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Women's Fitness Guide Issue 11

We all want to look and feel our best, so our Women's Fitness series provides you with your own personal trainer in bookazine form. Each edition focuses in on one aim, using expert advice from fitness professionals and nutritionists to help you reach your goals. You could try out the Women's Guide to Running, the Best Body Bootcamp, Tone up in Ten Minutes, Get Your Body Back – and numerous other titles all dedicated to helping you feel fitter and healthier at your own pace.

United Kingdom
Kelsey Publishing Group
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“WALK SLIM IS IDEAL FOR EVERYONE, SO WHATEVER YOUR SIZE, AGE, WEIGHT OR FITNESS LEVEL, THIS WILL WORK FOR YOU. WE’LL STRIP AWAY BODY FAT AND TONE ALL YOUR TROUBLE SPOTS” Are you looking for an easy, fun way to lose weight and get fit? Then walk slim is the perfect workout for you! I’ve designed a 6-week plan that’s been tried and tested by my clients. Together, we’ve come up with a winning formula that’s fun to do, simple to follow, easy to fit into your lifestyle and offers fast weight-loss and fitness results. Each week you’ll see the pounds and inches drop off, plus feel fitter and healthier. Walk slim is ideal for absolutely everyone, so whatever your size, age, weight or fitness level, this will work for you. Having…

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why walk?

Walking ticks every box when it comes to your health, fitness and wellbeing. Not only is walking the most natural, affordable and convenient exercise you can do, scientists are increasingly realising that walking offers a wealth of benefits for your body and mind – from burning off belly fat to boosting your mood. So much so, that the UK Government and NHS have long been recommending that we all walk daily to protect health and stave off obesity. While most workouts require expensive kit or costly gym membership, walking is something you can do all year round, anytime, anywhere – for free! Walking fits easily into every lifestyle – you can walk on the way to work, in your lunch hour, while pushing your child through the park, or with friends…

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walk slim mot

Walking is an incredibly safe form of taking exercise. But if you’re new to exercising, recovering from an injury, or have a niggling health problem, it’s always best to have a quick health check-up before you start working out. Read through our health checklist and if you answer yes to any of the questions, see your doctor. It’s best to discuss your fitness programme to make sure the exercise you do is in step with your general health. 1 Have you been inactive for a year or more? □ Yes □ No 2 Have you ever been diagnosed with a heart condition or high blood pressure? □ Yes □ No 3 Do you smoke or are you a former smoker? □ Yes □ No 4 Do you have asthma or have you ever suffered from asthma? □ Yes…

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perfect your techinque

Good form is the foundation of your walking plan. Not only will it help you walk faster and longer to reap more benefits, it will help you feel more energetic and look slimmer. Small tweaks to the way you walk can have a big impact on your posture, body shape and weight-loss results. They can also help you walk more comfortably and stay injury free. Follow these guidelines to perfect your stride. 1 Stand tall and create as much distance between your ears and shoulders as possible. This will help prevent hunched shoulders and poor posture. Keep your head in line with your spine and have your chin parallel to the ground – don’t tuck in your chin or tilt it back, and this will interfere with your stride. 2 To help…

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choose your shoes

TRAINING SHOES Your basic walk-slim shoe of choice should be a lightweight trainer with a flexible sole. SHOPPING TIPS Find the best shoe for you by using this checklist: ● Try to buy your shoes from a specialist sports shoe shop to ensure you get the best advice. ● Buy shoes in the afternoon. Your feet swell when you walk so trying on shoes later in the day replicates this, as your feet also swell throughout the day. ● Choose your shoes for comfort rather than style! Your trainers should feel good from the outset – forget the idea of ‘breaking them in’. Too tight and you’ll end up with sore, bruised feet. Too loose and you risk blisters. They should fit snugly but with a thumb’s width of room between your big toe and the…

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turn your walks into a workout

We all have our own natural pace and speed of walking. But, by upping the speed and varying the way you walk, you can turn each stride you take into a calorie-burning move. Focus on fat-burning, toning your thighs or tightening your tum – read on for tips on all these and how to get the best and fastest results from your walking workouts. Q. HOW FAR DO I NEED TO WALK? The Government recommends we aim for 10,000 steps a day to reap health rewards. This may sound a lot, but during a 30-minute walk, you can easily take anywhere between 2,000-6,000 steps and you’ll still have the rest of the day to build up to your 10,000 step goal. A good starting point to getting fitter is to establish the average number…