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What is it about storage? The more you have, the more you need because you either acquire more stuff, or you’re tripping over bits and pieces like a hoarder. In my case, it’s a bit of both. Of course, this is not the ethos Marie Kondo has built an empire on, but I never want to spend my life folding things and putting them into small boxes over and over like Sisyphus. While others agonise over the perfect pantry, decanting every last lentil into Weck jars and lining them up like soldiers on parade, I can barely be bothered unpacking the groceries and getting them on the shelves. That said, if there was little effort involved, I’d happily have my spices as perfectly aligned as supremely stylish Olivia Sullivan, whose…

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this month i’m…

Grateful to Little French Pastry for thinking up this birthday cake alternative – 16 in choux pastry. From $35, In need of another Golden Laced Wyandotte to join my small flock of two. My first one, Tammy Wynette, has gone to the big hen house in the sky. Upgrading my rubbish bin to Zone Denmark’s Nova soft-close pedal bin for the bathroom. Not that I plan on caressing it, but it does have a velvety finish. $195 from The Urban Studio, Dreaming of a Scirocco Tiffany radiator. So much more nostalgic-looking than my humble heat pump. $5108 (750mm) from PHOTOGRAPHY, HAIR AND MAKE-UP CAROLYN HASLETT. FIONA WEARS HELEN CHERRY KNIT AND ZOE & MORGAN JEWELLERY.…

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social club

WE LOVE Nostalgic beaded jewellery is her go-to, but it’s the cute handmade squiggly mirrors and tables that caught our eye. @mishmish.creative These designer cakes will wow bakers and non-bakers alike. Psychedelic patterns and bold colours are Alana’s signature style. @alanajonesmann PET OF THE MONTH Funny bunny Ivy loves to chew the pink kitchen door and eat the dried flowers in her home, page 104. Regardless, she’s a much-loved house member. CONNECT WITH US We love seeing images from our #yourhomeandgarden community. @yourhomeandgarden TOP INSTAGRAM POST “Anything but white” was the brief, and it’s fair to say, they nailed it. @yourhomeandgarden Instagram @yourhomeandgarden | Facebook | Pinterest…

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fresh finds

BACK TO NATURE Tea towels are the unsung heroes of the kitchen. They’re always there to lend a hand to budding chefs, but are rarely on the receiving end of style praise. That’s about to change – these beauties from Wallace Cotton are bound to catch the eye of discerning dinner party guests. They make great gifts, or treat yourself and add them to your kitchen this autumn. $24.90 each, Hang in there LOVINGLY CRAFTED USING 80 PERCENT WOOL AND 20 PERCENT COTTON BLEND FABRIC, THE OYOY JUMPING LION WALL HANGING WILL BE A HIT IN ANY CHILD’S BEDROOM. FIND IT FOR $95.99 FROM KOOP.CO.NZ TO THE MOON Coffee mug coaster, key bowl, jewellery dish or trinket vessel, the Moon Tray does it all. Find it in white or grey for $40 from TURN…

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kitchen sink drama

Fun fact: people spend up to 60 percent of their time in the kitchen at the sink. Which is why having a highly performing sink that adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen makes complete sense. SILGRANIT® sinks from BLANCO are admired globally for their exclusive styles and designer colour palette. The German-engineered designs incorporate timeless, straight line bowl geometry, which suits all types of kitchen styles. Elegant quartz SILGRANIT® consists of 80 percent quartz sand, which is not only one of the hardest elements of granite, it also makes for a beautiful sink. From modern farmhouse styles and spacious undermounts in striking colours, such as Black, Anthracite or White, there are plenty of choices to allow for flexible kitchen planning. Whichever you choose, it will make a statement in your kitchen, particularly…

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breathing space

When it comes to living a healthy, natural lifestyle, one of the best ways we can start our journey is by tackling the air quality in our home. After all, we spend plenty of time indoors, and particularly as the winter season approaches. According to the EPA, the air quality inside our homes can be 5-10 times more polluted than the air outside. Scary, huh! That’s why it’s so important that our space not only feels comfortable, but that the air we breathe in is fresh, too. The idea of keeping a healthy home seems simple but where to start? Do I have to toss everything and start again? The good news is there are a number of small, simple changes that can make a difference to the air quality of…