whiskey, it’s more pronounced in wine and much more complicated in whiskey. For starters, much of the winemaking process is designed to maintain the flavour of the grapes, while much of the whiskey-making)process is aimed at removing certain flavours and adjusting what’s left through the maturation process. I’ve spent the last year talking about corn, from heirloom corn to how climate change will affect corn crops and thus whiskey production. The more I learn about corn the more I realise what an…

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setting the record straight

One of the most contentious debates in the world of whiskey is whether Jack Daniel’s is Bourbon. Let’s set the record straight. The answer is yes, it was – but only from 1936 until circa 1940, when it was a Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey sourced from Schenley. Upon Prohibition’s repeal in December 1933 Lem Motlow, nephew to Jack Daniel, intended to rebuild the Lynchburg distillery and bring back the Jack Daniel’s brand. However, Tennessee did not repeal its ban on the state manufacture of alcohol until September 1937 while Moore County, the home to Jack Daniel’s Lynchburg distillery, prevented distilling until June 1938. The years between production and releasing a four-year-old straight whiskey presented a legal imperative for Jack Daniel’s company to source a straight whiskey to protect their brand trademark.…