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You: Did you know?

You: Did you know? 2019

Did you know an adult male lion’s roar can be heard up to 8km away, soldiers used to live inside the Great Wall of China and there’s a wasp that can beat a tarantula in a fight? The latest edition of YOU Did You Know? is on sale now and packed with all sorts of facts about our universe that will keep kids enthralled for hours. There are 46 colourful and detailed illustrations with subjects ranging from big and small animals to famous people and structures, as well as space and more. It’s also a great gift for kids if you’re on a tight budget.

South Africa
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from the editor

DID YOU KNOW? THIS is our third edition of YOU Did Know? and every issue reminds me just how much we don’t know about the fascinating world around us and how wonderful it is to learn something new. And the great thing about curious kids who want to know more about the world, is as we try to answer the many questions they bombard us with we are learning too. My seven-year-old daughter is currently obsessed with animals so we regularly watch shows about all sorts of creatures or read about them. There are so many interesting facts that the whole family picks up. I know she is going to love the latest issue of YOU Did You Know? as we have a bumper animal section divided into Big Creatures (starting on page…

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the elephant

ALL elephants may look alike, but they are actually divided into two main categories: the African and Asian elephants. The African elephant is bigger than the Asian elephant and has larger ears and less hair on its body. The elephant is often seen as an aggressive animal, but it’s actually a gentle giant and deeply emotional being. It’s the only creature, other than humans, to grieve for its dead and blows its trumpet and cries when upset. The African elephant is the largest mammal on land and lives until it’s about 70 years old, around the same age as the average human. It’s one of the Big Five, along with the lion, rhino, leopard and buffalo. WHERE IS IT FOUND? There are two types of African elephants. The African bush elephant lives…

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the lion

THE LION is the second biggest member of the cat family; only the tiger is bigger. But, in the realm of stories, fables and legends, the lion still wears the crown of king of the jungle. It is also one of the Big Five along with the rhino, elephant, leopard and buffalo. Most lions are found in the area south of the Sahara in Africa, but a small population is also found in a forested area in Asia. The Asiatic lion is smaller than its African cousin. Here we look at the African lion. WHERE DOES IT LIVE IN AFRICA? The African lion is found in the wild in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Tanzania, South Sudan and other parts of Central Africa south of the Sahara desert. HOW BIG IS IT? The lion…

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the giraffe

A GIRAFFE spends more than half its day eating – which isn’t surprising since it has not one but four chambers in its tummy that need to be filled! This beautiful animal has to roam far and wide across the grasslands of Africa to find enough food to fuel its huge body. Let’s take a closer look at the world’s tallest animal and its fascinating eating habits. WHAT IT EATS The giraffe is a herbivore and eats only plants. Because its neck is so long, this mammal eats mainly buds and leaves of tall trees, acacia leaves being a favourite. It munches on about 30kg of food a day! But it eats so much it needs to roam far to find enough food. HOW IT DRINKS Its neck is long but it’s still shorter than…

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the gorilla

THANKS to movies such as King Kong, many people think the gorilla is violent. But humans are a bigger threat to gorillas than they could ever be to us. Some species are endangered because of hunting, cutting down of forests (deforestation), and human diseases. There are two species: western gorilla with two subspecies (western lowland gorilla and Cross River gorilla) and eastern gorilla with two subspecies (mountain gorilla and eastern lowland gorilla). Take a look at the mountain gorilla. BRAIN The human brain is far larger and more developed than the gorilla’s. The brain of an average human weighs 1,25kg while a gorilla’s weighs about 500g. HEAD The gorilla has a huge domelike head with protruding brows. Its skull has a ridge of bone on top called a sagittal crest, which supports the tremendously…