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Woman's Weekly 17-Sep-2019

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love at first sight?

I like the idea that newly-marrieds Pam and Frank (see page 12) only got together because they were both caught up in a supermarket fire alarm evacuation. Who we end up with in life often seems down to luck, but we probably have more input than we think. I’m tempted to believe that we humans have a sixth sense, which helps guide us towards people we’ll connect with. My dog, Cocoa, always seems to know within a split second whether she’ll get on with an approaching canine, and I suspect something similar works for us. So does love at first sight really exist? Well, it worked for me, and Frank’s admission at the end rather suggests he agrees! Group Lifestyle Director geoffrey.palmer @ti-media.com Hot stuff Don’t miss our new gripping police mystery on…

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come on inside!

Handy tip There was an item under Mrs Spruce about cleaning your phone (6 August) and it made me think, how many people ever wash their glasses? I don’t mean clean the lens, but wash the whole thing. I wash mine regularly, and use a small brush to scrub them. After all, they are on your face and touch your hair. You would be surprised at just how dirty they can get. Helen Stevens, Stowmarket Where I read mine This was me on 4 August at Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent, while waiting to be called to do a sponsored tandem skydive in aid of St Catherine’s Hospice, Crawley. My family paid for the skydive for my 80th birthday earlier this year. Diane Stillwell, Crawley ✿ We’d love to see where you read your copy of Woman’s…

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in the garden this week

SOW THIS ✿ HARDY ANNUALS AND PERENNIALS CAN BE SOWN OUTSIDE NOW. Autumn sowings will start to germinate before winter and the seedlings will sit tight through all but the very worst of the season’s conditions, before bursting back into life next spring. DIG THIS ✿ IF YOU HAVE CITRUS TREES, THEN IT’S TIME TO CONSIDER MOVING THEM FOR WINTER, ideally to a greenhouse, as a centrally heated room indoors will be too warm. Make sure you have lots of fleece and bubble wrap to throw over the plant on the coldest nights! PLANT THIS ✿ INDOOR FLOWERS CAN REALLY LIFT WINTER’S GLOOM and now’s the time to plant bulbs. Varieties including hyacinths, amaryllis and narcissus paperwhite should be in flower for Christmas if started now. Try to buy ‘prepared’ bulbs that have been briefly…

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paws for thought

This is our gorgeous schnauzer Bailey. He thought he’d gained a friend, but then discovered it was only a cushion. Still, he was very comfortable! Janet Cox, Solihull ✿ Got a pet pic that makes you smile? We can give it a good home Meet Marty and Millicent, my Sebastopol geese, who enjoy being hand-fed. Something a little different for your page! Eileen Williams, Stockport Here’s Jessie. She was a re-homed dog from the Hull area. When she came to me, she was scared of everything – she appeared never to have been in a car or upstairs and was terrified of the first sheep she saw! But all this changed when she came to live with me in the country and become my adored companion. Margaret Kirby, Pickering…

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what you’re wearing

Sue May, 69 Tell us about your look… I love fashion and enjoy keeping up with all the trends. It’s good fun putting outfits together. My bold check dress is from Tu at Sainsbury’s. I think they have a really good selection of fashion – sometimes it’s hard to believe it’s from Sainsbury’s! I think my wedge sandals were TK Maxx (I love a heel and a wedge is so comfy), and my bag is H&M. I always add jewellery – my silver hoop earrings are also from H&M. And the best bit of your body? My hands. I love having a manicure. You wore it well Carolyn Glover, 1967 This photo was taken at the time of flower power and here I am listening to the music of that time. I still like to go and…

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we love

Rustic charm With an intricate gold design that incorporates florals and butterflies, this will frame your memories in style. ✿ £10, Tesco Grab and go Available in four different flavours, Re:Nourish soups are set to revolutionise your lunch. They can be heated and drunk straight from the bottle. ✿ £2.80, Waitrose Mother Nature An ethical alternative to to a natural sea sponge, this hardens as it dries, preventing the growth of bacteria, and is machine washable, so you can use it over and over. ✿ £5.75, ramer sponges.com…