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Slam November/December 2018

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the sixth man

As I write this, it’s late September, and we’re staring head-on at the beginning of the NBA preseason. The NBA regular season will start a couple weeks later. And the NCAA regular season isn’t far away, either. It’s all happening. Which is to say that, Wow, OK, yeah: Summer is over. That’s hard to imagine, not because I feel like we need a few more sunny weeks (that’d be cool, tho), but because the whole thing just flew by. It feels like only a few days ago we were stressing over the weather as we were prepping to host the SLAM Showdown at Dyckman Park—in which we brought six high school studs to play in the park’s HS league during six amazing summer nights—and only hours ago that we were running…

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trash talk

SLAM 217 has got to be the biggest, baddest KD cover yet, anything else would be uncivilized. This is the same guy with the fall-back jumper tatt from the 212 issue. I’m fresh on a 2-year subscription to this very Basketball Bible (Shout out to my Aunt Cindy, love you!). I can’t wait for more fire issues. Darcell Brown aka D Toxx, Woodville, TX Hope the full Warriors group shot that wound up on 217 sufficed…—Ed. Got damn guys! Enough with the f*cking Warriors on the cover! Griffith Davis via email I’m so excited about this season, hopefully a breakout year for the Kings. If Bagley and Fox develop chemistry and speed up the pace, they could be explosive and tear it up on offensive boards. From what I’m hearing, Giles should be the missing…

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the opening tip

THREE TITLES IN four years. That’s good enough that you have to consider the Golden State Warriors, who won NBA championships in 2015, 2017 and 2018, a budding dynasty. If they win the crown this year—and most analysts see them as the favorites once again—the Warriors will be on track to be up there with the Michael Jordan-led 1990s Bulls, the 1960s Celtics and even the 1949-1954 Minneapolis Lakers, who won five out of six in that period. With four possible Hall of Famers in Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, the Warriors have changed the game into a frenzied three-point shooting contest with any spot on this side of half court being a valid launch site. Durant, Curry, Green and Thompson were All-Stars together for the last…

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picture me ballin’

KITIJA LAKSA, UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH FLORIDA Whether overseas or in the States, Kitija Laksa gets buckets. After competing for the Latvian national teams as a teenager, Laksa brought her talents to USF, where she made an immediate impact, unanimously winning Freshman of the Year in the American Athletic Conference. Starting every game last season as a junior, she averaged 21.1 points per game, second in the conference, while also earning a spot on the American Athletic Conference First Team and the Scholar Athlete of the Year award. In the conference tournament last March, she poured in 20 or more points each game, including 26 points in the championship game against powerhouse UConn. Although the Bulls fell short in the first round of last year’s Big Dance, they have a lot to…

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don season

IT BEGAN NEARLY 125 years ago, when Dr. James Naismith called upon A.G. Spalding to create the very first basketball in 1894. From then to now, as the sport has grown on a global scale, the ways in which people want to interact with it have evolved significantly. Spalding’s 94 Series, named after the year of that original ball, is a response to these changes—a new, innovative way for the historic company to engage with their consumers. Partnering with designers and artists, Spalding is releasing a collection of limited-edition basketballs that will celebrate their upcoming 125th anniversary. While these products can be played with, they are also intended to exist in the lifestyle space off the court. The first of the collaborations was with Don Crawley aka Don C, founder of the luxury streetwear…

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over and over

ONCE UPON A TIME, younger siblings were the de facto solution for fetching rebounds, feeding chest passes and counting shot makes and misses. There’s now a machine that does all of that, and more. Meet Dr. Dish. In the early 2000s, Iowa native Doug Campbell launched Airborne Athletics and pioneered the AirCat Volleyball Training Machine to serve up precise throws for hitting, digging, setting, tipping and blocking drills. What Campbell served up next, however, forever changed how basketball players and programs would get better. Recognizing the need for a more versatile and innovative product in the hoops market, Campbell prototyped Dr. Dish with a tech-enabled vision to build the “complete player.” By 2014, all Dr. Dish machines were redesigned into today’s revolutionary SMART models that include an industry-first phone app and Training Management…