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Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest November 18, 2019

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2 min.
the story behind daniel goddard’s y&r exit

In a surprising move, Y&R has let go of Daniel Goddard, who originated the role of Cane Ashby in 2006 and first aired in January 2007. The actor posted on social media, “It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that I will no longer be part of the cast of the Young and the Restless.” The reason, Goddard cited, is “that without Neil and Lily there just is no Cane,” referring to two of the characters who figured prominently in his alter ego’s life. Goddard’s airtime decreased when Lily’s portrayer, Christel Khalil, moved to Toronto last year, opting to appear occasionally in Genoa City. And following the February 2019 real-life death of Kristoff St. John, Neil passed away on-screen, as well. Furthermore, Cane’s twins, Mattie and Charlie,…

2 min.
gh alum matt cohen named et co-host

GH alum Matt Cohen (ex-Griffin) is joining ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT as a full-time correspondent and co-anchor of ET’s weekend show. “I’m very, very excited to hop on board and see what this new endeavor brings to me,” says Cohen, who has been serving as a guest correspondent for the show for the past few months. “I think I just met some good people at ET and they liked my personality enough to bring me into that world,” he marvels. “It’s freedom to be kind of my goofy old self and talk to some very interesting people. One thing led to another and things just have been working out there. We’re gonna give it a go and see what happens.” “We’re gonna give it a go and see what happens.” Even though his new…

2 min.
days preview: the scoop about stephen nichols’s return

DAYS fans will have a lot to be thankful for when Stephen Nichols (Steve) airs again on the soap on November 27. “DAYS OF OUR LIVES never seems the same when Stephen Nichols is not there,” says longtime co-star Mary Beth Evans (Kayla). “I always think he brings something so interesting and different to the show. He always gives 110 percent and I am always in awe of his hard work and discipline. He inspires me and others to up our game. I am so happy to have him back where he belongs.” “It was great,” adds Matthew Ashford (Jack) of connecting with his on-screen brother again. “Our paths don’t cross right away for a number of reasons, crazy reasons, but I was definitely looking forward to it. It’s just so…

2 min.
gh: will jax expose nikolas?

Nikolas is back from the dead, a decision that GH Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor says was born out of the dramatic potential his presence on the canvas provides. “Given the circumstances of Nikolas’s ‘death’, I think it was always a possibility that the Cassadine heir would grace Port Charles with his presence again,” he notes. “But given where Valentin is in his life with Nina, and with Hayden’s return, it seemed like the appropriate time to bring in the character who connects them both.” His other connections only sweeten the pot. “Laura is still grieving for her son that she has believed is dead,” he points out. “He has a connection to Laura, to Lulu — the character of Nikolas has been a vital part of the canvas for decades.” While…

2 min.
b&b: hope bests thomas

Hope’s quest for custody of Douglas pays off this week when a reluctant Thomas honors her wishes. “This has been quite the chess game,” remarks Annika Noelle (Hope) of the back-and-forth between Thomas and Hope. “Coming into this, Hope didn’t realize that Thomas hadn’t actually changed much. When it comes to his manipulations, he really upped his game, and she feared she may have underestimated Thomas because he’s such a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. One minute he’s apologetic and seemingly understanding, and the next minute he’s manipulative and dark. It’s scary.” Hope keeps her eye on the prize, which is bringing Douglas home to live with her, Liam and Beth. “That’s the one thing that has gotten her through it all, is her need to protect Douglas,” Noelle states. “Hope…

2 min.
y&r: simon threatens chelsea

When her plan to scare off Simon backfires, Chelsea becomes desperate to come up with the millions he claims her late husband, Calvin, owes him. Although Calvin left her a wealthy widow, Chelsea doesn’t have enough disposable funds to pay Simon back. “Since Chelsea put the majority of the money she received from Calvin into the Grand Phoenix, she’s strapped for cash,” explains Head Writer Josh Griffith. “While it’s safe to guess that Chelsea may have some money stashed away for a ‘rainy day’, it’s not enough to settle her debt with Simon and make this problem go away.” Abby notes that Chelsea is distracted and asks if it has something to do with Simon. Chelsea tries to come up with a reasonable explanation but stops cold. “Nick arrives as Abby…