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Your Home and Garden shows you how to create a home that reflects your personal style. From decorating tips to easy DIY craft projects and expert gardening advice, it is packed with inspiring and affordable ideas for when you are renovating, building or simply updating your home.

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If you look at the Annie Sloan’s painted stairs in her Normandy holiday house on page 54 you’ll notice immediately how wonkily painted they are. This from one of the world’s leading designers, who obviously freehanded them. From that we may deduce the effect was calculated. Part of the appeal of her charming house is that she has celebrated the age and quirks of it and precision painting would not have been the order of the day. Michael Mansvelt’s New Plymouth work-in-progress house on this month’s cover also embraces the imperfect, a sentiment close to my heart due of my ‘rough enough is good enough’ motto because I cannot, for the life of me, paint a straight line. Fortunately, we don’t all fall into this camp or the world would be a…

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Wearing Juliette Hogan’s Marvin cashmere cardigan ($679) in topiary. Soft as a kitten and warm as hell. You can bet I’ll treat it with kid gloves to get years of wear out of it for the price. I’ve had dresses from Juliette that have been with me for 15 years. In need of a new teapot and I have my eye on this Living & Co Tokyo teapot. $18, from The Warehouse. Reading Simply Food by our columnist Eleanor Ozich ($45, Penguin Random House). The 80 recipes in this book can be made with 15 minutes work on our part. Plating up the almond torte with plums and cinnamon with that little effort is like alchemy. Drinking this lovely aged chardonnay from The Hunting Lodge ($23.99). Apparently there are notes of pineapple, hazelnut,…

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WE LOVE For quirky, colourful and curvy ceramic inspiration, look no further than Susan Christie’s beautiful, shapely creations. @formantics Newly launched Kiwi business Skitty Studio is bringing trendy tiled furniture to New Zealand. Check out their profile to order. @skittystudio PET OF THE MONTH Rocco the Birman, aged 14, is the Brodie family’s chief sleeper. His favourite place to nap is wherever the most foot traffic seems to be. Clever boy. CONNECT WITH US We love seeing images from our #yourhomeandgarden community. @yourhomeandgarden WELCOME HOME We’ve been renovating... our website! Check it out online. TOP INSTAGRAM POST Feel stress levels drop by simply looking at this calming bedroom. @yourhomeandgarden Instagram @yourhomeandgarden | Facebook | Pinterest…

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MORE IS MORE If you’ve coveted designer Evie Kemp’s incomparable maximalist style, here’s your chance to find out more. Evie has just released an e-book Much, an inspirational go-to for all things maximalist. This is not a “how-to”, it’s a guide to help you develop your own unique tastes – with a little bit “more” thrown in there. Find it for $39, DALI-GHTFUL Invite colour and quirkiness into your home with this Salvador Dali planter. Fill it with blooms bursting with personality and shape, $99.99 from In the stars THESE ONES ARE FOR THE HOROSCOPE LOVERS, OR SIMPLY THE COLOUR OBSESSED. TED BAKER’S ZODIAC RUGS BRING THE STAR SIGNS INTO YOUR HOME, CHOOSE YOUR OWN SYMBOL OR PICK YOUR FAVOURITE. $1200 FROM LITTLEANDFOX.CO.NZ NATURAL SELECTION Expect to see soft curves and earthy hues in Citta’s…

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joy in the kitchen

The way you feel about cooking affects everything you do – or don’t do – in the kitchen. You see, our thoughts control our reality, so if you believe cooking is hard, stressful or time-consuming, this will continue to be true in your mind. Mindset shifts can be transformational in our lives, and the brilliant thing is that this also applies to how we feel about cooking. Creating a joyful relationship with cooking has less to do with the process itself, and more to do with the thoughts we have around it. Here are some simple ideas I have found to be helpful for making my time in the kitchen more enjoyable. 1 Consider your thoughts around cooking Choose to think of cooking not as another chore but as an opportunity to slow…