Young Parents

July - August 2019

Young Parents is monthly parenting magazine for families with children up to age nine. It is the go-to guide for parents who value its local trend stories on everything from education to health, relevant tips from experts and comprehensive resources. Young Parents also offers two reads in one, with Young Parents Baby – the essential guide for parents with babies aged two and below – designed as a magazine within the magazine. The 25-year-old publication has won numerous awards, including Magazine of the Year (MPAS Awards 2011).

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editor’s note

When I asked my children about the government’s initiatives to reduce the number of exams in primary school, I expected them to say: “These kids are so lucky!” Instead, my teenagers told me they weren’t in favour of it. Exams are necessary to gauge where you stand, they reasoned. I do agree with them, especially since the primary school years still culminate in the dreaded PSLE. But don’t get me wrong; I’m no Tiger Mum. I want my kids to be disciplined and motivated to do their best, but not be obsessed about being top in class. I want them to learn to pick themselves up after failure, and have the grit to persevere. Most of all, I want them to know that their self-worth is never about their grades. So, take this Exam Issue as…

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our experts

EDUCATION Dr Cynthia Lim is a senior lecturer in the Early Childhood Education Programme at the Singapore University of Social Sciences. She has a 12-year-old son. Brian Caswell is the dean of Research and Program Development at Mindchamps. He has 15 grandchildren. Dawn Lim is the curriculum advisor at Star Learners. She has four children aged eight to 16. PSYCHOLOGY Dr Carol Balhetchet is a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience in schools, the social services sector and the private sector. She is the author of Dr Delinquent: A Guide To Decoding The Teenage Years, and has three children in their 20s. PSYCHIATRY Dr Cornelia Chee is a psychiatrist and director in the Women’s Emotional Health Service at the National University Hospital. Her daughters are in their teens. LACTATION & PARENTCRAFT Cynthia Pang is a senior…

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wet and wild

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think global, buy local

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chicken essence to soothe the soul

There is nothing more satisfying than enjoying a piping hot bowl of delicious soup on a cold, rainy day. Now, you can feel that same heartwarming pleasure and contentment with Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken. Hailing from Taiwan, Lao Xie Zhen is a trusted heritage brand with over 80 years of experience in artisanal boiling techniques. Lao Xie Zhen’s most treasured concoction is the Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken. Breaking the mould of what conventional essence of chicken tastes like, Lao Xie Zhen’s version packs a punch with its smooth yet rich consistency. Free-range chickens are boiled together with premium pork ribs for over eight hours to enrich it with deeper layers of ›avour. The result? A 100 per cent natural essence of chicken that is rich in protein,…

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the best of both worlds

Having the entire living space filled with natural daylight is wonderful – it brightens the interior and enlivens the space. Inevitably, natural daylight also comes with heat, ultraviolet rays and glare issues. It would seem that you can’t have the best of both worlds as there is always a trade-off. SSG® VariShield is a revolutionary self-tinting glass which changes in tint according to the sun’s heat to attain a comfortable interior environment for you and your loved ones by effectively reducing heat, UV rays, glare and ambient noise. With the change in tint, you can eliminate traditional shading devices and enjoy your scenery. It also aids in energy conservation so you rely less on your air-conditioning system and indoor lighting, hence bringing down your monthly electrical bills. SSG® VariShield protects your furniture…