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Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest December 2, 2019

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3 min.
donny boaz on joining y&r

“It’s a quite interesting story,” begins Donny Boaz of his road to becoming Y&R’s new Chance. “I had five films lined up between October 1 and the end of the year, and I was in Playa del Carmen with some guy friends for a guy trip. I was supposed to fly from there to Miami to start my next movie when my manager called me and said, ‘Hey, I need you back in L.A. now. You’ve got an audition for YOUNG AND RESTLESS.’ I was like, ‘Is it promising?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know. It’s an audition.’” Boaz learned the lines on the flight to Los Angeles and after touching down, he reported directly to CBS Television City. “It was me and four other guys,” he recalls. “When we got…

2 min.
days head writer on adrienne’s death

On the Soap Opera Digest podcast, Dishing With Digest, DAYS Head Writer Ron Carlivati addressed his decision to kill off Adrienne, a character played on and off by Judi Evans since 1987. Carlivati explained that as he and his team brainstormed ideas for the time jump, figuring out where the characters would be once the action moved a year into the future, “I always thought, ‘Ben will be in prison for murder.’ And then we were like, ‘What if Will were somehow his cellmate?’ You know? And we were like, ‘That’s amazing. Why is Will in prison?’ And then you’re like, ‘Well, who’s dead?’ You know, you also want there to be a death. If a year went by, odds are somebody had to die on a soap opera, or more…

2 min.
days’s nicole to eric: sarah’s baby is yours

Eric proposes to Nicole, but she turns him down and drops a huge bombshell: He’s the father of Sarah’s baby. “It is really, really hard,” says Arianne Zucker of Nicole’s big admission. “What I realize is this character has made a huge transition over the years, to actually think about other people and what the repercussions are if this baby is found out and what it could do to him and what it could do to them, and she is willing to take that risk to tell Eric the truth and they’ll work it out. But for her, she’s taking a new risk in her life and risking this relationship that they finally got to begin to have and a future with her very first love, but she just had…

2 min.
y&r’s jack: this is your life

On November 25, Y&R will air a very special episode that centers around Jack. The hour begins with Traci telling Jack that Ashley should be arriving soon from Paris to join them for Thanksgiving. “Jack loves having his family around him,” smiles portrayer Peter Bergman. “Everything that they’ve gone through in the last year has surprisingly brought them closer together. This will be a special Thanksgiving for them.” Traci also informs her brother that she has finished writing their family’s memoirs and presents him with the manuscript so he can be the first to read it. Jack is overwhelmed by his sister’s accomplishment. “When you talk about emotional clarity, Traci is the beating heart of the Abbott family,” declares Bergman. “Jack has in Traci someone who wants only the very best…

2 min.
gh preview: alexis is in grave danger

Neil and Alexis puzzle out the mystery of whether Kendra is responsible for her poisoning, leading to a decision by Alexis sure to have ripple effects across the canvas. “Neil is connecting the dots between Kendra and Alexis’s illness, but Kendra has covered her tracks incredibly well,” begins Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. When Neil shares his theory with Alexis that Kendra is the culprit, Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten says, “It takes her a little bit of convincing to seriously consider Kendra a potential suspect in her poisoning. She does not know this woman from Adam, aside from the fact that she has been her personal trainer and life coach for a short period of time. And in that short amount of time, she has proven herself nothing but invaluable and…

2 min.
b&b: thomas returns!

Just as Hope prepares to go to the police to tell them about Thomas’s “demise”, she gets the shock of her life. “The thought that Hope might have killed a man is in the forefront of her mind, and she just can’t shake the guilt,” sets up Annika Noelle (Hope). “What transpired between them was really like a perfect storm. A lot of pieces had to be in place for this very unique circumstance to have happened. But still, the guilt is eating her alive.” Hope has been struggling with what to do from the get-go, notes Noelle. “She did try to tell Ridge but her mother stopped her. Then, she did tell her mother that she wanted to go to the police but Brooke was very insistent that they figure…