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A magazine made by people who live and breathe nothing but skateboarding. You get cutting-edge articles written by active skaters; tips on the latest tricks; profiles of the best riders; and the amazing in-your-face photography we're known for.

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what’s the story

SKATEBOARDER Magazine has a rich history of showcasing some of the most iconic photos, stories and skaters that have defined skateboarding since its birth, and we are excited about continuing that experience for our readers. We’ve made some important changes to expand our reach through multiple outlets on a global scale in order to get as many people as possible to see how much we love skateboarding. From here on out, we’re going to be presenting the magazine in two forms. First of all, we’re going to be thinking digitally first and making digital issues that are like no other on the market. Most other digital magazines are put together as an afterthought. Not ours. Each of these magazines will be offered to you first (before the print version comes out)…

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brian “slash” hansen

DEATHWISH DAYS The Deathwish video has been a longtime coming. It’s been amazing skating and going on trips with such a wickedly sketchy fun crew. All these dudes are fucking mental at skating in their own way, so I feel like the video will be pretty diverse in style and trick-selection. The most proper, powerful skater I’ve ever seen is Jon “Farm Boy” Dickson. He will be shining the most because he skates and looks best in overalls. And Kirby, the new kid from San Diego, is one of the raddest skaters I’ve seen. He’s from the Shep Dawg clan too, and the Shep Dawgs are gnarly. I can’t wait to see his shit. SAINT ARCHER I went to P-Rod’s park for the first time with Reynolds to shred and cruise. P-Rod was…

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david gonzalez

LEFT SIDE DISLOCATED ELBOW I dislocated my elbow two months ago on the SOTY trip trying to kickflip-front-board this rail and went straight on my elbow. That’s the only injury I have on my left arm. BRAND-NEW ANKLE I had surgery on my left ankle when I was 21, about a year and a half ago. I’ve injured this ankle many times before. When I was 21, I was, like, “OK, it’s time to get surgery,” because it was too bad. That was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. A clean ankle is pretty much a tightened ankle, and it still hurts, but it’s holding up strong. HIPPERS My left hip is pretty banged up. I’ve smashed it a few times bombing hills. They seem to always be banged up. CENTER ALL STOPPED UP Oh yeah, fuck,…

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adam mcnatt

Everybody remembers the infamous Alva Boys poster: Reategui, Danforth, Hartsel, etc., all decked out in sweatbox leather jackets and sporting a forest of crusty beer-battered dreadlocks. Had the photo shoot happened a couple years later, it would have included dudes such as Ronnie Bertino and Adam McNatt, wrapped up in brightly colored Fuct apparel of some sort. That’s right: Adam McNatt, now a peaceful retiree-turned-tattoo-artist in San Clemente (Ink Gallery), once was an Alva Boy. That was before his general skateboard wizardry earned him a spot on the original 101 squad, after a cameo in the then-declining Bones Brigade videos. Throughout a career spiced up with choices only a true individual could make, it’s no surprise that Adam McNatt’s graphics were spitting images of himself: weird but in a good…

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rob pluhowski

Something utterly tragic happened to man-am-in-chief, 34-year-old Rob Pluhowski. After he left Habitat, he didn’t try and hang on for years. Even worse, the whole time he was on he never really wanted to turn pro that bad. Instead, he moved on with his life and got into crafting high-end wood furniture. Now completely skateboard politics-free, this new life allows him to take a lucid (and opinionated) look at his career and skateboarding in general. How did you start skating? Probably when I was 11 in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Me and a couple of my friends picked up a skateboard and got a little community of friends going. I enjoyed it. It was an OCD thing, just keep doing it and doing it. Did any pros come out of Old Bridge? No, but…

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jared huss

Age: 22 Sponsors: Santa Cruz (flow), Bones Wheels, Volcom (flow), Epidemic Skate Shop Years skating: 14 Theme song to your life: “Whip It” Movie quote: “I’m not your problem; I’m a business man.”—King of New York Prized possession: life First favorite pro skater: Arto Saari If you could change one thing about yourself: I would get rid of my anxiety. Most expensive thing you own: my car Trick you’re sick of seeing: backflips Best video of all time: Flip Sorry Bad habit: over-thinking situations If you could invite three people to dinner: Mila Kunis, Elvis and Abraham Lincoln…