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Soap Opera Digest January 20, 2020

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meet y&r’s tanner

For Chase Coleman (ex-Garrett, ONE LIFE TO LIVE), the prospect of playing Y&R’s hit-producing rocker, Tanner Watts, had instant appeal. “It was a matter of my agent and my manager telling me, ‘Hey. There’s this role. It’s this rock star musician,’” he recounts. “The character description I read reminded me a lot of myself in the sense of what I’m doing with my music and stuff like that. I’m a musician and an actor, and music is very important to me.” However, there was a proposed element of Tanner that Coleman found disconcerting. “It said, ‘Prototype: Chris Martin,’” he shares. “As soon as I read that, I immediately told them, ‘Listen. I’m a huge fan of Coldplay. I love Chris Martin. There’s a lot of pop music that I love; however,…

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sean kanan launches digital series

Soap vet Sean Kanan (ex-Deacon, B&B et al) rang in the new year with his new digital series, STUDIO CITY, dropping on Amazon Prime. “It’s really my love letter to soaps,” says Kanan, who created, executive-produces and stars in the dramedy about a beleaguered soap opera actor with as much, if not more, drama in his personal life as on the screen. “I’m happy with the way we did it because if you can strike the balance between the funny and the dramatic, which is not easy to do, I think you reach a wider audience. That’s our goal right now: to find our audience, grow legs and bring everybody back, hopefully, for a second season.” The six-episode first season stars a slew of familiar faces, including Patrika Darbo (Nancy, DAYS),…

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y&r: victoria busts billy

While going through the pockets of Billy’s jacket, Victoria comes across a receipt from the dive bar he’s been frequenting. “She’s known something’s up with Billy and this bar is a place that isn’t really normal for him,” notes Head Writer Josh Griffith. “It’s so out of the way that, of course, it would raise some red flags with her.” Billy arrives home and acts like nothing is out of the ordinary. Victoria then shows him the receipt. “She sort of semicasually asks, ‘Do you want to explain this?’” Griffith shares. “He covers and comes up with a clever excuse in the moment that he was meeting a client and it was near the airport, but she doesn’t really buy it.” Although convinced that Billy just lied to her, Victoria changes the…

2 min.
days: ciara learns the truth

Desperate to find a way to clear Ben, Ciara tries to see Victor, who is recovering from his stroke. “Ben loses his last appeal, which means his death sentence is going to be carried out; he’s going to be put to death,” explains Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “Ciara has really never been more desperate in her life and is determined to find a way to get into that hospital room to get Victor to tell her the truth before it’s too late. Meanwhile, Xander is aware that Ciara is on to them and is doing everything in his power to keep her away.” Ciara makes her way in to see her grandfather, who makes a shocking confession. “She basically says, ‘If you really love me, Grandpa, you may not care for…

2 min.
b&b: flo is back — and sees wyatt

Flo returns to town — and has Wyatt on her mind. “Flo just wanted some time to herself to re-evaluate her situation and where she wants to go and how she can move on,” explains Katrina Bowden (Flo). “When we see her again, we see her with her mom, and then Wyatt comes to see her. He says, ‘I haven’t seen you in a while,’ and Flo explains how she needed the time to just lay low and re-evaluate life. It’s nice that both she and Wyatt tell each other that they’ve missed each other a lot.” Bowden shares that Flo’s feelings for her first love have not gone away. “Oh, no way,” chuckles the actress. “She’s still in love with him and I think that’s pretty apparent. When he comes…

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new mystery for gh’s jordan

The death of a former colleague of Jordan’s is sparking a major new storyline for the Ashfords. “Everyone is pumped!” reports Briana Nicole Henry (Jordan). “It’s been a while and I like a challenge. I like to work hard; it’s just kind of in my DNA. For the past couple of months, not that I haven’t been working hard, but there just hasn’t been too much for me to do. I’m kind of just supporting everyone else’s story. So, I’m very excited to have something that is actually about Jordan and her life. And it seems like there’s going to be some action in it, which I’m really excited about.” Jordan is preoccupied after learning that her old acquaintance died from an overdose. “I think that she’s just shocked,” the actress…