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July 29, 2019

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y&r’s gordon thomson on return to soaps

Despite Gordon Thomson’s substantial resumé in prime-time TV — as Adam on the original DYNASTY — and stints on multiple soaps — ex-Mason, SANTA BARBARA et al — the actor still came in to read for the role of Y&R’s Daryl Tulane. “I don’t know if anybody is offered anything anymore,” he shrugs. “I think everybody truly auditions these days. I auditioned with 20 or 30 other guys and it was a wonderful collection of actors.” Thomson felt that the audition went well. “I read and I think my past work helped, because the network and the show used my background on DYNASTY and other soaps to sort of advertise my presence, which is very nice of them,” he notes. “It also shows me how lucky I am to look back…

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tristan rogers on gh comeback

▪ Robert is putting roots back down in Port Charles as the town’s new DA, and Tristan Rogers, who is once again portraying the iconic character he created back in 1980, declares, “I’m delighted.” The actor says that he never had a formal conversation with Executive Producer Frank Valentini about how long the show intended for Robert to be back this time around. “I’ve never actually sat down and asked Frank for information,” he explains. “I told him, ‘Don’t tell me too much. I’d rather be surprised than sit down and try to get involved with what you’re telling me for the future because I know that it could change.’ And it has changed.” For the better, to hear him tell it. “The one part that I kind of wasn’t too happy…

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y&r’s nick and adam head to court

▪ Adam blackmails Michael to remove himself as Nick’s legal counsel right before the court date to decide custody of Christian. Baldwin has no choice but to lie to his client that he must recuse himself as Nick’s attorney due to a conflict of interest. “It’s pretty late in the game to get hit with this,” says Joshua Morrow (Nick). “On top of that, Nick and Michael have history, both good and bad. He considers Michael to be a good friend and ally to the Newmans, so for Michael to just turn on a dime like this, there’s something definitely fishy here. Nick can tell that Michael is trying to placate him with some legal jargon, but Nick knows something’s up. He doesn’t like it, but at this point he can’t…

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days: susan and kristen come face to face

▪ The real Susan shows up on the Kiriakis doorstep, moments after Kristen was there impersonating her, and it throws Will, Brady and Sonny for a loop. “She’s like, ‘Surprise! I’m here,’ ” recounts Stacy Haiduk (Susan/Kristen). “She’s looking adorable in her little outfit, which is totally different from the one [Kristen] was in before. Will and Sonny are like, ‘You were just here.’ Susan says, ‘No, I wasn’t,’ and gives them the biggest hug.” Sonny and Will find the whole thing confusing, as does Brady, who was just hit on by Kristen’s Susan. “They all think it’s weird,” notes Haiduk, “but they chalk it up to, ‘It’s Susan.’ ” Things start to make sense to Susan when she goes to Horton Town Square and comes face to face with Kristen disguised as…

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gh preview: dante serves lulu with divorce papers

▪ Lulu returns home from Aiden’s birthday party to find a special delivery from Dante: divorce papers. “She is absolutely blind-sided,” sets up Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman. “She didn’t expect this, they didn’t discuss it, and she is shocked. She thought she would have an opportunity, at least, to talk through their issues and as far as she is concerned, the only issue is that Dante needs some help — and she thought he was getting it. So, Lulu has a decision to make. Does she simply accept this without any communication from Dante, or does she fight it?” Laura rushes to Lulu’s side when she gets the news. Says Altman, “Laura doesn’t tell Lulu what to do. She just is a supportive mother.” Dante’s parents also quickly get involved. Notes Co-Head…

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b&b: liam investigates flo

n After Hope and Thomas marry, Liam witnesses an exchange that leaves him unnerved. “The wedding has happened, much to Liam’s chagrin,” states Scott Clifton (Liam). “He was hoping something would come up, but it happened as smoothly as Thomas could hope for. Now, they are married. After a moment alone with Hope, Liam comes downstairs; everybody has left, and he overhears Thomas and Flo. They’re not just talking in secret, but ostensibly arguing in a hostile way. Liam hears Thomas mention a secret that she has to take to her grave. It sounds vaguely like a threat, but it’s hard to tell. The only thing he knows is that this secret has to do with Hope, and that Hope can never find out, and that gets Liam’s wheels turning.” Liam…