December 2021

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#SHAPESQUAD Why are these Rockettes beaming? Chic hair, don’t care—no matter what action awaits. You too can master their secret-weapon French twist, which they coif themselves before each show and which stand up to any dance moves. Get the full how-to at LACE UP, SEE YOUR BREATH Run boldly through the cold with our compact guide to keeping you comfy and injury-free. From the art of layering for perfect temperature control to the best sneakers and accessories to maintain your footing on the slick stuff, we’ve got you covered at CHECK US OUT ON APPLE NEWS+ Use the Apple News+ app to tote every page-turner issue of Shape in the palm of your hand, including this month’s with cover star Chloe Kim. Download it now! TLC FOR WINTER SKIN ’Tis the season that can sap…

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brain trust

BE UNIQUE NEAL SCHULTZ, M.D. Dermatologist DENDY E. ENGELMAN, M.D. Dermatologist MONA GOHARA, M.D. Dermatologist ELIZABETH K. HALE, M.D. Dermatologist MICHELLE HENRY, M.D. Dermatologist MELISSA KANCHANAPOOMI LEVIN, M.D. Dermatologist ELLEN MARMUR, M.D. Dermatologist RON ROBINSON Cosmetic chemist GITA BASS Makeup artist PORSCHE COOPER Makeup artist NUNZIO SAVIANO Hairstylist BE STRONG + WELL JEN WIDERSTROM Consulting Shape fitness director, trainer, life coach ADAM ROSANTE Strength and nutrition coach NICOLE KEITH, PH.D. President of the American College of Sports Medicine CEDRIC X. BRYANT, PH.D. President of the American Council on Exercise JORDAN METZL, M.D. Sports medicine physician MICHELE OLSON, PH.D. Clinical professor of sport science SHAUN T Celebrity trainer ALEX SILVER-FAGAN Nike Master Trainer HARLEY PASTERNAK Celebrity trainer JAY WRIGHT Fitness expert, studio owner CARRIE PAGLIANO Clinical specialist in orthopedics CHRISTINE CARTER, PH.D. Sociologist ANATE AELION BRAUER, M.D. Reproductive endocrinologist MARK A. MOYAD, M.D. Complementary medicine expert PURVI PARIKH, M.D. Allergist and immunologist with the Allergy & Asthma Network FRANK…

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letter from liz

Fitness trends for 2022 You know I’m going to tell you that the best self-care regimen is the one that works for your lifestyle and personality and within your financial means. Still, it’s always interesting for us wellness enthusiasts to hear the predictors predict the trends for the coming year. Here’s what acclaimed health researchers, fitness forecasters, and data devotees are seeing in the stars (and the stats). Loving Body-weight Workouts This arises naturally because we started strength training at home—alone or with the help of workout apps (another growing trend)—when access to fancy gym equipment was on pause. The old-fashioned squat is our favorite body-weight move, one survey found; the burpee, our most despised. But as much as we like this return-to-basics, boot camp approach to exercise, we also find ourselves… Getting Back…

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the body shop

gift guide THE SCENT OF HAPPY The Saje Aroma (Be) Free Cordless & Rechargeable Diffuser ($128, includes essential oil, looks more like a jewel than a wellness tool. The chic, rechargeable device sends a cool mist to fill a room with uplifting blends—like the holiday exclusive, Joyful Blooms, a mix of tangerine, jasmine, and magnolia. To More Gatherings Even our cheers gear is feeling more festive! Bodum Oktett barware, an exclusive reissue from the MoMA Design Store ($16 to $22 per pair,, retains all the class of glass vessels with the practicality of chunky, funky recycled-plastic stems. Click here to shop these products. WHAT CLIMB IS IT? Your giftee gets throwback cool and step counter too with these fun new G-Shock styles (GMDB800-4, $99, and GMAB800-7A, $120, The watches are Bluetooth enabled so steps…

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you, but bolder

1 lips “It’s a glamorous time of year, with sparkly lights and gifts everywhere, and it’s fun to bring that energy to your look and get festive. Why not?” says Jamie Greenberg, a makeup artist in Los Angeles. “The easiest way to do it is to change just one thing in your makeup routine.” If you typically reach for a neutral lip color, consider a red. “The novelty of a new color can spark creativity and boost your mood,” says Fatima Thomas, a senior national artist at MAC Cosmetics. Plus, a red lip is like the little black dress of makeup; it’s timeless. There’s a universe of red tones to try, from a classic blue base to a bold orange—see what you love with your skin tone. For a less in-your-face effect,…

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your bedtime routine

WHEN IT’S A WASH NIGHT After washing your hair, gently pat away excess water, then apply a leave-in hydrator. “The moisturizing formula protects strands while in bed,” says Patrick Ferrara, a hairstylist in New York. “Damp hair is especially fragile. When strands absorb water, they swell, causing the outer, protective layer—the hair cuticle—to lift, which exposes the inner cortex. So you want to be extra protective when going to bed postshower since rubbing the lifted strands on your pillow can cause damage.” If you have straight or wavy hair, mist Gisou Honey Infused Leave-In Conditioner ($34, through midlengths and ends. Curls and coils will appreciate a thick formula, like Pattern by Tracee Ellis Ross Styling Cream ($25, IF STRANDS LOOK GREASY Nighttime is the best time to apply a dry shampoo.…