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Movies, TV & Music
Soap Opera Digest

Soap Opera Digest January 6, 2020

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In this issue

3 min.
y&r’s elizabeth hendrickson on real- and reel-life pregnancy

Although Y&R’s Chloe just announced to Kevin that they’re having a baby, her portrayer, Elizabeth Hendrickson, is farther along in her real-life pregnancy. That’s because the actress was four and a half months in when she finally shared her news with Executive Producer Anthony Marino. “I wanted to say something a little bit earlier; it was just that the opportunity didn’t really present itself because I really wasn’t there a lot,” she explains. “The next time I was there was when we had our big cast photo shoot and that just wasn’t an appropriate time. The next time I was at work, I told Tony first and then he told Josh [Griffith, head writer]. They were so great about it. Their response was really supportive and lovely.” Learning later that Chloe…

2 min.
rick hearst talks ambitions

Rick Hearst (ex-Ric, GH et al) had a great time appearing in the prime-time show AMBITIONS and if were up to him, he’d be back for more. “I have a history of playing smarmy attorneys, so this is definitely in my wheelhouse,” he chuckles of his character, Jerry Lannigan, who was described as “the white Johnnie Cochran”. “That’s the way it was listed in the break-down and I was like, ‘Oh, I can do that.’” Hearst was thrilled to learn — eventually — that the part was written by Creator/Executive Producer Jamey Giddens with him in mind. “I didn’t bother to look at the production team, which is bad of me because I usually do,” he recalls. “So, I didn’t even know Jamey had written it. I just walked in like…

2 min.
days: steve reveals himself to salem

“Stefano” is feeling cooped up on New Year’s Eve, so “Hope” suggests he don a patch and attend the party at Julie’s Place as Steve. When Steve shows up, “The reaction is one of total surprise and shock,” previews his portrayer, Stephen Nichols. “Kayla, especially, is sent reeling.” To say the least. “She’s in shock,” says Mary Beth Evans (Kayla). “Total shock. He was incommunicado with her. He doesn’t talk to her forever. She sends divorce papers to him to get his attention and make him want to come home and not get divorced, and he signs them without a word. Then he just shows up there. And that he didn’t come to town and call her up. Everything about it is shocking.” Justin reveals to Steve that he and Kayla are…

2 min.
gh preview: nina sets the stage for revenge

Valentin and Nina’s latest wedding day is sure to be one to remember — but if the bride has anything to do with it, it won’t be for the reasons the groom is expecting. At G.H., Nina gets a file containing conclusive proof of Valentin’s misdeeds. Explains Cynthia Watros (Nina), “She gets physical proof that he went and got DNA from her mother and that’s how he convinced everyone that Sasha was her daughter.” As a result, the actress says, “She’s done. There is just so much you can take in a relationship! That evidence really sends her over the edge.” Before heading home, Nina encounters Sasha, who actually puts in a good word for her former co-conspirator, encouraging Nina to let bygones be bygones. “I think she’s feeling so bad about…

2 min.
y&r: adam and chelsea kiss

Chelsea is becoming increasingly uneasy about her living arrangement with Adam because it’s straining her relationship with Nick. “Anytime that Adam can stick it to Nick is a good thing,” chuckles Mark Grossman (Adam). “As far as Adam is concerned, having Chelsea move in was the right decision for Connor because of his issues. Of course, there’s all this unresolved stuff between Adam and Chelsea, and he’s really hoping that the time that he and Chelsea are spending together will remind her of what they shared.” Adam and Chelsea do feel that Connor is making progress because he’s spending the night with Victor and Nikki at the ranch without his parents. However, Chelsea once again reminds Adam that they have to be honest with Connor about their own situation, sooner rather…

2 min.
b&b: thomas and zoe make love

Zoe finds herself falling hard for Thomas, but since she’s also spying on him for Liam and Steffy, “She is going back and forth,” sighs Kiara Barnes (Zoe). “Liam feels that Thomas is not trustworthy and he warns Zoe, telling her all of this stuff when he and Steffy approached her to do secret agent work and report back to them. It was very clear that Thomas was not to be trusted.” However, the more time Zoe spends with Thomas, the more she questions that assessment. “She’s really starting to like Thomas,” Barnes states. “She doesn’t want to believe that he’s a bad guy. She wants to believe that he’s really changed and is starting to focus on things that are really important, like his child, his designs and rebuilding his…