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a cause to unite us all

While we’re finishing up our sixth issue and the first year of our new big format, things have been great here at the magazine. We’ve accomplished what we set out to do this year and hope you’ve enjoyed the fruits of our efforts to make something special every two months that’s fresh, sick to look at and to read. While things here at the magazine are stable, it seems that all around us people are more divided and angry than ever before. Something happened recently that was a tipping point and this subject needs to be addressed. People are taking to the streets in protest and in the skateboard world the concern about it seems to be even more compounded. Our willingness to even address the subject could cause subscriptions…

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squawk box

The Dirt Lots of changes since last issue. Organika and Zach Lyons parted ways while Walker Ryan is now professional status for them. Walker’s also on Omit Apparel along with Jimmy Carlin… Habitat gained Brian Delatorre and lost Alex Davis and Steve Durante…In SD gangsign news, Sk8Mafia has five new pros. Wes Kremer got the bump along with Tyler Surrey, Larelle Gray, Jimmy Cao, and Jamie Palmore. Holdin’ it down till they’re underground…Jani Laitiala and World Industries are no longer together, neither are Chet Childress and Black Label... Baker Skateboards is no longer at Blitz. Baker Boys Distribution will distribute Baker alongside its brother brands Deathwish, Shake Junt, and Brigada. Heroin Skateboards will also be distributed in the US by Baker Boys. Dee Ostrander is Baker’s newest and smelliest amateur…Dallas Rockvam…

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anthony schultz

AFRICA This last trip to Africa with Fallen was awesome. It was for the new documentary film we’re doing about traveling to crazy places that not too many skateboarders have been to. We skated some spots and did some demos. The skateparks were pretty ghetto with weird things sticking out of the ground, but that’s what made it fun. We partied and did some autograph signings. The kids there that skated were really psyched because they don’t see too many pros. It was all the pros on Fallen except for Josh Harmony and Jamie Thomas, then Mike Gilbert and Ian Berry were there filming, and Wiggins. We went on a safari too. That was fucking sick; that was the best part. Petted some lions, fed a giraffe, saw some wild dogs,…

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arto saari

1. Ali Boulala. He is multitasking in this shot smoking, on the phone while showing off his swellbow from the session the day before. Somewhere in Barcelona, circa 2005. 2. Omar Salazar hitching a ride from a friendly Japanese biker. Omar has the ability to make friends and put a smile on their face wherever he goes. Omar rips! 3. Vegas skyline. Me and Dylan looking out into the night of Sin City. This image is the only memory of the trip. 4. Grand Canyon. Mamiya Super Veinte Tres pointed at the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Shooting landscapes is one of my favorite pastimes. 5. Rune Glifberg frontside ollies somewhere deep in Fresno pool country.…

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kevin romar

IN DJING I’ve been DJing at a couple clubs and I like to find tons of new music. FACEBOOK & TWITTER I think I may be addicted to them. I check them first thing when I wake up. And when I’m out skating, I got them on my phone. CHICKEN Without any chicken there wouldn’t be any me. GIRLFRIEND I’m into my girlfriend. I can’t get into too much detail about her ’cause some fools might try to snatch her and I might have to slap a nigga. Ha-ha, just kidding. CALL OF DUTY I’m always playing Call of Duty, shooting zombies and playing gun games. I will murk anyone who tries to challenge me. OUT BRUISED PALMS I’ve been falling on my right palm way too much and it sucks. It’s all puff daddy. ANIMATED FILMS I just can’t get into those type of…

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rick mccrank

LEFT SIDE FLAPPY ANKLE I never got surgery on my left ankle and it was worse than my right. It’s more unstable; it’s just floppy in there. I didn’t get surgery because it didn’t have as much pain. Every time I see a doctor or physical therapist, they compare my ankles and are always blown away by how loose it is and how the ligaments just aren’t doing anything in there. BARGED HARSHLY I did a kickflip then 50-50 line on this rail in Paris in Yeah Right! I was feeling pretty stoked and I wanted to do another line with a frontside tailslide down it. I think I tried it so many times that my legs had gotten really tired, so my pop wasn’t as fresh as it should’ve been. I had a…