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July/August 2019

Writer's Digest magazine is a comprehensive source of writing instruction for writers. Each issue provides advice and insider tips on writing and selling fiction, nonfiction, poetry and scripts.

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(PHOTO 3 © GETTY IMAGES: LEYLAYNR) 1 “Hari Om Senior Center” Read the winning story from our Short Short Story Competition (Page 48). (1 © GETTY IMAGES: PIXELCI,) 2 The Library Role Bestselling author Susan Orlean, this month’s WD interview (Page 44), discusses what libraries bring to the 21 century and her role in illuminating the story. (PHOTO 2 © GETTY IMAGES: WESTEND61,) 3 Dos and Don’ts When Meeting Editors at Writing Conferences Check out this extended conversation with agents Rita Rosenkranz and Lisa Hagan from Conference Scene (Page 64), with even more tips on how writers can get the most out of an agent meeting. To find all of the above online companions to this issue in one handy spot, visit writersdigest.com/aug-19.…

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AUTHOR PLATFORM: HOW TO BUILD YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE AND STAY SANE E.J. Wenstrom shares a few steps you can take to save your sanity while you are building your online author platform. https://bit.ly/2uIf0Zc A SENSE OF DISCOVERY: CHOCOLAT AUTHOR JOANNE HARRIS ON ROUTINE, INSPIRATION AND WHAT’S NEXT Author Joanne Harris discusses her writing routine, her journey to becoming a full-time author as well as her upcoming book The Strawberry Thief, which is set in the same universe as her 2000 hit novel Chocolat. https://bit.ly/2K15gnd THE SCIENCE OF STORY IDEAS: HOW TO AWAKEN YOUR BRAIN’S CREATIVE SUPERPOWERS The brain is not only designed to think, it loves to think—and there are specific ways you can summon and maximize your brain’s ingenuity to generate…

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“o villain!”

(PHOTO © SARAH LAUBACHER PHOTOGRAPHY) Please allow me to introduce … our Villains issue. (And if you now have the “woo-woos” from the Rolling Stones’ classic “Sympathy for the Devil” stuck in your head, dear readers, I apologize.)All writers and readers know that no good yarn is complete without a villain. In a well-written tale, the villains are clear. We hate them, root against them and cheer loudly when they’re defeated. In real life, things are much more opaque—who are the villains there? We may think we know, but we often don’t. A villain can take so many forms—not just human. A villain can be an ancient and supernatural one, like old Beelzebub himself. Your arch nemesis could be a faceless corporation, whose cold and calculated decisions affect your life…

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WILLIAM KENOWER is the author of the Writer’s Digest book Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write With Confidence and Write Within Yourself: An Author’s Companion. He is editor-in-chief of Author magazine and a sought-after speaker and teacher. Kenower has been published in The New York Times, Edible Seattle, ParentMap, Tiferet Journal and has been a featured blogger for HuffPost. His video interviews with hundreds of writers from Nora Ephron, to Amy Tan, to William Gibson are widely considered the best of their kind on the internet. Kenower hosts the podcast “Author2Author,” where every week he and a different guest discuss the books they write and the lives they lead. Learn more about Kenower at WilliamKenower.com CARLA HOCH is the author of the Writer’s Digest book Fight…

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bad advice boogie

Writers, by and large, aren’t people who play it safe. In fact, considering the grim prospects for making a living (the Author’s Guild reported recently that the median income for American writers in 2017 was $6,080 ), you could argue that deciding to pursue a writing career requires a certain devil-may-care attitude toward regular meals and personal safety.It’s very easy to lose faith in yourself. Part of this is because of the natural insecurity creatives carry around with them , but part of it is the confusing and sometimes downright conflicting writing advice you get. A piece of writing advice might be good and useful in some scenarios, but destructive and limiting in others. One of the hardest skills for a writer to develop is being able to decide…