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if it ain’t broke

Whatever you’re into, if you immerse yourself in it too deeply or for too long, you run the risk of becoming worn out by it. Jaded by it. Just unimpressed or uninspired by the same old same old. Whether it’s skateboarding or stamp collecting if you love it and love doing it, you can hit a point where it’s just too much. It’s something I considered long before I ever attempted to get a job within “The Industry.” Did I really want to put myself in a position to fall out of love with something that’s provided so many good times? Did I want to risk losing that when there aren’t that many things that make me as happy as skateboarding did? I suppose I did, because here I am…

3 min.
squawk box

The Dirt The workwear brand that skateboarders have been rocking for years, Dickies, finally started up a skate team. Master lensman and all around nice guy, Atiba Jefferson, is handpicking the team. So far it’s just Tom Remillard and Kevin Terpining on the squad, but other heavy hitters are rumored to be in the mix…Levi’s, Ben Davis, and Carhartt, I am available if you need help assembling a team in the US. Check me in the masthead under Associate Editor...One of the original Lakai riders, Cairo Foster, parted ways with the Flare. He ended up at Etnies where he joins DVS transplants Nick Garcia and Andrew Brophy. Kerry Getz and Zered Bassett severed ties with DVS recently as well.. In further shoe news, Dan Plunkett and Clint Peterson are on HUF…

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and another thing

Kenny Anderson ELWOOD DAYS NO LONGER A while back, when Elwood revamped, I was working on my own little thing but decided to stay with Elwood. Part of it was to rebuild the team and to be part of the creative direction with Jon Coulthard and Palmer. I called up everyone personally, pretty much my favorite skaters: Drehobl, Silas, Rattray, everyone from Plunkett on, you know? Pappalardo was always on, so he and I stuck with it and tried to redo it. It was a little more personal for me, for sure. At the same time, having my favorite skaters on there and going on amazing trips with them was the best. We all had a mutual respect for each other and it made the trips even better. But the powers above…

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in & out

Brian Delatorre IN POOL I grew up with a pool table in my house. There’s a bar on every corner in NY with a pool table, so it’s kind of hard not to go to a bar here. CRAZY PEOPLE/BEAUTIFUL WOMEN Every 20 feet here there’s some random person in the street completely off their head. At the same time that’s going on there’s an amazingly beautiful woman walking by. Entertainment and eye candy. What more can I ask for? HILL BOMBS I’ve been missing SF out here. ROOFTOP BBQ Summers in NY are the best. COFFEE Essential. STREET MEAT Halal meat truck on 11th St. between Ave. A and 1st. I swear they put something in that lamb. OUT CONCERNED CITIZENS People that feel the need to make our business their business. For you people out there that feel like we’re doing something really wrong,…

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nick dompierre

LEFT SIDE PUTTING IT OFF Luckily, I haven’t broken any bones yet, just a fracture. I fractured my scaphoid on my left hand back in November 2010. I was skating this rail, missed the catch and almost sacked it, so I fell back and put my left hand down first. That’s how it broke. I just thought it was a sprain, but after a few months I knew something was wrong. I went to Dr. Dave at South Coast Spine Center recently and had an X-ray. Sure enough, it’s been broke. It still hurts to this day. I haven’t gone for surgery yet; I need a pin or a screw and a cast. I’ll get it fixed some day. CENTER SUCKER PUNCH From what I was told, I got knocked out in a fight outside…

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jason jessee

As told to & Photos: Seb Carayol What has Jason Jessee been up to, you may ask. “I don’t know, climbing trees, using chainsaws and stuff, having fun,” was his first reply when asked that very question a few months ago at his Santa Cruz compound while members of the punk rock band Jason manages (The Highway Murderers) were busy figuring out the perfect ax to throw into a wood log and not onto my rental car, which was good news. Climbing trees, throwing axes, firing guns, fixing up random shit, building even more random shit…nothing unusual. Such is daily life at Jessee’s headquarters, a heavenly place somewhere between a super-fun Jihad training summer camp and an all-skateboard memorabilia episode of “American Pickers.” On a shelf inside his warehouse, it took him…