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There’s a lot of bullshit going on in skateboarding these days. Plain and simple. Way too much whining. Way too much complaining. Way too much jock-riding. Way too much hating. Lots of talk about who sold out. Where’s skateboarding headed. Who’s benefitting from it at the expense of others. Who’s stealing it. Who’s taking the money. And what it all boils down to is that I don’t really give a shit. It’s just a lot of noise that detracts from what we love to do: skateboard. So don’t get distracted or caught up in the all the hype. Because, no one can take it away. No one can make it something it’s not. No one can sell it. No one can tell us how to do it. It’s ours and…

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the dirt

Things are coming up Expedition One with Zered Bassett joining the squad and Spencer Hamilton turning pro. Tom Remillard formerly of Antihero is also on the am team along with Nick Tucker. High fives all around the EXP 1 camp…Willow turned pro for Almost Skateboards while Danny Cerezini found a new home at BLVD after parting ways with Blind... Lil Fucky aka Jamie Tancowny dipped off Zero for a future with LE…Jack Sabback is no longer a Stereo Sound Agent…Paul Shier and the rest of the team left Blueprint Skateboards and Gravis and Analog have dissolved their skateboard programs leaving their teams out cold…Mark Suciu dipped and found a new footwear home alongside Silas at Adidas…Jon Nguyen is on Imperial Motion, Cody McEntire is on Silver Trucks and Jerry Gurney…

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bryan herman

Photo: Aaron Smith FLIP THIS HOUSE Me and my buddy Donny, who started Pharmacy boardshop, both had our houses go upside down and lose all their value. The market crashed and our houses weren’t worth as much as they should’ve been and they both went into foreclosure. We watched my house go from being worth $400,000 to being sold at auction for like $80,000. That’s crazy, you know? But that’s how we got into doing it ourselves. Donny got his real estate license, and we started putting our money together and buying condos and putting stuff back on the market for what it should be. Donny got more into making it happen with starting up our real estate company. It’s a good thing now. We got a big project going with Donovan…

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lance mountain

IN BEAN BURRITO L.A. area has some of the best choices and variety of Mexican food. Taco Lita, Señor Fish, King Taco. EVERYONE SKATING BACKYARD POOLS It’s great to see new kids enjoying the fun of vertical and drawing lines again. PHONE CALLS AND HUMAN INTERACTION We have gotten so busy with things we only communicate through modern technology. EATING WELL AND TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF It’s always good, you feel better and skating is a bit easier. SKATING WITH FRIENDS What it is all about. JAY-Z CONCERT @ 9:00 PM Free VIP passes at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn, NYC Oct 3, 2012. Thanks to Nike SB. OUT FARTS Just saying. JAY-Z CONCERT @ 9:05 PM Can’t help it. Anyone for the Rezzillos tonight? MIDDLE-AGED MEN SKATING PICNIC TABLES Probably not as enjoyable for them to see. CC EMAILS AND MASS COMMUNICATION Gotta use it, but come on. Just because…

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marc johnson

“I think I need to change my phone number,” Marc Johnson utters while trying to gather his thoughts on what he’s going to say about the handful of decks he’s dug out for this page. The barrage of text messages and phone calls seems to be taking a toll on Marc as he tries to focus on the task at hand. Everybody wants a piece of the legendary skater who just wrapped up another in a long line of amazing video parts for Pretty Sweet. (You may have heard something about that video coming out, maybe.) Luckily, though, Marc is such a professional he can juggle multiple tasks at once and was able to talk about some of his favorite boards and memories just a few days before the big…

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face off

Louie BarlettaVERSUSJerry HsuThere was Puleo for sure and Manfre. If I remember right, I’m pretty sure Manfre just straight got out of the van and that was it. It was a wild day. He switch ollied a triple set and then quit.1Name two people who quit Enjoi because Matt Evs forced them. Per Evs request, Bobby Puleo and Sean Payne both quit Enjoi.1Probably Bobby and Rodney. That sounds right to me.That was Paul Sharpe. I heard Paul got poked in the eye at a bar. Things were getting heated and somebody just poked him in the eye. I won’t say who did it because I don’t want to get poked in the eye.0Which member of the Enjoi family had his eye swollen shut from a wild punch courtesy of a…