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Soap Opera Digest December 30, 2019

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amanda setton on her gh gig

In November, Amanda Setton made her GH debut in the recast role of Brook Lynn Ashton — a twist she says was completely unexpected. Reports the actress, “I’ve been home the last couple of years with my baby; I have two kids and so I took some time off. My angel, Frank Valentini, who was the executive producer of ONE LIFE TO LIVE [where Setton played Kimberly from 2009-11], who is now the executive producer of GH, just called out of the blue and said, ‘What are your thoughts on this potential opportunity?’ And I said, ‘Very much open to it!’ And here we are a couple months later.” Reteaming with Valentini was a draw for Setton, who says, “I love Frank, I respect Frank and I truly appreciate him. I…

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alyvia alyn lind talks y&r return

Although Alyvia Alyn Lind’s career is booming with other acting projects, she always appreciates reprising the role of Y&R’s Faith, who she’s played since age 3. “I’m so lucky that I’ve been able to stay on Y&R for so long,” she smiles. “I miss everyone so much when I’m away. When I’ve been off the show for a while, I get so excited to come back and see everybody. It’s actually been one of the constants in my life. It’s kind of like my happy place, so when I know I’m going back, it just sort of calms me in a weird way. When I arrive at CBS, I have a ritual. I always take the same elevator, walk up the stairway to my dressing room the exact same way,…

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gh preview: tracy comes home!

The Quartermaines are in for an early holiday surprise when Tracy comes home from Amsterdam, where she has lived since portrayer Jane Elliot exited the show in 2017. “When we learned that Jane Elliot was available and willing to pay us a brief visit, we jumped at the chance,” beams Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. “Tracy is such an iconic character and Jane is such an amazing performer.” “When Tracy returns, her reason for returning — or the reason she gives, at least — is she wanted to see her family over the holidays. What better time for a woman whose heart may be as black as coal to come home?” winks Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. It is no accident that the character’s comeback happens on the heels of GH’s reintroduction of…

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days: kayla sees steve!

“Stefano” is hiding out at Kate’s place when Marlena comes by for a visit. He contemplates revealing himself, but decides the time isn’t right. “Stefano says it best, ‘I can hardly believe my Queen of the Night was just here. I heard her voice; I saw her face. It took everything in my power not to reach out to her,’” begins Stephen Nichols (“Stefano”). “Stefano” then hears that Marlena will be at the Christmas celebration at the hospital and begins to formulate a plan. “He would like to be there so he can get close to her but how, he wonders,” adds Nichols. “Kate mentions that Roman will be appearing as Santa, and ‘Stefano’ sees his chance. He will steal Roman’s Santa suit. ‘Ho, ho, ho,’ says ‘Stefano’! ‘Stefano’ will draw…

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y&r: phyllis blabs to nick

Phyllis is still smarting from Adam’s request that she seduce Nick to give Adam a chance with Chelsea. “Phyllis is furious with Adam for trying to use her as a pawn to get what he wants,” says Head Writer Josh Griffith. “She thought they were friends, so she feels betrayed that he tried to use her. Adam made a big mistake by thinking Phyllis would go along with his plan.” Phyllis, who previously agreed to go to her ex’s house to celebrate the holidays, is peeved to find out from Summer that Adam has also been invited. “Phyllis wants nothing to do with Adam, including spending Christmas with him,” explains Griffith. “Phyllis was a friend to Adam when he needed one the most, so she was not happy when Adam tried…

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early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ▪ Thomas spills the truth to Shauna, then tells her why he knows that she will keep his secret. ▪ Fully believing Thomas has moved on with Zoe, Ridge begs Brooke to revive their marriage. DAYS OF OUR LIVES ▪ Kristen and Lani make startling admissions. ▪ Steve reveals himself to Salem. ▪ Roman sets ground rules with Hattie. ▪ Marlena confronts Hope about her feelings for John. YOUNG AND RESTLESS ▪ Tensions rise between Nick and Adam. ▪ Victor and Nikki ring in 2020 in style. ▪ Phyllis flirts with Chance. ▪ Mariah learns a secret. ▪ Billy and Amanda continue to bond. PHOTOS: HOWARD WISE/JPI; XJ JOHNSON/PI…