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October 28, 2019

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y&r’s maitland thrilled to be in y&r opening credits

Y&R fans were surprised and, judging by their online reaction, elated upon seeing that Beth Maitland, who originated the character of Traci Abbott in 1982, was recently included in the show’s opening credits. Not surprisingly, the actress is also overjoyed. “I am over the moon,” she trills. “The fact of the matter is, I never thought this day would come again and I could not be more grateful.” Maitland knew for months that there could come a day when her image would be included. “Last December, the footage [of me] was shot,” she explains. “The old policy used to be, of course, that if you were under contract you were in the opening credits any day of the week. It was agreed upon that they could use your image to promote…

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days: hope is princess gina!

Turns out there’s a reason Hope has been acting strangely: Dr. Rolf has turned her into Princess Gina. For Kristian Alfonso, who hasn’t played the role in any lengthy manner since 2001, “My first thought went to, ‘Oh, Joseph Mascolo … Stefano. How could I play Princess Gina without Joseph Mascolo?’” she shares. “We had such great fun together. I learned so much from him. And it was such an incredible story. How do you come back to that missing one of the icons of the show, which is Joseph Mascolo? That huge presence and that great friendship that they had.” Alfonso says that she wanted to be sure she did justice to the character. “That’s what I was really concerned about, trying to find and remember all of the…

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days’s gabi to lani: dump eli!

Lani is still dealing with the emotional aftershocks of killing Stefan in the line of duty. “She’s questioning herself a lot,” says her portrayer, Sal Stowers. “Questioning who she is as a cop, and if she made the right decision. She was trying to protect herself, but by protecting herself, she ended up shooting an innocent man and that keeps playing in her head, as well. If she would’ve given Vivian the opportunity to shoot her, Lani could’ve been the one [who died]. She is a cop, she was doing her job, she did absolutely nothing wrong, but when you do shoot someone you can’t help but feel sympathy.” Eli tells Lani that they should attend Stefan’s funeral to show their concern for Gabi, and gratitude to her for letting Julie…

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days: jordan tries to poison ciara

Jordan plots to turn David’s birthday into a killer party by making a special cupcake for Ciara — infused with poison. As Jordan and Rafe prepare the sweet treats, a clueless Rafe tells Jordan how proud he is of her for reaching out to Ben. He thinks it’s a healthy sign. “Unfortunately, Jordan is pretty gung-ho with her plan,” says her portrayer, Chrishell Hartley. “She really, truly, is in that head space where she thinks what she is doing is for the best. So there’s no second-guessing. Nothing that Rafe is saying is getting through to her or making her rethink what she’s doing whatsoever.” When Rafe turns his back, Jordan injects the poison into Ciara’s cupcake. Afterward, Rafe comments that Jordan seems a little nervous about the party, but she claims…

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franco’s hearing begins on gh

Scott (representing Elizabeth) and Martin (Franco’s attorney) prepare to square off before a judge as the court decides whether Liz will prevail in her bid to gain control over her husband’s medical decisions. Before heading to the courthouse, Scott and Liz meet up at Kelly’s. In an effort to bolster his daughter-in-law’s spirits, Scott ends up telling her about the speech he had originally planned to give at Liz and Franco’s wedding reception. “He says that he feels it’s time to give the toast that he didn’t get to give,” explains Kin Shriner (Scott). “He muddles through a toast that is sort of about how great the obstacles are that the two of them have over-come to have this wonderful relationship and marriage. She is touched.” Scott also tells Liz that in…

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y&r’s nick to adam: “come back to genoa city”

Because Connor is in such emotional turmoil over the absence of his father, Nick decides to bring Adam back to Genoa City. “Suffice it to say that it’s the worst thing imaginable for Nick to do but it’s for a greater cause,” says Joshua Morrow (Nick). “Obviously, his feelings for Adam haven’t changed. Nick is glad Adam is out of town but now he’s forced to bring back his brother. It’s a terrible thing for Nick to do but he just grits his teeth to make this happen.” After arriving in Las Vegas, Nick knocks on the door of Adam’s hotel suite. “Adam is always leery because every time Nick comes around, it’s to bully or threaten Adam,” notes Morrow. “It’s not surprising that Adam has a negative reaction of, ‘What,…