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October 26, 2020

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it’s only my opinion

Follow Carolyn on Twitter @carolynhinsey I’m always yammering on about how soaps should play their histories, but look at how great they are when they do! Is there a bigger loser at love than GH’s Alexis? She picked two mobsters and a crook to father her children (Julian, Sonny, Ric) in between dating wingnuts like Jerry Jacks and finding Neil dead in her bed. But she got it right with former fiancé Ned and GH has been wise to keep them in each other’s orbits. Alexis (re: Neil’s overdose): “Was I being willfully blind like with Julian and Ric and all the other men in my life? I went to bed with Mr. Right and woke up with Mr. Dead!” That led alcoholic Alexis to drink vodka and take us on a…

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highlight reel

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, 2009 Bill’s surprise romance with Katie led to love. What did you think upon learning you’d be paired with your former Y&R co-star, Heather Tom (Katie; ex-Victoria, Y&R)? “I loved that story. Bill was this powerful businessman who didn’t have time for anyone in his life, let alone allow himself to actually care for someone else. At the same time, Bill was able to give Katie confidence, which was something she really needed. Together, they just meshed.” What was your favorite part of their courtship? “He hardened her edges and she softened his. He brought her out of her shell and made her see herself as the dynamic woman that she had become. He saw that she really sold herself short and that she pulled up the rear…

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scene & heard

COMING DISTRACTIONS Y&R’s Hunter King (Summer) admits that working with TV dad Joshua Morrow (Nick) can be challenging whenever their characters are discussing dramatic subject matter. “Those scenes are actually very hard for me to film because the whole time, I’m trying not to laugh at Joshua,” sighs the actress. “It’s even worse when we have to lock eyes and keep looking at each other very seriously. I get so nervous that I’ll start laughing so I can’t really make direct eye contact with him. Any time we’re ending a scene where we have to look at each other, I don’t look him right in the eye; I have to look at his forehead. And as soon as they call ‘Break!’ then we usually both bust up laughing.” When Michelle Stafford…

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classic lines

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL (Liam opines to Wyatt that Steffy’s doctor is attracted to his patient.) Wyatt: “And you think Dr. McHandsome is just dragging out the treatment so that he can spend more time with her.” Liam: “Oh, my God. I didn’t even think of that.” Wyatt: “Forget I said that.” (A worried Thomas vents to Hope about how much Steffy has been through.) Thomas: “She’s burying herself in work, and trying to follow Kelly around and acting like her emotional life doesn’t matter, and then top all that off, Bill with his ridiculous spray tan comes along and hits her while she’s on her motorcycle.” DAYS OF OUR LIVES (After cornering Kristen, Eli blasts her for using Lani to hide Kristen from the cops.) Kristen: “I didn’t ask Lani to turn a blind eye to anything. I just…