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Yours is the UK’s best-selling fortnightly lifestyle magazine for women over 50. We offer targeted, trusted and useful advice, whether it’s to help readers look their best, to stay healthy and active, enjoy their free time or to manage their money better. We celebrate 50-plus women overcoming difficulties or achieving amazing things. We like to look back with our readers and listen to their views too.

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I read recently that curiosity is essential to our wellbeing. As children we’re naturally inquisitive, full of questions and wonder at the world around us but, as we age, our brains lay down neural pathways that mean we don’t need to keep discovering things afresh. But just because we don’t need to learn, doesn’t mean we should stop exploring. Research shows that being curious and trying new things actually stimulates the brain, helps reduce anxiety and increases energy. As regular readers will know I’m a big advocate of the Yours FitMind50 challenge. I’ve taken part for several years but because of the restrictions I didn’t manage to complete my 50 last year. I’ve rolled them on and will hopefully get to 100 by the end of 2021 (I’m on 67 so…

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the view from yours

RETURN OF THE LAVA LAMP Lava lamps are once again the height of cool. After a dip in sales over the last few decades the glass lamps, filled with different coloured wax, are popular again. Retailers including John Lewis and Argos report a rise in sales for the iconic lamps, invented in 1963 by British entrepreneur Edward Craven Walker. Back to our favourite childhood reads There’s been a 78 per cent increase in the number of adults returning to children’s books for their own enjoyment. A new study has discovered a rising trend in grown-ups dipping back into childhood classics, from Paddington to Enid Blyton, for comfort, escapism and nostalgia. The latest Yours Fiction special is out in shops from October 28 or from greatmagazines.co.uk Time for shhh... English Heritage has been trialling a ‘contemplation…

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force of nature

Weather – A Force of Nature: Spectacular Images from the Weather Photographer of the Year by The Royal Meteorological Society is out now from The Natural History Museum, £25…

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star letter

Where have all the GPs gone? ✪ Your recent health feature on illness anxiety, ‘How to get help’, I said ‘the first port of call is a visit to your GP.’ Just trying to do that can be a major cause of anxiety! Over the last 18 months it has proved almost impossible to actually see a GP. The older ones among us, plus those with disabling illnesses, cannot help but be anxious. It would be nice to know whether GPs will ever return to their surgeries! Mo Mitchell, Merseyside FLYING FLOWERS ♦ Our star letter will receive a stunning Lush Lilacs bouquet with chocolates from our friends at Flying Flowers. To place your order with free delivery included, visit flyingflowers.co.uk…

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meeting place

£10 High Street voucher for every letter published ♦ This is such a clever name for a petminding service! Christine Hamori, Manchester Yours says: We love hearing about funny company names – please keep them coming. THOUGHT FOR THE FORTNIGHT ♦ ‘Kindness is free. Sprinkle it everywhere’ Angel plea ♦ I had a book called Angel’s Christmas presented to my mother at Sunday School which I adored. The book was put in the loft but somehow got lost. I wish I could read the book again. Do any readers know of it? Gillian Wild, by email Knock out wit! ♦ While I was knocking a nail in the wall my brother commented, ‘You hammer like lightning – you never strike the same place twice!’ Flo Logan, Merseyside Memories of wash day Thanks for all your lovely letters following our nostalgic look at…

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‘i was born to play pop larkin!’

“I love playing him – I really do.” Bradley Walsh is chatting to Yours about his latest role as Pop Larkin in ITV’s reboot of the original Darling Buds of May, The Larkins. “I’ve never had the chance to play someone quite like him before. To play this guy who’s laughing all the time, having fun with his wife, children and the whole community, and to see him say to everyone, ‘Come on, do you know what? We’ll have fun!’ “It’s just a wonderful thing to do, it really is. Pop Larkin is the kind of man you’d like to spend a day, an evening, a weekend with in the pub. If you want anything he can get it, he’s always looking for a deal, and why not? He cares about his family…