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Shanken's Impact Newsletter February 1-15, 2019

Shanken’s Impact Newsletter, the leading source for exclusive data on the alcoholic beverage industry in the United States and internationally. Every issue features up-to-the-minute data and analysis on trends in the worldwide drinks market.

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bourbon marketers see plenty of runway for further gains

THE GLOBAL APPETITE FOR BOURBON and Tennessee whiskey continues to grow, with 38.7 million cases depleted last year on 5.5% growth. That rate matches the progress seen in 2017, and marks the continuation of a long-term era of expansion for Bourbon, whose global sales have risen by 56% since 2010. The U.S. market added 880,000 cases on 4% growth, and reached 22.7 million cases last year. A closer look at the data shows that budget-priced brands continue to struggle but that the big three—Jack Daniel’s (a Tennessee whiskey classified by IMPACT DATABANK as Bourbon), Jim Beam, and Evan Williams—are holding strong, each posting growth in the low single digits, excluding flavored extensions. Meanwhile, smaller-production, limited-release whiskies continue to drive excitement and premiumization. U.S. growth remained strong overall in 2018, with 18 of…

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mezcal’s torrid growth continues

MEZCAL CONTINUES TO SHOW EXPLOSIVE EXPANSION FROM ITS NICHE BASE, RIDING A wave of enthusiasm for agave-based spirits and strong support from on-premise operators. While the category remains tiny compared to its better-known cousin, Tequila, consumption of mezcal in the U.S. has risen dramatically in the past five years, with 288,000 cases depleted in 2018, according to IMPACT DATABANK—up from just 65,000 cases in 2013. Growth looks set to continue this year, as new brands and increased investment activity bolster awareness. Sazerac, the second-largest spirits marketer in the U.S. by volume, recently made a play in mezcal, launching its Los Vecinos del Campo label in December. The new brand is made in partnership with Tequila distillery Casa San Matias, with 10 master mezcaleros located across the Oaxacan regions of Ejutla, Tlacolula,…

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bourbon rolls onward

THE NUMBERS DON’T LIE. AMERICAN WHISKEY HAS been on a steep growth curve over the past few years, with brands at the super-premium end of the spectrum driving much of the category’s progress. Since 2010, Bourbon’s $25 a 750-ml. and over price segment has more than tripled in size, surpassing 6 million cases on 12% growth last year. Accordingly, its share of the total American whiskey category continues to expand. In 2010, super-premium Bourbon commanded only about 12% of overall category depletions. Last year, it cruised to a roughly 27% share, with no slowdown in sight. The rise of super-premium American whiskies also continues to create a halo for the total category, which has grown by some 5 million cases since 2013, finishing last year at 22.7 million cases, according to IMPACT…

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marvin r. shanken receives lifetime achievement award from the association of magazine media

MARVIN R. SHANKEN, THE chairman and founder of M. Shanken Communications Inc., was presented with the lifetime achievement award by the Association of Magazine Media February 5. Shanken is the editor and publisher of Impact, Shanken News Daily, Shanken News Daily Cannabis Edition, Market Watch, Wine Spectator, Cigar Aficionado, Whisky Advocate. After a video introduction by famed sportscaster Jim Nantz, Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International, introduced Shanken and presented him with the award. “Marvin belongs to the elite coterie of magazine makers, the geniuses of our business,” said Newhouse. He praised Shanken’s long history in publishing, particularly his refusal to compromise editorial integrity for advertising revenues. “In today’s media landscape, where the walls between ads and edit are nonexistent, Marvin maintains an iron curtain.” Shanken’s publishing success story began with…

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snd launches new cannabis edition

IN RESPONSE TO THE RAPID EMERgence of cannabis as a consumer category in North America, Shanken News Daily has launched a new weekly newsletter covering the cannabis market, with a special focus on the movements of major drinks industry companies. “We’re excited to launch this new publication dedicated to covering developments in the rapidly emerging cannabis category for drinks industry executives,” said Marvin R. Shanken, chairman of M. Shanken Communications, Inc. With recreational sales going legal in Canada and numerous U.S. states, Shanken News Daily’s Cannabis Edition will keep readers up to date with coverage of the key players in the category. Content will include interviews with top executives, sales trends and data, regulatory news, mergers and acquisitions, and profiles of companies and brands in the North American cannabis industry. If…

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keyes named ceo at proximo spirits

PROXIMO SPIRITS HAS appointed Michael Keyes as its new president and chief executive. A 30-year industry veteran, Keyes comes to Proximo from Brown-Forman, where he served for 10 years as president of North America. Keyes will oversee Proximo’s business across the U.S. and Canada. “Mike is a proven leader with the right skills and experience to lead our most profitable markets,” said Juan Domingo Beckmann, CEO of Proximo parent Becle, S.A.B. de C.V., also known as Grupo Cuervo. Keyes’s appointment marks a new era at Proximo, which was led by veteran spirits executive Mark Teasdale from 2007-2018. Teasdale left Proximo last summer to join former colleague Elwyn Gladstone at Malfy gin marketer Biggar and Leith. Since then, Proximo board member Michael Cheek has been serving as acting CEO. Jose Cuervo Tequila, by far…