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WHO Issue 21, 2021

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Could I be any more excited for the Friends reunion? Nope, definitely not! Finally we get to find out if Ross and Rachel were really on a break, discover how Joey’s doing and find out which castmate had a crush on the other back in the day. The joy for me in watching Friends reruns is that they take me back to a time when things seemed so much easier! There’s a lot to be said for nostalgia and holding onto those special memories – as long as you continue to make more. Turn to page 8 to read our exclusive interviews with the stars and get all the goss from their emotional return to the set. Another reunion we’re living for in the WHO office is Bennifer’s. Are Ben Affleck…

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5 things we’re talking about this week!

1 Goop’s candle catastrophe A Texas man is suing Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop to the tune of $6.4 million, claiming the brand’s“This Smells Like My Vagina” candle exploded in his home.“We’re confident this claim is frivolous and an attempt to secure an outsized payout from a press-heavy product,”a Goop rep said in a statement. 2 Two Efrons are better than one We’ve all been spoiled for choice since Zac Efron’s younger brother Dylan arrived in Oz to work on the second season of Zac’s sustainability docuseries Down To Earth. Now the siblings have given us all a treat, showing off their buff bods while doing a tandem bungee jump. Absolutely amazing! 3 The boys are back! It’s been confirmed that Chris Noth (Mr Big) and David Eigenberg (Steve) will feature in the Sex and the City…

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ben & j.lo moving fast

Barely a month has gone by since Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck found their way back to each other, 17 years after they broke off their engagement. They’re not letting love get away from them this time around either! According to insiders, the reunited couple are going full speed ahead after reconnecting in the wake of Lopez’s split with Alex Rodriguez in mid-April. “As soon as Ben and Jen started talking, it became obvious their connection was as strong as ever,” a source told Us Weekly. “When they eventually met up, all bets were off.” Having already enjoyed a romantic vacation in Montana in early May and a mini-break together in South Florida two weeks later – where they were spotted kissing during a gym date – Affleck, 48, and Lopez, 51,…

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jen’s set to wed!

Although Jennifer Garner only recently reunited with businessman beau John Miller, insiders say the pair are considering a trip down the aisle! “Jen was not into the idea of getting married again,” a source told OK! magazine. “But this past year has been rough on everybody and it’s taught Jen, for one, not to take anything for granted.” The pair’s relationship initially ended because Miller, 43, wanted to take things to the next level, while the actress, 49, wasn’t ready. But Garner is said to have recently had a change of heart. “Deep down, Jen always knew John was husband material,” the source added. “Her time apart from John has made her re-evaluate things. She thinks she’s finally ready to make this huge step.”…

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friends forever! ‘ we’ll be family for life ’

“It was a dream come true for all of us. We all realised it early on”—SCHWIMMER David Schwimmer slowly enters Stage 24 on the Warner Bros lot in Burbank, California, and laughs to himself. More than 17 years has passed since he last set foot in Joey and Chandler’s bachelor pad. Or walked across the hall into Monica’s spacious rent-controlled apartment. Or plopped down on the thrift-store-find orange couch that was always reserved for a close-knit group of friends at Central Perk coffee shop. The actor, 54, is taken aback by the sight of the meticulously re-created sets in front of him. “Wow. This is beautiful,” he says softly. One by one his five former co-stars arrive at the sound stage and join Schwimmer, overcome by their emotions. Lisa Kudrow, 57, makes a…

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setting it up again

Original Friends production designer John Shaffner’s marching orders for the HBO Max reunion show were clear: re-create the set exactly the way it had been during the last season of the series. Fortunately mostly everything had been archived or used in the studio tour at Warner Bros.“I would say we got about 75 per cent of the furnishings from the boys’and the girls’apartment. And almost everything from the coffeehouse because it was in the museum,”he says. Past photos, shopping and a little creativity filled in the rest.“As much trouble as it was to accomplish, I think it was brilliant.”…