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Smart Photography June 2021

India's leading photography magazine, Smart Photography brings you the latest updates in the world of photography every month. The magazine has a rich readership that include both amateur and professional photographers and the ever-growing community of photography enthusiasts. To cater to such broad readership, Smart Photography leverages on original content in the form of news, equipment reviews, tutorials, Photoshop techniques, interviews of photographers, technical features, and portfolio of photographers.

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tips on photographing waterfalls

• Photograph waterfalls under overcast lighting. If you shoot in harsh light, more often than not, highlights will overexpose and shadows will go overly dark. • If it has rained some time ago and the rocks are wet, the rocks will appear darker (good thing). • Use a Circular Polarising Filter (CPL) to reduce glare, saturate colours and increase contrast. • Frame the waterfall with some interesting foreground elements. Then go close to the foreground elements and try photographing the scene using a wide-angle lens. A wide-angle lens not only offers greater depth of field, it can also exaggerate the foreground element to draw-in viewer interest by causing perspective distortion. • Consider shooting in portrait as well as landscape orientation. • If possible, use a steady tripod. This will allow you to photograph the waterfalls using…

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landscapes from guangxi

A professional in medical device industry and a nature and travel photographer by inclination, Pappu was born in West Bengal. He is deeply interested in art and its interpretation. His passion for capturing rarely-seen or unknown landscapes has taken him around the world. He describes his photography style as imaginative and experimental, and loves playing with the colours, atmosphere and composition of his photos. He is currently based out of Shenzhen, China, and enjoys taking solo trips in search of unseen, majestic landscapes. “I hope to inspire people with my photos and maybe, make them pause and reflect a bit, on this beautiful world we live in, that we often forget in our busy, everyday lives” says Pappu. Website: www.sarkarphoto.com Instagram: @pappusrkr…

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samsung launches new galaxy device

Samsung has announced the launch of Galaxy M42 5G, a mid-segment 5G device. The device is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G and comes with Game Booster and Frame Booster for ‘advanced gaming performance and lag-free gaming experience’. It features a 20 MP front camera and a 48MP ISOCELL GM2 sensor on the rear camera that has a resolution of 6000 x 8000 pixels to produce a true 48MP output. The rear camera set up also includes 8MP ultra-wide lens with 123 degrees field of view and a 5MP macro lens. The 5MP depth camera blurs the background and is ideal for portrait shots. The rear camera also supports HDR and 4K video recording @30 fps. Other camera features include single click, Night Mode, Hyperlapse, Super-Slow motion, Scene Optimiser and Flaw…

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sony donates usd 1 million in response to covid-19 crisis

Sony announced a 1 million US dollar donation to support the COVID-19 crisis in India, as the recent surge in infections is leading to shortages of medical supplies and overwhelming the country’s health system. In response to the situation in India, Sony will donate 1 million US dollars through the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19” to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other organisations, to procure oxygen for medical purposes and PCR testing machines, and to support local relief activities. In April 2020, the Sony Group established the “Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19” and has reportedly been engaged in various relief efforts, mainly in the areas of medical, education and the creative community. The company says that it will continue to work with its partners and stakeholders to…

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hp launches range of zbook laptops

HP has introduced the latest ZBook Studio G8, ZBook Fury G8 and ZBook Power G8 laptops built for professional creators and power users. The ZBook Studio features HP DreamColor displays and a 120Hz refresh rate with a billion on-screen colours, 100% DCI-P3, and end-to-end colour accuracy with Pantone validation. It is powered by HP Sound Calibration, comes with a commercial-grade RGB keyboard in a creator PC with 16.8 million colour customisation options with up to NVIDIA RTX A5000 or GeForce RTX 3080 Laptop GPUs and 11th Gen Intel Core i9 vPro processors. The ZBook Fury comes in an expandable 15” mobile workstation and customisable 17” mobile workstation with a sleek, slim design. It features HP Sound Calibration, Tile device location and optional HP Sure View Reflect privacy screen. It also…

12 min
organise your photographs with a dam

Don’t get upset! Notice that the title does not end with an ‘n’ and hence, readers I am not swearing! What is this DAM without the ‘n’? It is an acronym that stands for a Digital Asset Manager. But why do we need this? Let us consider this. What is the most expensive part of your photography? No, it is not your fancy cameras, lenses, and other gear. It is your photographs! It may be difficult to put a direct price on them but just imagine the cost of travel and stay, time spent, and the hard work you have put in to capture those photographs. Not only that, you might have captured a priceless expression of your child, a unique cloud formation in a landscape, a bird catching its prey, etc. and…