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Woman's Weekly 26-Feb-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

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As a former fashion editor, I’m always looking for style inspiration, so my new must-visit destination is the ‘What You’re Wearing’ page. Not only do I love seeing your everyday outfits – lots of colour I’m pleased to say, unlike me, always in black – I’m also delighted to see how ‘ageless’ you are. There is so much talk these days about how we should be trying to look younger all the time, but what’s really important is that we are the best version of ourselves. Getting older, as I am learning, should be embraced, and for me, that means wearing clothes that are my unique style with confidence, just like you do! Ageless Wax I love comedian Ruby Wax’s story on page 15 about when she told her husband her real…

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come on inside!

Look what I made I thought you may be interested in seeing the knitted bunny which I recently knitted for my latest granddaughter, Molly, aged nine months. The pattern was from Woman’s Weekly magazine, a few years ago. This is the latest knitted bunny of many over the years. Marlene Storey, Nottingham Kindness wins In the recent bad snow l had such a nice experience of kindness. l live in a village in Kent and we got it bad! A lady l only know a little phoned me and asked what food l had run out of and then walked a mile in wellies to bring it to me. The food was great but far nicer was the fact that l’d been thought of! It means so much when you are alone. Sue Clapson, Kent Paws…

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age is no barrier

I stumbled across a cop y of Woman’s Weekly from late last year [9 October] and I lo ved the article ‘It’s Never Too Late To…’. A year ago I commenced a Diploma of Family History with the Uni versity of Tasmania. I’m now halfway through and loving it. I’ve been researching my family’s history since the early 1980s. Although I’ll be 80 when I graduate next year, there are some who are older than me. Don’t let age stop you from fulfilling y our dreams. Perhaps my next project will be to write historical fiction! Judith Woodlock, Victoria, Australia…

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in the garden this week

✿ PACK PATIO POTS with stylish Ranunculus asiaticus. Their bright, eye-catching blooms come in shades of red, pink, coral and yellow, as well as cream, and are a real antidote to the gloomy winter months. They also look great in borders. ✿ EAT HEALTHY AND SOW purple-coloured beetroot, salad onions, radish and lettuce every two weeks for a supply of salads, packed with health-improving anthocyanin, in the summer. Warm the soil with cloches for two to three weeks ready for sowing early outdoor crops. ✿ CHECK THAT FROST has not lifted newly planted trees and shrubs out of the soil, exposing and tearing their roots. Re-firm the plants after the ground has thawed and check tree ties are in place to avoid them damaging the trunks.…

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bathroom baskets

TI-MEDIACONTENT.COM YOU WILL NEED ✿ Masking tape ✿ Small wicker baskets ✿ Rust-Oleum White Matt Spray Paint, £9 for 400ml, B&Q 1 MASKING TAPE OFF the top two-thirds of the baskets, ensuring to cover anywhere on the outside of the basket that you don’t want paint. 2 SPRAY THE LOWER THIRD and base of the basket with a coat of white paint, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Repeat with another coat if needed. Allow to dry completely. 3 ONCE DRY, remove the tape. Fill and display. 4 IF YOU DON’T LIKE WHITE, choose a colour to suit your bathroom and match your towels.…

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what you’re wearing

Annette Jones, 69 Tell us about your look… I love a dress worn with leggings and long boots. It’s my signature look. I’m also into long pleated skirts. I’m now looking for a ruffle shirt. Today, I’m wearing a check coat over a purple floral dress – both are from M&S. And I always add a splash of colour – at the moment, I love green. My beret is from Accessorize, and my scarf, boots and bag are all TK Maxx bargains! And the best bit of your body? My hair. It’s got a natural wave and curl. You wore it well Cleo Jones, 1950s Sent in by her cousin, Hilary Dunning This photo of my beautiful cousin must be over 60 years old. I’ve always loved this dress. It’s made of white crêpe, and the figures on…