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Soap Opera Digest January 13, 2020

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stars remember lisa de cazotte

Lisa de Cazotte’s untimely passing on December 7 at the age of 58 has prompted an outpouring of support from the actors who worked with her. “My relationship goes way beyond a working relationship with Lisa — who was Lisa Hesser when I met her,” begins Robin Mattson (ex-Heather, GH et al). “She was one of my dearest friends for three decades. Over the years, we both went from show to show and whenever we ended up on the same show, it was a joy. She was wonderful, professional and one of the best friends I ever had.” The women first met on SANTA BARBARA in 1991. “I loved to host dinner parties, so I invited Lisa to one,” says Mattson. “I wanted to welcome her to the show. Lisa and I…

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days: victor has a stroke

Determined to free Ben, Ciara confronts Victor about Jordan’s death. “She thinks that Victor and Xander killed Jordan and framed Ben in order to send him to prison because they don’t want Ben to be with Ciara,” explains her portrayer, Victoria Konefal. “It’s really sad that she feels this way about her grandfather. It’s family and she’s really torn about it.” During their heated discussion, Victor has a stroke. “All of a sudden, she forgets everything because he falls apart,” says Konefal. “He’s her grandfather and his life is at stake, so she’s freaking out and pushes her anger and resentment against Victor and Xander aside and focuses all of her attention on potentially saving Victor. As far as she’s concerned, he’s dying in front of her very eyes. It’s an…

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y&r: adam and chelsea reunite and make love

Chelsea starts 2020 officially unattached after Nick gives her the heave-ho. “Nick dumped Chelsea!” laments her portrayer, Melissa Claire Egan. “But he didn’t break up with her in a cruel way. It was more like him saying, ‘Adam is the love of your life’ kind of thing. Nick said, ‘Maybe he’s the one you’re meant to be with because you never got your second chance to be together.’ Nick explained that breaking up is the right thing to do because she has unfinished business with Adam, so he set her free.” Chelsea shows up at Adam’s penthouse with a suitcase containing the rest of her things from Nick’s house. “Chelsea tells Adam, ‘Just because I’m not with Nick doesn’t necessarily mean I’m going to jump in your arms and be with…

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b&b: liam proposes to hope

Liam finally proposes to Hope — after Thomas, of all people, takes him to task. “Thomas calls Liam out and says, ‘What are you doing? I don’t see a ring on it,’” explains Scott Clifton (Liam). “That lights a fire under Liam to pull the trigger. When they have these face-to-face confrontations, Liam can see why Hope finds him so sincere and believable, and I think that freaks Liam out even more because he sees that Thomas is quite persuasive.” According to Clifton, Liam does have a reason why he hasn’t yet popped the question. “For once, Liam is not trying to get married at the earliest possible opportunity,” smiles the actor. “He knows he has his priorities straight. He’s been trying to deal with one thing at a time, and…

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early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ▪ Devastated by what she saw between Liam and Steffy, Hope breaks down to Brooke. ▪ Shauna encourages Flo to go after the man she loves, Wyatt. DAYS OF OUR LIVES ▪ Ciara learns a shocking secret. ▪ Will comforts Ben. ▪ “Hope” shares a new plan with “Stefano”. ▪ Eli proposes to Gabi. ▪ Rafe makes a call about Hope. YOUNG AND RESTLESS ▪ Nikki plans a surprise for Victor. ▪ Phyllis alarms Abby. ▪ Nick supports Sharon. ▪ Victoria gives Billy an ultimatum.…

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quick take

Did you have fun with the Christmas Carol episode? “It was a lot of fun. The production was amazing, the costuming was super-cool, there were a lot of new sets. And it was cool to see the twists they did with the sets we use a lot, like Rice Plaza. I loved the super-cute cabin they made for William [Lipton, Cameron] and his family. And I hadn’t worked with Michael Easton [Finn] in a while, not since I was like 14. It’s been a few years. It was fun to see everyone dressed up. Everybody put in such an effort.” I loved that the ghosts were women. “It was really exciting. It was an honor — but I had never seen the movie, so I watched it in my dressing room.…