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Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest December 16, 2019

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2 min.
days renewed for another year!

The sands will keep running through the hourglass, after all. On November 21, DAYS’s executive producer, Ken Corday, gathered the cast and crew on set to announce that he had a deal in place with NBC for another year of the 54-year-old soap, which will keep it on the air through September 2021. It was welcome news, indeed, after an online article set off a week of speculation that the show could be in danger of cancellation. The reaction on social media was immediate. “Thank you DAYS NATION!” posted Drake Hogestyn (John). “You carried us on to year 56 as the most important member of our team! @nbcdays #Days.” Chandler Massey (Will), who shut down the rumors from the get-go, simply tweeted, “I told ya.” Co-star Paul Telfer (Xander) added, “So…

2 min.
jane elliot back to gh as tracy!

Jane Elliot, the Daytime Emmy-winning fan fave who played Tracy Quartermaine on and off from 1978 to 2017, is making a return trip to Port Charles. The actress was back in the studio taping scenes in late November and will be seen on-screen in time for the holidays. Wally Kurth, who plays Tracy’s son, Ned, enthuses, “I couldn’t be more thrilled to have my mother back! It’s wonderful for the Quartermaines, wonderful for GENERAL HOSPITAL!” The actor says that he got advance word from Executive Producer Frank Valentini that Elliot’s return was in the works. “He called me into his office and said, ‘She’s coming back.’ I was like, ‘What?!’ I was so excited. Hopefully she’ll have so much fun she won’t want to leave!” Elliot’s on-screen daughter-in-law, Lisa LoCicero (Olivia), is…

2 min.
rebecca budig on gh exit

Rebecca Budig, who returned to GH in July to reprise the role of Hayden Barnes, wrapped up her comeback in late November. The actress was touched by the warm response she received from fans. “Given the way Hayden left, and given that she kept this baby [Violet] from Finn for so long, I was nervous that the fans wouldn’t be so accepting of her coming back,” she admits. “But I have been totally flattered that the fans have embraced having Hayden back, by their support and their love, and their passion for the show and for the characters.” She names the opportunity to work opposite Michael Easton (Finn) again as a highlight of her run. “One of the main reasons I agreed to come back was to work with Michael again,” she…

2 min.
days: mickey has cancer

Sarah and Eric are gutted to learn that their baby daughter has cancer. “It’s absolutely devastating,” says Linsey Godfrey (Sarah). “The scenes that I had to play are my worst-case scenarios as a parent. And I’m a cancer survivor, so I remember what it was like. I keep joking that Mickey’s gonna get hit by a car next and that they’re just doing my life as Mickey’s storyline. But for me, I remember what it was like for my mom watching me go through it and finding out and having to do treatment for me. It was before my 18th birthday, and my mom actually had to make all of the decisions as far as treatment and everything like that. But Sarah’s just beside herself. It’s a scary kind of…

2 min.
y&r: victor provides devon with info on amanda

Devon becomes increasingly concerned about the upheaval Amanda is causing in his life. “His curiosity about her is getting a little obsessive, to the point she’s even creeping into his dreams,” says Bryton James (Devon). “This has been messing with his head and I think he knows how unhealthy it’s becoming. Devon and Elena have talked about how they can’t control whether or not Amanda will stay in town, so they think the best thing to do is keep their distance from her, but that’s been difficult for Devon.” Which accounts for why he’s almost hostile toward Ms. Sinclair when-ever they’re in the same room. “I think that’s him not wanting to let this person mentally affect his life,” reasons the actor. “He’s got a good thing going right now with…

2 min.
b&b: steffy and hope prepare for a runway battle

In his latest scheme to get close to Hope, Thomas urges her to engage in a fashion showdown with Steffy: Steffy’s Intimates line vs. Hope For The Future. Hope and Thomas team up while Steffy turns to Sally for help with her collection. “Steffy and Sally finally coming together is great,” says Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy). “They are both strong, fierce women, and it is important that they can lean on each other. They’re creative, so it will be interesting to see what will come of it and what Sally has to offer with her designs. As things play out, it will get personal.” Steffy feels more than ready to take on Thomas and Hope. “Her brother has a lot of issues, but she knows that he is a fantastic designer…