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Whisky Magazine December 2020

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something ends, something begins

It’s a time of reflection here at Whisky Magazine, as we’ve reached the end of our 21st anniversary year and taken the opportunity to look back on more than two decades of this venerable title. Was it the year we had planned for our ‘coming of age’ celebrations? Of course not. However, what the brief pandemic-induced hiatus in our publishing and events earlier this year did allow was some time for introspection and appreciation of all the people who make this magazine possible – our team, readers and friends in the whisky industry. I’ll certainly be raising a dram to all of you! I’m delighted to say that, as a result of the passion, dedication and support we’ve received from all quarters and in spite of the highly unusual circumstances in which…

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a way forward

As we continue to focus on the future, Whisky Live organisers are considering alternative methods of delivering engaging whisky-tasting experiences in new, safe and socially distanced ways. Should an ‘in person’ event not be possible next year, new remote options are being developed. Whisky Live London is leading the charge and has been reborn as Whisky Live at Home, taking place in November 2020. Ticketholders and exhibitors have transferred from the postponed March 2020 event to this new ‘at home’ experience, which promises to deliver all of the tasting, entertainment and education of the London event in the comfort of whisky lovers’ homes. Impressive tasting packs boasting more than 25 samples (30ml) for ‘full day’ ticketholders are just the beginning, as Masterclass and VIP ticketholders receive additional samples and all…

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time for action

One of the most heart-breaking DMs I received in the past few weeks was from a young woman working in a whisky shop in Canada. She told me how she’s regularly dismissed by customers who would rather speak to her older male colleagues, how she politely smiles as inappropriate comments are made about her appearance, how she’s become so upset by the subtle sexism experienced in her work that she’s on the edge of leaving the industry. Perhaps even more distressing is that her story was repeated to me over and over again by other women across the world. They all felt the same: exhausted. These women – ambassadors, bartenders, blenders, distillers, historians, marketers, writers and whisky drinkers – told me about instances of sexual remarks, casual sexist comments, and on…

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not defeated yet

Following the course of New York City bars and restaurants as they reopen, or try to, has become a bit of a parlour sport. If you haven’t been keeping score, here’s a condensed timeline, with a quick point of clarification first: things have panned out differently around the state, which includes New York City, rural, industrial and urban upstate, suburban and industrial Long Island, very suburban Westchester county, agricultural Hudson Valley, the sylvan paradise of the Catskills and more. But things have been shifting endlessly in New York’s five boroughs, which should come as a surprise to precisely no one. How does one even begin to imagine making and enforcing rules to manage the safety and wellbeing of 8.3 million citizens in a crisis for which there’s not even a rough…

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beating the covid blahs

Everything has gone online these days and while a lot of virtual gatherings have become exhausting, there’s still one kind that I’m always ready for: cocktails. Early on in the pandemic people like Molly Wellmann at Japp’s in Cincinnati and Sailor Guevara, an Uncle Nearest ambassador in the Pacific Northwest, were leading virtual cocktail demonstrations through Facebook live. Many other bartenders, band reps and mixologists have followed suit, offering a five o’clock distraction. That’s what the bar is all about, after all. It’s a place we can all go to forget about the world outside for a while. I’ve done this with my childhood friends as we all begin to turn 40. We sit together on a video chat, mix ourselves a cocktail, and have a little party to celebrate how far…

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tasmanian whisky myths

Over the past decade, Tasmania has emerged as a new Australian whisky region. As a nascent producer, social media commentators and journalists are regularly misrepresenting the apple isle’s colonial distilling period. The truth is more interesting and Tasmania deserves the record set straight. Myth number one states that Tasmania prohibited distilling until 1992. However, since 1901, Tasmanians had the right to distil when federation brought all Australian states and territories under the national jurisdiction of the 1901 Distillation Act. This permitted large and small distilleries producing whisky, rum, brandy and neutral spirits to continue production under new national licensing standards. The Colony of Tasmania did prohibit distilling from January 1839; now under federal law, they could apply for a distiller’s license. The small population and capital needed to invest in a…