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THE SMILING OLD HUNTER had some kind of strange-looking call hanging on his lanyard, a long wooden thing resembling a turkey box call even longer than his thick grey beard. He stood beside me, blurry in the pre-dawn, our heads peering above the lip of this north Arkansas pit blind. The look in his eyes told me there was no place he would rather be. I felt the same. It was my first real dedicated snow hunt with some crazy new friends from Chicago I’d met in a camp in Alberta. I’d dubbed them The Albanian Goose Mafia, and they were the loudest, gold jewelry-wearing band of big city brothers I’d ever met, and serious hunters. We’d all shot snows on other hunts here and there, enough to get the itch, but…

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du gets $3.2 million for crp research

WHEN YOU THINK of CRP (Conservation Reserve Program), what vision pops into your brain? Likely, thousands of acres of native grasses waving in the wind, right? Or, possibly, the site of a gagger whitetail buck, or a pair of coyotes yapping away? However, there is much more to this program than meets the eye. This voluntary, incentive-based program provides excellent nesting habitat for waterfowl and is scientifically proven to boost duck production. More ducks mean fuller flyways, which leads to more spent shotshells and fuller totes. Farmers benefit greatly from enrolling their land in CRP. This land is mainly marginal land that likely won't produce an outstanding yield. By registering, farmers pen a contract (typically 10-15 years) and receive a Rental Rate Incentive that usually falls around the $150 per acre…

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fifth flyway

A ROOKIE'S FIRST BUST A newby New Jersey game warden busted numerous poachers on his first solo case. The warden's superiors gave him directions to a baited pond, and the young warden took care of the rest. He seized the guns, the ducks, and the film the crew was making. CLEAN WATER WINS! It tends to get swept under the rug, but it's important to remember that millions of people depend on streams and wetlands for their drinking water. When that drinking water is toxic, bad things tend to happen. Enter the Healing Our Waters-Great Lakes Coalition—an organization that played a crucial role in seeing the Navigable Waters Protection Rule vacated, which was widely criticized as insufficiently protective. LET EM' HUNT The expansion of public lands for hunting is running at full tilt, and that…

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by the numbers

25th of September is National Hunting and Fishing Day, and also the birthday of Delta Waterfowl. 6 is the number of times James Hautman has won the Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest. 693 was the number of adults that participated in a 12-year study conducted by Johns Hopkins, which found that mild hearing loss doubled dementia risk. 7% was the jump in the Lower 48's goose harvest from the 2019-2020 season to the 2020-2021 season. 1898 was the year John Moses Browning designed the first Browning A5.…

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update: support safari club international

Most waterfowl hunters inherently consider themselves ardent conservationists and stewards of our coveted resources. After all, if we aren’t out there protecting wetlands and wildlife, how are we to ensure abundant populations of ducks and geese to hunt each fall? And while joining our local Ducks Unlimited or Delta Waterfowl chapter is a viable way to stay connected to the issues that directly affect our own flyway, there is another way to get involved in matters that are affecting the sport and our rights on a much larger scale. Safari Club International (SCI) is America’s leading hunter advocacy group and has been in the business of protecting our freedom to hunt while promoting wildlife conservation worldwide for almost 50 years. Providing an image and influence as hunters themselves, members of SCI…

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authentic duck chili

“NO PRISON FOOD,” were my sole instructions for this recipe. All killer, no filler, as some might say. The truth of the matter: authentic chili does NOT contain beans or tomatoes. Such ingredients were added along the dish’s evolution to stretch this spicy stew (hence the term “prison food”). What is chili—the real deal—at is core? Meat and chiles. Maybe an onion. So real chili these days is sometimes called “Texas Chili,” where it likely originated, or a “Bowl of Red.” As you read on, you’ll see why I call this one a “Bowl of Irish Red.” So while you will find many recipes for “authentic chili” on the internet, you will likely notice these recipes call for taking dried chiles and rehydrating then blending whole. Don’t do that. Yes, I’ve done…