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March/April 2019

Slam is the fastest way to bring home the entire world of hoops from playgrounds to high schools, college and the NBA.

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the sixth man

Damn. Twenty-five years goes fast. When I launched SLAM back in 1994, I was just a hardcore basketball fan like everyone who follows or reads SLAM today. The idea was actually quite simple: I was going to make a magazine about basketball and its culture and we were gonna cover all of it…the NBA, college, high school, streetball legends, sneakers, the gear, the music that is the soundtrack of the game. In ’94, one player embodied this idea: Michael Jordan. All the magazine had to do was be like Mike—be fly as fuck. We were the first magazine to do anything like this, so I guess that makes us the OG. We were the basketball internet before the internet. The magazine still drops nine times a year, including our amazing…

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trash talk

Dope photo shoot and write-up! Steph is another Carolina hoops transplant who became a global icon elsewhere. Like Mike did for Chicago he’s put Oakland on his back. You can hate on him, but it’s hard not to like dude.@JbMihdi via slamonlineA guy named Kevin Smith wrote to you about doing a top 50 all-time ABA players list. He says he was “mystified” as to why you guys haven’t done a top 50 list of ABA players. Your response seemed to not understand why he’d be mystified. Well, as great as your magazine is, Mr. Smith has to understand that most of the time SLAM reads like there was no ball before MJ.So, as a 58-year-old basketball lifer, it’s my duty to provide you with a top-25 list of the…

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the opening tip

What’s with all the hate dumped on James Harden? It’s been going on for some time now, and it’s almost amusing when you consider the rancor is hurled toward somebody so dominant at his shooting guard position on the Rockets that he’s nearly as unstoppable as Stephen Curry, LeBron James and—dare we say it?—St. Michael Jordan at his peak.Opposing fans boo, the Twitter universe lights up with negatives and basketball purists groan every time Harden finishes a game with a crazy offensive stat line that looks like a German phone number. Consider that, as I type this, the guy has just completed a 14-game streak of scoring at least 32 points per game, with eight in a row being over 40 ppg. Thrown into the mix were 50-10-11 and 43-10-13…

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big man on campus

(9TH WONDER: JON LOPEZ/NIKE)Patrick Douthit is a professor at Duke, and he’s one of the biggest Blue Devil basketball fans on the school’s campus. But you know him by a different name: 9th Wonder.The legendary hip-hop producer—he’s made beats for Jay-Z, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and pretty much every other big rapper in the industry over the last 15 years—has also been a professor at Duke since 2010, teaching courses like “Hip-Hop History” and “Hip-Hop Cinema” in the African & African American Studies department.Despite growing up in nearby Winston-Salem, 9th Wonder didn’t become a diehard Duke fan until the early ’90s, when the Blue Devils won back-to-back titles and reached the National Championship game in three out of four years. Some 20 years later when 9th started teaching at…

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picture me ballin’

(JOHNSON: TOM E. PUSKAR/ASHLAND UNIVERSITY)JODI JOHNSONASHLAND UNIVERSITYTalk about efficiency, and Jodi Johnson has it. After her breakout sophomore season, the current junior basically never misses. At the time of this writing, the Eagles’ star averages 21 points per game on 68.5 percent shooting from the field, hits over 90 percent of her free throws and sinks more than half of her attempts from beyond the arc. She helped take her team to the NCAA DII Championship for the second consecutive year last season. Although the result in 2018 wasn’t as celebratory as 2017, Johnson hopes to take it all once more this year.(CAMBRIDGE: JUSTIN CASTERLINE/GETTY IMAGES)DESMOND CAMBRIDGEBROWN UNIVERSITYIt’s easy to see why Desmond Cambridge is considered the “Vince Carter of the Ivy League.” The 6-4 sophomore is one of the…

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drip season

DRAYMOND GREENBig #CozyFam vibes. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to stunt in the tunnel.MIKE CONLEYBrandon Williams always makes sure his clients have the freshest kicks.First impressions are everything, and today’s generation of hoopers know that.“All players know you have a 15-second walk in front of a camera every game,” Mike Conley says. “Guys are constantly trying to come up with something that’ll catch the eyes of people.”There’s a process that goes into the construction of every game’s outfit, and it all starts with the stylists grinding behind the scenes. And all the stylists we spoke with agree: the monthly in-person meeting with their client is where the magic happens.“We talk about last month, what kind of coverage we’ve gotten, what kind of narrative is out there,” says Brandon Williams,…