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October - November 2018

Yoga Journal Singapore is the first English-language Asia edition of Yoga Journal, the world's best selling media brand for yoga that has been around for more than 40 years. The magazine covers yoga poses, anatomy, meditation, ancient wisdom and features on health and spiritual well-being. It carries profiles of people in Singapore who endorse yoga and its benefits and also alerts readers to events and workshops in the country.

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amy ippoliti

Since she was 15, Amy Ippoliti has made protecting the planet and wildlife conservation a passion, something that continues to inspire her heart-opening yoga sequences. (She’s even been photographed doing yoga underwater alongside whale sharks!) When she’s not supporting marine conservation efforts, she teaches out of her 90 Monkeys Studio in Boulder, Colorado, and also at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, and several yoga festivals. Her studio also serves as headquarters of her web-based professional school for yoga teachers around the world, 90 Monkeys.Little known fact: You can hear her sing on some of Krishna Das’ albums! Occupation: Yoga Teacher Website: http://www.amyippoliti.comTwitter: @amyippolitiInstagram: @AmyIppolitiFacebook: @AmyIppolitiPagePHOTO: JEFF NELSON; MODEL: AMY IPPOLITI; S TYLIST: JESSICA JEANNE EATON;HAIR/MAKEUP: ASHLEY SMITH; TOP: PRANA, ART DIRECTION: ANUJA BAGADE ■…

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editor’s letter

Dear Readers,This issue of Yoga Journal Singapore focuses on restoring and recouping. From how you wake up in the morning to what you think and do through the day—your thoughts, your diet, and your physical activity define your energy levels and your potential.Each one of us is in the midst of an alarming personal-energy crisis, in which we strive, we give, we juggle—and we forget to keep time aside for self-reflection and self-care. It’s not easy to be a morning person if you aren’t (I’m lucky to be one), but Ayurveda defines a good day as one where you rise and set with the sun (“How to be a Morning Person”, Page 10). The story on hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis dysregulation, a rather long scientific name for a problem that’s often…

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the must list

1 The Wild Unknown ANIMAL SPIRIT DECK & GUIDEBOOKWriter and illustrator Kim Krans created this box set for self-discovery, inspired by creatures real and mythical. Identify your own spirit animal, give readings, and pore over the mystery and magic of each being. Krans asks, “What can we learn from the great creatures who have inhabited our planet since the dawn of time?” Delve in to find out for yourself ($40, thewildunknown.com). 2 Weleda ALMOND SOOTHING HAND CREAMThis autumn, protect hands from cooler, dryer climes with this creamy, silky-soft moisturizer for sensitive skin. It’s fast absorbing and fights free radicals with anti-inflammatory almond oil—one of nature’s top purveyors of vitamin E ($13, weleda.com). 3 Little Flower Yoga MINDFUL MONDAYSThis free, 25-week resource helps classroom teachers and administrators foster…

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six ways to make yourself a morning person

Take these steps to restart and rejuvenate your mornings.Looking to start (or commit to) a morning yoga practice—but don’t exactly bound out of bed and make a beeline for your mat? It might be because you’re not a morning person, and if that’s the case, there’s actual scientific evidence that might explain why you’re not so chipper after your alarm goes off.However, studies show that those who get an early start on the day report being happier than night owls. In fact, becoming a morning person can open up a whole world of benefits beyond improved mental health, including a trimmer body and increased productivity— plus, you’ll never have to worry about the brunch rush again.The good news? Our biological clocks rely only partially on genetics and are likely…

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develop a fool-proof nightly routine

1 Here are her top six suggestions for setting yourself up for a.m. success. Your good morning starts the night before, so get into the habit of establishing a lights-out routine that bolsters a bright tomorrow. Ben-Dor suggests incorporating a few yin poses into your nighttime routine, like Melting Heart (Anahatasana) and Dragonfly (Upavistha Konasana), held for 3–5 minutes with pillows for support. “Yin practice is really grounding and a great way to induce calm energy for sleep,” she says. Poses that you can rotate into your routine to calm the mind and body before bed include Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose), Viparita Karani (Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose), and Balasana (Child’s Pose). 2 INDUCE SERIOUS SLEEP Your body will tell you how much sleep you need—you just need…

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i took my baby to mysore for a month: here’s what it was really like

“ To survive in India, you have to drop your agenda.” India is a swarming mass of revelry and confusion. Along with busy people in colorful attire and vehicles of all sizes, you will also find wild dogs, sacred cows and crippled beggars on the streets. Motorcycles brush past you at dangerous speeds, swerving around merchants and sometimes monkeys, then shoot into traffic circles with no rules. Trucks growl, women sing, and prayers rise in sudden discord, as children without shoes kick dust into the heat. You try to breathe, but your throat shrinks. You have to relinquish your ideas about reason, order, and even basic sanity. Unless you surrender, you risk melting down completely. So, you throw off your ideas and you step into the abyss, allowing yourself…