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Women's Lifestyle
Woman's Weekly

Woman's Weekly 20-Aug-2019

Published by Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Loved and trusted in equal measure, Woman's Weekly has been the market-leading womens weekly magazine since it was launched 100 years ago.Packed full of inspiring, helpful and useful ideas and information for women who are the heart of their homes and families, it offers a unique mix of practical, compelling and up-to-the minute content.

United Kingdom
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51 Issues

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Lots of us get into gardening rather more by accident than design – perhaps starting off small with a window box to brighten up a flat, before moving to somewhere with a garden and wondering what on earth to do with it. I was like that, but because gardening’s even more addictive than nicotine (though actually good for you), each year that goes by sees me just a little bit more skilful. However, as with many growers, I’m still not that confident about propagating – creating new plants by taking a cutting from an existing one. So I’ll be keeping our article on page 36, telling me exactly how to do it, as I can’t wait to fill our plot with free plants. See Emily play Why not get creative and make…

1 min.
come on inside!

Grandfather’s footsteps My 18-month-old daughter loves shoes. Anyone’s shoes! Today she’s finding out what Grandpa’s shoes are like… Caroline Davies, Devon Great reading I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your magazine – it’s full of great and exciting content. I enjo y the knitting and croc het – I made the recent croc het cardigan and loved it! I also found Twiggy’s story and all about Queen Victoria’s house on the Isle of Wight (4 June) fascinating! All the best to the WW team. Claudia Smith, Australia Look what I made I made this foliage- only arrangement for a local flower show. It was done during our very dry weather, so it wasn’t easy getting greenery that was in good condition, but I was very pleased with the result. Wendy Cook, Dorset Where I read mine I…

1 min.
3 jobs for the week

STAKE PLANTS ✿ CONTINUE TO STAKE AND TIE all your plants as and when it becomes necessary – climbers especially put on an amazing amount of growth during the summer, so keep a ball of string handy so you’re always ready for action! HARVEST TIME ✿ STOP WATERING ONIONS when the foliage begins to dry so it wilts and starts to fall over, then bend the rest down to the ground and wait another two weeks before harvesting. Once harvested, spread onions out to dry, so the outer layers are moisture-free before storing. DIVIDE IRISES ✿ LIFT AND DIVIDE large clumps of bearded irises that are more than four years old. Plant healthy pieces of rhizome, 20cm apart, leaving the top of the rhizome just above ground level. On exposed sites, trim all leaves back…

1 min.
paws for thought

I knitted these jumpers for my twin sister’s dogs, Chica and Rosie, and my Cavachon Tilly – and without a pattern! June Gerring, Banbury My lovely daughter Natasha works as a film producer in Vancouver. She lives with her partner Chris and two amazing cats, Rik and Viv. Her cats know how to relax and they’re certainly very spoilt. Winifred Abrahams, Surrey ‘The sign on the wall says No Climbing! But I am not climbing, I’m just sea-gazing.’ J Fitzgerald, Cannock…

1 min.
you wore it well

This photograph of me was taken in my friend’s garden when I was 17 years old. I wore a red striped shirt-waister dress that I bought from C&A. Our Lifestyle Director Jayne says, ‘This style is very much in fashion today – it's a great choice!’ We’d love to see how great you looked in any era up to and including the 1980s. Please send a good-quality photo with your name, address and daytime phone number clearly written on the back, to: Fashion Dept, Woman’s Weekly, 161 Marsh Wall, London E14 9AP. Photos will be returned.…

2 min.
what you’re wearing

Rebecca Lauder-Fletcher, 30 Tell us about your look… My Chanel-style jacket is from Zara. It’s perfect for when I need to smarten things up, but it also looks great with jeans. My crop wide trousers and pink slogan T-shirt are both from Topshop. My shoes are Biba and my handbag is Osprey. I love the colour! I also like a bold earring. These tassel earrings are from Accessorize. And the best bit of your body? My eyes. Lynda D’Aboh, 42 Tell us about your look… My dress came from a store called Monoprix in Paris. I was there a couple of months ago and spilled a drink on my outfit just before an important meeting. I rushed out and bought this dress! My suede ankle boots are from Miss Selfridge and my leather bag is from Spain,…