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January - February 2020

Your Baby’s mission is to empower and support parents of babies and toddlers to make informed parenting choices and be confident, positive parents. The magazine does this by providing essential content that is relevant to the life stage of both baby and parent, focusing on topics such as basic care, health, nutrition and development. It also understands and focuses on the new mother and provides accurate and relevant information about her body, her mind and her changing family life. The information is essential and relevant, truly reflecting the reality of motherhood.

South Africa
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on mags and motherhood

I love magazines. Always have. I grew up with Fairlady and Sarie in the house and my parents have had a subscription toNational Geographic for longer than I’ve been alive. Even before I could read, I can remember lying on the carpet in the lounge poring over the pictures of exotic locations and people. During primary school I cut up many old issues for school projects. On my first day of journalism class I argued with my lecturer when he said no-one reads NG; we just look at the pictures. I read it, I insisted. Vogue is another story. Now there’s a mag no one reads. I used to buy stacks of old issues of Vogue when I was a student, simply to drool over the photography and art. The cover…

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proud mom and gran who defeated the odds...

I have been, for ages, contemplating sending this letter to you as a proud mother-of-two and a grandmother to two beautiful grandkids – grandson Carlyle (5) and 4-month-old granddaughter Athena. This after I was told I would never be able to be a mother due to some gynaecological problems I had experienced. The birth of my son, Ashwin, in 1990 was a miracle. He is the father of my grandkids. When I found out I was pregnant again in 1996 at the age of 35, and that it was a girl, I was over the moon. My daughter was truly an answered prayer and a pleasant surprise. I was so moved by this miracle that I put pen to paper and shared the story with Your Baby, and her birth at Olivedale Clinic in…

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PEOPLE DON’T BELONG TO OTHER PEOPLE Nobody owns another person. I know it sounds cheesy when people say “you are my life,” but, the truth is: nobody can become “your life”. Someone can become a part of your life or an important part of your life but not your whole life, which means you can live without them. Your life is your own, and you’re the first and most important reason for living and nobody else. Your life must have enough life in it that pleases you and makes you happy, proud, content, even when it’s just you... Find peace within, fall in love with yourself, and pursue your dreams. But, do give a part of yourself to other people, be it friends or family – but not the whole of you.…

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we asked you...

Ntombentsha Nonnies “There was this guy walking behind us as we left the crèche, and my daughter asked, ‘What’s that smell?’ Pretending not to have heard her, I said nothing. She looked back and said, ‘ngulotata onukayo’ (it’s this man that stinks). Ooh heavens, it’s good the guy heard nothing, but his armpits were talking to us that day – sjoe!” Zamo D Makukule “I’d been doing laundry for a few hours. Then I sat down to breastfeed my son who was a few months old. My son kept sneezing while suckling. His sister, who was 5 at the time, asked me if I had bathed yet. I said no. She said maybe my son is sneezing because of the smell of my armpits.” @goldfishandnuggets “My son’s kindergarten teacher played ‘your favourite…

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little angels

WIN A BABY CITY VOUCHER VALUED AT R380 Send us a clear, good quality photo to littleangels@yourbaby.co.za Each photo published receives a R380 Baby City Voucher Send a clear, good quality photo to us at littleangels@yourbaby.co.za…

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baby & me

WIN A JORDAN HAMPER FOR THE FAMILY VALUED AT R850 Global oral-care brand Jordan has launched box-free toothpaste. The brand is all about “sustainability without compromise” and develops products kind to people, animals and the environment. The Jordan range also includes the Green Clean Toothbrush made from recycled plastic, which won the European Sustainability Award. Contact info: @acdoco.co.za, and follow Jordan on Facebook @JordanSA. #MadeForEverySmile and #DropTheBoxSA. Send a clear, good quality photo to us at littleangels@yourbaby.co.za…