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Soap Opera Digest November 25, 2019

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2 min.
james read back to days

Clyde Weston resurfaces in a prison jumpsuit this week, much to the delight of his portrayer, James Read. “Orange is the new black,” chuckles the actor. “It makes wardrobe a snap. I don’t waste any time in there.” Threads aside, Read is happy to be bringing Clyde back for other reasons, too. “It’s a singular character in my career, but it’s so fun because it’s so out there and so far from pretty much anything I’ve done,” says Read. “He’s just kind of delicious in his depravity and wiliness.” Then there’s the opportunity to work with one of his favorite DAYS co-stars, Robert Scott Wilson, who plays his son, Ben. “For my last couple of visits the bulk of my scenes, if not all of them, have been with Rob,” notes Read.…

2 min.
tristan rogers pops in at y&r

▪ Although he’s still airing as Robert Scorpio on GH, Tristan Rogers will make a brief return to Y&R as Colin Atkinson. “This didn’t happen overnight,” says the actor. “This took a while to put together because I was more protective of GH and I didn’t want to start anything on Y&R, especially when it was for a short-term thing. So finally we said, ‘Look, I’ve got a dark period coming up on GH for five days, so it’s either then or not at all.’ After that, it was all worked out. It came together pretty quickly and I’m very happy about that.” “This took a while to put together.” Since he last appeared on Y&R in 2017, Rogers wasn’t clear how his character would fit in to current storyline. “I didn’t…

3 min.
meet gh’s new nikolas

▪ Daytime newcomer Marcus Coloma had no clue that he was in the running to take over the key role of Nikolas when he was called in to audition for GH. “It was a different character’s name,” he explains. “I think he was called Evan. I didn’t find out [the truth] until I booked the role, I got a script and I was looking for Evan. And then the research began, to find out everything that I could find out about Nikolas.” He recalls learning that he’d been cast as “one of those moments of just disbelief and joy and happiness and elation. It kind of feels like you leave your body for a second.” Once the job was his, he decided not to try to impersonate Nikolas’s signature portrayer, Tyler…

2 min.
y&r: jill and colin reunite

▪ Jill suspects that her ne’er-do-well ex-husband, Colin, may be behind Katherine’s alternate will that made Cane a very rich man. Since the letter supposedly penned by Chance came from a hotel in the Maldives, Jill flies there and bursts into what she thinks is Colin’s suite. “She goes in with guns blazing,” chuckles Jess Walton (Jill). “She’s sure he’s behind this craziness with the will. The room is empty but she knows he’s there, so she bellows for him to come out and then Colin comes in from the balcony being just as charming as ever.” Colin is also carrying a bottle of champagne and two glasses. “She’s surprised by the champagne because he’s obviously expecting her,” Walton points out. “She didn’t know that he had left this clue for…

2 min.
days: ben runs into clyde

▪ Ben runs into a familiar face in prison: his dastardly dad, Clyde. And the pair is equally surprised to see each other. “Clyde comes out of ‘the hole’, where he’s been in solitary for a good long while,” explains portrayer James Read. “And lo and behold, his son is there — on death row.” When Clyde congratulates Ben for taking care of Jordan, Ben quickly sets him straight. He insists he’s innocent and didn’t kill his sister. In fact, Ben suspects that Xander is the real culprit. “Clyde is a man of action. He knows Ben has a looming visit with the electric chair, and he’s going to do everything that he possibly can to keep that from happening,” says Read, pointing out that “the one real constant with Clyde…

2 min.
b&b: hope reels from thomas’s fall

▪ Hope has trouble dealing with the ripple effects of Thomas’s tragic fall. “First of all, Hope did not mean for Thomas to fall,” insists Annika Noelle (Hope). “She was just pushing him away when he tried to kiss her. She did not expect there to be a giant vat of hydrofluoric acid. She was just pushing him away because, once again, he was trying to barter her for time with his son. He’d hidden Douglas away. She panicked. She pushed him away and the result is this nightmare situation.” Not surprisingly, Hope is in shock. “Shock is really the only word to describe her initial reaction,” the actress relays. And since Brooke persuaded her to stay silent, “It really hits Hope all at once,” sighs Noelle. “The severity of this…